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  1. I'm in desperate need of a water bypass pipe for a 2nd generation 1UZ. It's a steel pipe that runs from the front water bridge to the heater matrix. It's secures into the block with two bolts. Part number is 16206-50100. No longer an available part from Lexus. For speed please call or text me on 07968 524 942. Cash waiting. Thank you for your attention. Luke
  2. This all started because a local LPG fitter told me he's had bad experiences fitting LPG to 2UZ's. He refused to do a 1UZ on the basis the valves wouldn't take it. However as you can see from this thread the consensus is opposite. I've also had good feedback on the 1UZ facebook pages. Also something else occurred to me. I have a standalone engine management system. I can adjust my air fuel ratio and have already done so for petrol. The thing that apparently kills valves with LPG is that it runs hotter. But being able to adjust the AFR should fix that. So all things considered so far I cannot see a reason against doing it.
  3. Interesting. Every day's a school day. Do you feel that in the throttle?
  4. What do you mean by Pinking Caractacus?
  5. Definitey getting used to driving the truck with the V8 in it now. And absolutely loving it. However, I'm curious, can someone tell me which fuel I'm supposed to be running a 1UZ on? 95 or 97/99? I'll be mapping it soon and playing around with the air fuel ratio and timing. So I'll be able to map it for which ever fuel I like. But I'm curious which fuel it was designed for and which fuel you all run on?
  6. Cheers bud. For the most psrt this more or less brings this thread to a close. That said there is still engine related mods to come. Snorkel, exhaust, mapping, head work, ...... Super charger ..... So I'll keep the updates coming. This lot cost a pretty penny though so nothing happening in the very short term that costs money. Oh, and I plan to get the engine valet and detailed then buy a second set of rocker covers and an intake. I'll then clean them up and get them painted orange and then swap them out.
  7. Sorry didn't answer all of that did I. That is just from an open filter. It's not even in the snorkel yet as you saw. There's also no exhaust note at present. I mean really none. The LS400 headers are built for quietness and my exhaust is nothing special. To save money we reused my existing single pipe 2.5" stainless and merged both headers into it. It has two silencers on it as well. First things I'll be doing which cost basically nothing is reconnecting the snorkel and removing one of the exhaust silencers. Later this year I want to have a full twin balanced exhaust made up. Probably 2.5" both sides and Hurricane headers from Oz. But that could be a grand easily right there. That I'm pretty sure will sound epic though.
  8. Actually my previous off road toy was a Jeep Cherokee. Loved it. Still miss it. I needed a pick up though so bought an L200. Just had no idea how bad the engines were at the time. Raptor was an inspiration taken from watching an episode of West Coast Customs where they Line X'd an entire truck. So Line X was my first choice but you can't DIY it. I never built this to be a challenge truck. If you hit something hard enough the paint will still scratch. But practically eliminates pin striping that you get from green laning. If a branch looks too big - get out and move it. It's not an advert. I'm not sponsored. Though I wish I was.
  9. There's some guys on the 1UZ Facebook groups with the Lexus V8 in all sorts of vehicles getting much better mileage. One chap I've got to know has a 1UZ in a Cherokee on 35" tyres and gets 25-28mpg. So I reckon we can get it up from 13. That wasn't exactly driving economically either. But mapping can achieve a lot. Plus it's probably worth me going through the spark plugs and HT leads to make sure they're top notch. My best mate has a 600bhp Holden with an LS1 that he's mapped to still return 27.5mpg. Lpg is on the cards. I did put up a post about it on here a while back because I had been told it destroys valves on the 1UZ. MikeyV I think you were one that commented to say you thought that was rubbish :)
  10. So here it is; the grand reveal. The videos are aimed more at the L200 community as you'll see from things I say. But interesting I think for you guys to see more of the truck the engine is sitting in now. I am extremely pleased. In the way home I only got 13mpg which isn't exactly great. The gear ratios and lock up feel fine so doubt it's them. The Spitronics ECU get-you-on-the-road base map runs rich for safety. I need to get a wide band lambder sensor and start mapping soon. I'm sure we can get the engine to run better than it is. http://s1195.photobucket.com/user/Luke_E...nc8bfb.mp4.html - What it now looks like. Bumper, light bar, gear levers, and ECU's. A few things we agreed from the outset would be left to me to finish off. Sorry about the bad camera work in this one. Think I left the screen lock on.http://s1195.photobucket.com/user/Luke_E...y0wgke.mp4.html - The engine.http://s1195.photobucket.com/user/Luke_E...cw8nip.mp4.html - The one you're all really waiting for
  11. The truck is done. Ready for collection. Only problem is I'm sick right now and don't know if I'm going to be well enough to get it Saturday. Full video coming when I do get it though.
  12. Literally down to one problem to overcome and it's all done. The software for the TCU seems to be incorrect and is holding the gearbox in 4th. Once they've overcome this it's a test drive and we should be good. It's been running several times now so the engine looks good. No suprises there. I did have to buy a new alternator though as the original one was a bit kaput once they ran it for a while. Meanwhile here's a picture of my relocated radiator and twin electric fans.
  13. Ive heard about this test. Is it really possible? I've seen a full wine glass test on YouTube. That was impressive.
  14. It's alive! http://s1195.photobucket.com/user/Luke_Elliott/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-01/DA7AECFA-0559-404E-987B-C38BF27E9A13_zpszxvt4dvb.mp4.html