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  1. Roger, how happy are you with Paul Frost's replacement? Following the remedies in the USA it seems there is a problem acoustically matching the original [not just a matter of impedance] and the result is not always satisfactory even though it is acknowledged any new unit may of itself be of superior manufacture. Perhaps I am just attracted to Michael's solution because of the DIY aspect.
  2. Just for fun get someone to blip the throttle will you watch the engine. You might see the engine react by rocking excessively if the mounts are shot.
  3. At the same time as your father I bought a 1995 Mk3 LS400, kept it for 15 years and drove it from 30k to 90k miles. It only failed once when a front suspension coil spring broke [for no reason ie no impact] under guarantee. Main agent servicing was expensive in the early years but an independent local garage looked after it for very low cost later on. An old school friend who owned a BMW concession had warned me off the 7 series particularly for electrical gremlins. Interestingly well before that my father had owned a new British Leyland Jaguar XJ12 and against all the odds it never failed including starting after being buried under a snow drift for a week in Amsterdam during a record cold winter. All his new RRs, Daimler Jags etc were dreadful. The Daimler Vanden Plas Double Six was fantastic to drive though and I always thought what a pity Toyota /Lexus had not simply copied that car and built it to their standards. That would have been a world beater.
  4. Butyl certainly seems to be the favoured sealant in the marine environment for through hull/deck fittings and around windows etc.
  5. A quick shout for the Rustbuster Epoxy Mastic 121 mentioned in the magazine report. Had two exposed rust spots near the rear jacking points on my LS430 four years ago and the mastic on top of rust converter is still intact. I believe the Rustbuster rust converter is phosphoric acid in a latex solution rather than just the acid. I have also used that but it does need a protective coat of something on top.
  6. Pete, I wish my LS430 had your 'non air' suspension. Drove my Mk III for 15 years and was perfectly happy with every mile. Can imagine how pleased you are now and interesting the specific improvements experienced particularly the absence of tramlining. Like you when it comes to suspension I would only fit OEM parts.
  7. I refer to the tray at the very rearmost part of the load bay, right up against the tailgate. The central black plastic tray needs to be removed and with a good torch you can then just see to both side corners below the separate trays in those corners. In my experience the water ingress will show in the corners and not so much in the centre section. The metal of the body shell is not covered with any traditional rust proofing goo on the inside but the surface treatment is very effective against rust. Rust is not however the main problem which is in fact damp affecting the carpet which can develop mould if the water runs forward. There is another strange water ingress problem from the sun roof which affects the front footwells. Simply check the carpet in the wells just ahead of the hinge edge of the front doors. Tubes inside the body work run down from the front corners of the sunroof and weirdly do not continue right down and out of the car underneath. Water can back up in a cavity in the wall of the bodywork and overflow into the floor wells. Just be aware but do not be put off by my warning about the possibility of these problems. My car has not suffered from these but from ingress from collision damage.
  8. I would definitely buy my '06 RX350SE again. Do not buy the air suspension models. No gain just an expensive pain and I would only renew with Lexus parts. Do not assume just because it is a Lexus it will be rust free. Some are, some are not. It is easy enough to look underneath especially at the rear. To check for rain water ingress you need to remove the plastic tray under the parcel lids at the back of the loading bay.
  9. Perhaps LG2 will let us know where in the world he is located. My UK supplied '06 RX350se has no engine oil cooler fitted. This is sometimes referred to in the USA as associated with the ' tow package'. I would be interested to know if any UK spec. RX350 had this cooler fitted. Just for clarity on the USA club site the other rubber section which fails in the oil supply pipe up to the camshafts is referred to as the 'VVTI' pipe.
  10. My '06 RX350se definitely has a timing chain and not a belt and this I believe applies to all RX350s. Cannot comment on 9 hours but it is a big job because of access. The engine comes out according to the manual. Mine was done under extended warranty when the engine cover was resealed after leaking oil. In the USA there has been a major issue with failure of the VVTI oil cooling pipe failing resulting in loss of the engine. The metal pipe which serves the rear bank of the V6 [coming up from the sump to the valve gear] has a short rubber section near the top and it is this which fails. Lexus at Guildford had no knowledge of this problem in this country but renewed my pipe at modest cost while the engine cover was resealed. There is plenty on this subject on the US owner's club forum but the shoddy attitude of Lexus refusing to carry out preventative work makes distressing reading. Later models have an all metal pipe.
  11. Let us be optimistic and say the external rad is doing its job and if we read brown for red then that ATF is healthy, it is certainly not black. I will leave you to compare the dipstick reading with your manual but do not be tempted to throw in more fluid just for luck because the level is important. I do not see that level being responsible for your problem. I have no further advice but hope an adjustment or new solenoid might be all you need. Worth an expert opinion surely. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  12. Are you aware that the ATF is cooled via a small radiator within the bottom of the main engine cooling radiator? If the water mixes with the ATF your gearbox is lost. There have been instances where early diagnosis arising from the gearbox misbehaving have saved the day wirh a replacement radiator. My own action would be to get the car without delay to a Lexus main agent or an automatic transmission specialist. Many makes suffer from this potential problem so it is well known.
  13. Adam, how many miles on the car? Your car will have a gearbox dipstick so start there. Healthy ATF oil will have a degree of redness, any redness you can detect against the metal of the dipstick is good. Old burnt oil will be black.
  14. Suggest the full title of that club includes, "and not stupid enough for an out of warranty BMW or Audi".