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  1. HA! Appears the 'other' forum is censored. Not hard to find though ;)
  2. Not 100% sure as I didn't get far down the line before buying a kit. Black box you can get from Patrick on jap forum, substitute the return valve for a blow off valve, use silicone hoses from the likes of SFS, induction filter instead of airbox. Intercooler I'm not sure about, SLK maybe? Off the shelf universal to same dimensions?
  3. If anyone wants a cradle, get in touch with Simon@asa-fabrication.co.uk. He's copying mine for a few people on 'another forum' ;) He's doing a batch at approx £250 each. Cut off date is Monday (17/2/14) though so be quick.
  4. Definitely Bilstein, it's stamped into the body. The springs are indeed Eibach though. For anyone else looking I found some here: http://www.motorsport-tools.com/spring-coilover-spring-locking-ring-bilstein-thread.html A fiver a piece seems a decent price, cheaper than ebay. Good service too, quick to answer my question about thread sizes. (I have no affiliation :winky: ) Managed to shift the spring seat with a hammer and the threads underneath are full of a hard crusty grime. No surprise the rings won't budge. It is coming off with a bit of elbow grease and a wire brush though so should all be good once I've attacked the stuck rings with the old angle grinder! Might give them a lick of paint while I'm at it.
  5. I got hold of a set of used TTE coilovers which appear to be a bit seized to say the least. The locking rings just aren't shifting, been soaked in PlusGas, heated up, heaved on but nothing moving even slightly. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a set of replacement locking rings before I resort to cutting them off? Found a couple of places selling 'Bilstein locking rings', as TTE are made by Bilstein, but none have dimensions (and havent replied to my questions yet). 'Standard' coilovers seem to be 2.25" but these measure 2" diameter in the body so wondering if they're an odd size? Thanks
  6. Had the same thought (except whether to get an is300), then made my decision. Now got a supercharger sat in the workshop waiting to be fitted along with some coil overs :)
  7. Yep should be fine, thats what I've got fitted with 35mm lowering springs and no rubbing at all with 225x40xr18 boots on
  8. I'll be gutted if they do fit! I'll just have to console myself that I found the ev32s cheap on ebay!
  9. Love those wheels, almost bought them myself but check your offsets before forking out. Everywhere only seemed to have them in 35mm. By my calcs they were going to be sticking out the arches in an 18x8. I bottled it and went for the ev32 which has a higher offset of 42 and the fronts are pretty much flush with the arches. Can always mod the arches of course...
  10. The scoreboard didn't just have a clock on it did it? ;)
  11. Welcome to the forum, very odd that one. Can't offer any new advice but thought I'd say hello, I'm in Northumberland too (cramlington).
  12. I use torque pro on an android phone or tablet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.torque&hl=en Haven't had a fault on the Lexus yet but the real time info works fine, and I've had success getting fault codes on my golf and a mates Clio in the past. Only a couple of quid for the app and 20 quid for a bluetooth obd2 transmitter from eBay. Only downer on the IS is that the port is right over the accelerator so not easy to drive with it plugged in. Ians gizmo above looks to have a smaller connector so that will be better to drive with. I wonder if you can get obd2 extension cables...
  13. Do they make a noticeable difference? Was watching one on ebay the other day that went cheap. Couldn't bring myself to do it though after just forking out for springs, wheels and tyres, tax and insurance this month!
  14. That is the niggling thing in the back of my mind, if everything goes smoothly I'm sure I'll be fine but how often do things go to plan?! I'll get some more quotes and see where we get to. At 200 I'll probably have a go, if I can find someone to do it for 100-150 then I'll hand it over. Anyone any idea of what others have paid?
  15. Not a bad idea that, need to pop the other car round the garage this week so will see if they're up for it. Cheers