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  1. Has anyone done this on here like the us spec is300 if so would you be kind enough to point me in the direction of a wiring diagram or show me how youve done yours... obviously I know its got to run less power and most probably through a resistor and has to work at full power for mot which id guess using a relay to switch the drls off once the full beams are in use but this wiring stuff baffles me unless I can see it Thanks in advance Dean
  2. Gauging Interest,

    Im a stranger here lol I just forget to log in haha
  3. Gauging Interest,

    Around 60 for the rear I think and around 100 on the front Dean
  4. Thanks Ian I guess the pin layouts are different?
  5. As the title says guys I have a perfectly working stock unit but there seems to be lots of different serial codes on the front of the units just under/over the display can you just use any unit or do you need the same serial code as yours originally had? Thanks Dean
  6. Pwr And Snow Illuminated?

    I've done mine and it was fidly but it is possible I just modified my led bulbs to fit into the bulb holder and sat them at 90degree angles so that they face the front of the buttons or you won't get good spread hope this helps
  7. Pwr And Snow Illuminated?

    Trc and snow ARE illuminated when your lights are turned on all your climate lights should be on including both front seats and trc/snow see the pic abut further up that shows exactly what yours should look like minus the LEDs
  8. Guys my trc light/snow both light up same bulbs in them as in the heated seat switches I had some spare r286 led/SMD bulbs laying about so I choped and sanded them down to fit now I have white led buttons :-)
  9. Stop And Tail Light Holders

    I wasn't aware there was a meet at blue water... When is it? As for the holder I've managed to get both now but thank you Dean
  10. Turn On Fogs When Unlocking

    Why not just add puddle lights would be far easier to do I'm a novice with wiring but done completely myself
  11. A little while ago I stumbled across someone selling a connector box to use the sat nav unit with aftermarket radio.... Can I find it now no... Had a rummage around but still can't find it anyone got a link or know who it was? Thanks in advance
  12. Legana Bumper

    Ait racing on eBay do one its £300 iirc
  13. Standard Grill For Aftermarket Grill

    Oh I know lol but it's always worth an ask invade someone wants to put theirs back to standard before selling etc its just a stop gap until I have the money for a tte bumper
  14. Hey guys as title says its for an is200 2001 se price and postage please Dean