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  1. Airbag recall

    No complaints on service, been there the last 4 years or so. Prices are a tad high (£55 mot for example), but there’s always a new loan car waiting which wasn’t an issue to keep the extra day (was in for service, mot and recall)...I expect to have to pay a premium to never get a quibble over stuff like that. Club discount is known about and handy too, but have found they don’t negotiate on the bill anymore. They don’t try and tempt me with rcf/gsf either, it guess its just their usual customer is more interested in the hybrids. Last year they thought I would be more impressed with the is300h they gave me, nice enough but not exactly what I would be looking for to replace a car that did 1300 miles this year.
  2. Airbag recall

    Yeah just had that recall done at Edinburgh today/yesterday. No marks, clean dash. They did lump me with a ct200h tho...even brand new they aren’t quite to my taste lol
  3. And they did a vid of it too (get a better one done eh ) I am in the borders, but work in Edinburgh - might see you out and about in mine now the temp is above freezing
  4. I got stoptechs for around £100 and they are ok. The braking power is certainly still there, but the initial bite isn't as reassuring as oem...lots less dust and no noise though. Decent trade off for value and dust IMO
  5. Edinburgh ish. Seen a white one on a private plate in edinburgh once or twice also
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums RobISF :)