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  1. Happy Birthday craiglancs!

  2. Lol ye she got a serious upgrade from a 1.2 clio !!Its win win for me tho, before, i had a 200sx and she had the clio, we kept ending up in the clio as hard work re our 16 month old in the back, much to my dismay, so sx was only doing my drive to work. I sold the sx, got the is300 and thought, nice car, 2jz, can't go wrong! But then, she wanted a 4dr as well, kept banging on about a focus, then i seized the opportunity to get another coupe/turbo, forced the is300 on her (but now she loves it) and went and bought a tt soarer, when i was actually on the way to buy an s14! Always get japs btw, gt4, supra, s13, mr2, etc
  3. I know where your coming from. I was thinking if i can get 200 and a swap for the bits from non satnav car then that'd be ok, any more complicated than that then ye, not worth it
  4. Its a good idea, but, the current state of affairs is, i gave my Mrs the is300, sold her pos clio, and bought myself another lexus...............soarer twin turbo and there doesn't seem to be much doing on the soarer bits on here, so i am now a member of soarer world as well as still being an sxoc member!
  5. Cheers people, i defo won't be messing with the loom then, didn't think it'd be part of the main loom!! I'll sell the screen part and the controls tho if someone's interested, and i'd then need their dash replacement bits! I don't use satnav so if i can get good money for it, iro 200, then I'll happily take it out! Just a polite post, do not turn this into a for-sale thread or it will be removed.
  6. That's good stuff! Ye its about 7 " i reckon, what would a buyer need tho, the screen which is attached to vents, the panel with the buttons / joystick, and some wiring?
  7. Hi all, just wondered what these factory satnavs sell for from my is300 as i don't use it. In perfect condition as well Cheers
  8. I've put this on order
  9. Cheers! Think i'll order that cheap one then soon, and get a better filter, dry of course :) Thanks
  10. How's this for cheap and cheerful? Even if the filters crap put an apexi on it :)
  11. Cheers! I'll have a good look under bonnet then and see what could be done with maf . Worst case scenario £200 for a k and n typhoon isn't terrible, i was spending £200 every month on 200sx tuning gear!
  12. Well a k and n typhoon or the likes would be nice, but at 200 ish, i then think could i fit this to the original intake even if it takes a bit of cutting Is this viable? Also that srt computer thing, looks on the net to be a bit like an apexi safc , anyone fitted one of these? I've never really looked into tuning the few na cars I've had, but if i could get this car to 240 ish bhp that'd be nice! Also, are all our 300's lsd ?
  13. Btw when u say apexi you have changes the engine note, do u mean cone filter but now u have gone back to panel? Have u got photos of your cone setup ? Was it as easy as remove air box then attach cone with samco connection piece? cheers
  14. Cheers will do! This is the first time I've used 95 Ron fuel in years! Next tank I'll use 99 and disconnect the battery lead first, hopefully the ecu will detect the fuel, and also 're learn' my driving style with the gears
  15. hmm, that srt kit sounds good, but 10% extra power from an NA with just that modification? Is it realistic? Has anyone used that kit? Also, when i had the NA supra, 2jzge, they are quoted as 220-225 bhp, this will of course be becasue of the higher ron fuel in Japan. Do our ecu's detect this if we were to use 99 ron fuel and thus advance the ignition timing?