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  1. LS430 transmission service

    So it seems that it is not necessary to join the two pipes rather than that you should not do it. Giving a Celsior registration to get Toyota parts prices is pure genius.
  2. LS430 transmission service

    My understanding is to isolate the rear A/C you effectively cut the 'flow' and 'return' and fit stop ends to each pipe. You do not connect the two pipes. The front A/C has its own branches and is unaffected when the rear is disconnected. It is quite common for the rear pipe work to corrode and as new Lexus pipes are expensive many owners have sacrificed the rear A/C. I am not an expert but this has been discussed before.
  3. LS430 transmission service

    Jaffer, if you can afford it the French toll roads offer effortless driving at 80mph. Also if you are flush with funds I would take a front and rear air suspension strut available second hand on Ebay from Paul Frost. If you are to linger in one country then in Iran you may experience hospitality never dreamed of here. Good luck.
  4. Well done Peter, your boat certainly brightened up my day. No one will mind if you slipped us a few details ie make, length, engines, age and price. Do you have any information about the gearbox oil cooler on your car? Many LS430 owners like me are unhappy with original design when it ages but have doubts about fitting an independent cooler. Perhaps you are familiar with this couple on Youtube,
  5. Suspension, he go BANG

    Perhaps someone can correct me but my understanding is that a single defective air strut can be replaced without changing the one on the other side. Do we know for sure in this instance the sensor has failed, anyway they are available reconditioned in this country at a reasonable price from the breaker who sells second hand struts. There is someone on Youtube replacing an air strut on his front driveway and he makes it look easy.
  6. Ian, have you found the Michelin Cross Climates to be quiet in normal conditions? That is a major factor for me. They are top of the list for my RX350 and I hope they come down in price before I need to decide.
  7. Front and now Rear Suspension woes

    Damien, I am not an expert but have read more than one post that advises against running the engine while the car is jacked up and I believe there is a warning against doing so in the manual. This because of the air suspension but I do not know of anyone experiencing any damage, just the problem you had. I would advise you to use the official jacking point on the chassis and certainly not a suspension arm.
  8. Back on the road

    Neil, thanks for the information which I know will interest others especially those who worry about the possibility of water in the main radiator contaminating the auto transmission and ruining it. Please keep us informed of how this progresses; I will certainly have my fingers crossed for you. If you still have faith in the expertise of the auto gearbox specialist could you give us their name?
  9. For perfection I would also go with 3K. But if you attack that with some cutting compound it may not look so bad. From the photo most panel lines are as original. Perhaps just a little flexible filler and an aerosol for a part of the car only directly viewed when on ones knees.
  10. Back on the road

    Neil, If anyone deserves some good luck you are that man. Dare I ask two more questions. What would have been the normal labour cost to fit that replacement gearbox? Also is the external cooler in addition to the normal cooling within the engine radiator or does it replace it? I know it is always easy to offer advice from the side lines but have you considered sending a copy of your post to Lexus UK? You might add my comment as an owner of two Lexus cars that for them to leave matters as they now stand is to flush down the drain an outstanding reputation.
  11. Ezzie, I am not an expert but have researched the subject considerably and now renew my car battery every three winters/four summers here in southern England. I buy top quality batteries and swap them out because I do not want to be stranded for not much more than the cost of a tank of fuel. Regarding your Saabs have you considered the CTEK type chargers/conditioners? They are designed to be left continually connected to a battery itself remaining connected to the car. Their intelligent circuitry actually prolongs the life of the battery.
  12. Back on the road

    Neil, pleased you are pleased. Can you share more details? Cost of the used box and cost of fitting if you did not do it yourself. My local independent recommends a separate ATF cooler rather than renewing the radiator by way of preventative maintenance but there are doubts about the temperature being correct.
  13. Is the Polish exhaust stainless steel?
  14. I would endorse Phil's recommendation of epoxy paint after a blasting process. A couple of coats, or more of two part epoxy would be cheap and easy.
  15. There is a massive amount of information on this subject on the USA owners site. Beware the impedance of the ML speakers is an unusual value and especially with the sub woofer the wrong impedance may blow the amplifier. There is an Ebay kit of a new foam ring and the correct glue for small bucks. Also Youtube videos on how do the repair and how to cut out with Dremel a hole to access the sub to without removing the rear seat and parcel tray.