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  1. The first time it happened I put it down to an inadvertent press of the key fob button but not the second incident. It is not just the obvious security threat but given the amount of electrics in the doors I wonder how much damage could be down in a downpour with all the windows open. I will be glad to see the back of this option.
  2. Have just spoken to Lexus Guildford and they believe this function should be disabled and I will take the car to them on Friday. Will report further.
  3. Came out to the car a week ago and found all the windows open. No rain. Yesterday the same thing, again no rain and assume a fully charged battery. Long hold of the button on the key fob does bring all windows down [and up] as it should. Any suggestions as to what causes this please? Had the car six years without problem. Now with 60,000 miles and in excellent general condition, fully serviced etc.
  4. Sorry I do not know the solution but I would take it to my local Lexus main agent and ask for their advice. It would cost you nothing and they might be at least be willing to let you know what you are up against.
  5. Good luck Ron and I will certainly follow your progress and look forward to a successful outcome. Based only on what I have read on the US club site may I suggest you initially leave the ride height sensors in place. Of course there will be nothing to connect them to but tying them up in a neutral position might be necessary [in addition to removing one or two fuses] to prevent the dash warning light. Interesting Lexus say the ride height sensors do not provide info to the self levelling head lights but if that is true what is the relevant sensor? On my RX350 [without air suspension] there is one sensor, identical in appearance and location to the air suspension sensors, which does control the head lights. Just asking.
  6. Living in southern England I have never previously given winter tyres much thought but if global warming actually means more extreme weather events then I have decided to have the Michelin 'all seasons' under me especially as they seem more of a winterised summer compound than the other way round. Just can't help feeling on the law of averages we are over due a severe winter.
  7. Very pleased for you J. and thanks for adding to our knowledge base with your report. Might it have been a poor connection rather than a dodgy Denso MAF? In any event you do not need to care any more.
  8. I would not have accepted it either. A battery that could have been from January 2018. One advantage of buying from a major distributor is a large throughput of stock so that you benefit from fresh inventory. I once phoned Exide when I found one of their top line batteries for sale cheap on line [£85] to ask if there was a way of establishing the manufacturing date. There was not but the girl assured me the seller was the online arm of a major outlet and she advised that because of the number of batteries shipped to them each month it would not be 'old'. Was completely happy with it and it is still in the car 4 years later.
  9. I have no first hand experience but have read extensively on the subject and I would not be so concerned about the 'darkness' of the ATF. Plenty of sealed for life boxes have the ATF replenished after many miles and it is described as 'black' but there is no problem with the transmission. What is of concern is if the ATF smells burnt. Good luck
  10. I bought a Denso ignition coil from Rock Auto in the USA [ about £65 ] and fitted it about two years ago and have had no problem. In fact bought another from same source and carry that just in case. My RX350SE eats ignition coils. Three in six years. Yesterday Lexus Guildford carried out a 120,000 mile service which involves changing the spark plugs so I had them renew the only non recent coil on the rear bank of the V6. Although Denso is the OEM they did spot that the US coil was not Lexus.
  11. Les, four new Cross Climates for me in October would be perfect. Can you tell us any more about the Michelin offer, which garage did you buy from? Just phoned a local Michelin agent and they, 'nevererdofit, mate'. That sort of saving would really be worth while.
  12. If you do jack up the car and a bearing is really bad the wheel will have play in it. Grab hold of the wheel [clear of the ground] top and bottom and push pull to detect any looseness. Also holding it 3 and 9 o clock. There are plenty of videos showing the process on Youtube. Not of course as sensitive as George's stethoscope technique.
  13. My understanding is that if the sound increases turning left then it is the right side ie offside bearing which is at fault. The reasoning being the right side is loaded up in a left turn and if the bearing is faulty on that side it will make more noise.