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  1. I envy you not having the air suspension and agree about the silly bells and whistles.
  2. Is it not the on/off switch for the smart key locking system? On my facelift LS430 there is such a switch and switching off reduces battery drain.
  3. Could I suggest you take it to any battery retailer and have it tested under load free of charge. I have such a tester and have used it only a couple of times over many years so would not advise buying one. Have just realised my CTEK intelligent analyser/charger although not applying a load does analyse and gives a verdict on the condition of a battery. Have two of these and definitely recommend having one especially as they are designed to be left connected long term and the battery does not have to be disconnected from the car's circuit.
  4. By handle I mean that which you grab hold of to raise the boot. It runs horizontally above the number plate and consists of the release switch to open the boot a key lock and perhaps a light to illuminate the number plate and perhaps the rear view camera.
  5. Paul Frost might know for sure if the doors are identical. Rustbusters of Spalding have an enormous amount of information on rust on their website. Phosphoric acid is the most common rust converter but the rust will need to be mechanically removed and then the acid treated surface primed and painted, not a simple task. The doors rust where the plastic studs holding on both the upper and lower decorative horizontal strips pass through the steel skin of the door. To see how bad remove the inner door card which is not difficult if you watch videos on Youtube referring to door lock failure. You will want to inspect the rear doors as well. From your photos the rusting is bad. The lower door strip comes away attached to the plastic panel which is secured by plastic studs and double sided foam tape and is not difficult to remove. The common boot rust site is around the handle where the handle component 'rubs' against the boot panel.
  6. Rob, excellent diagnosis and perfect cure. We salute you.
  7. Nick, does your 6 month check involve undoing the union to the radiator or is it just an external eye ball?
  8. For a simple answer to your question look on the RAC shop website. They used to offer two quality grades of battery and come to your home and fit it with a guarantee that is worth something. Otherwise they will deliver to a garage of your choice. At least learn from them the makes they are selling and the size for your car. They used to sell two different qualities of Exide but were changing over to Varta a good German make.
  9. On the USA owners club site you would be advised to apply Honda Shin-Etsu silicone to all your seals. It is expensive, about £20 a tube, but can now be bought here. Silicone is good for all rubber/plastic seals and there are numerous reports of old cars becoming much quieter when seals become softer, more subtle and simply fit better.
  10. Shirish, you will be welcome back. Let us know how you get on with the Jag.
  11. GrahamG

    Rear subframe

    Youe car has passed its MOT just as my '95 Mk 3 passed with advisories, 'severe rust affecting rear sub frame'. Took it to another MOT inspector and he hit the frame hard with a solid billet of steel. 'Forget the rust raining down, listen to the metal ringing', this is not a failure. I made a mistake by getting rid of that car which could have served me for a couple more years, it was just the sight of the rust at the back that spooked me.
  12. My '06 RX350 eats ignition coils like Smarties. Have ordered Denso coils [OEM] from Rock Auto USA at half UK price, about £57 total each. There is a You Tube video showing easier access to the rear coils by removing the windscreen wiper assembly which my mechanic tried and agreed was worth while.
  13. Hello Vick and Merry Christmas, Father Christmas might tell you that the codes were caused by the ECU being confused by the low battery. Failing that just one code is relevant and the others have been tripped by the interconnectedness of all the electronic complexity. My Walt Disney story ends with your expert independent garage clearing the codes [after carefully taking note of them] and you drive the car with the new battery and they never come on again. Well it is Christmas eve. Sorry I am not the expert you need but let me wish all the best to your father.
  14. I am the original poster and can report the low tyre pressure warning and the red triangle exclamation mark have both disappeared without any remedial action. A new lambda sensor has just been fitted which appears to have corrected a lumpy idle and presumably Lexus Guildford cleared the codes from the ECU. Whatever happened the car was returned to me without the tyre warnings. My criticism of lexus design is that the warning for low pressure should be amber and not red. On the motorway in road works my wife seeing the red triangle [but not the text reading low pressure] dived through the cones into the works area thinking the car was in meltdown. There was a nail in a tyre but the journey could have continued safely for some distance. Glad I was not on board because it must have been quite hairy. More recently the warning came on again on the same motorway and amongst the same road works but this time there was no problem with the tyres or their pressures.
  15. The problem had been occurring after 25min driving and the driver who delivered the car home to me confirmed there was no misfire after a 35min trip. So no guarantee now but I live in hope.