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  1. Handling / Steering

    Hi I've got a Hong Kong imported Lexus LS 400. The ride is a big disappointment. Hard and nobly. Nothing like I expected. As it is a Jag is very much better. I have a feeling that it cannot be original. I am getting new shocks from Original KYB as per Lexus £39.74 + vat each. I want to get road springs aswell but that is proving more difficult.
  2. Suspension Kits Lowering Springs

    I think the problem with the disc vibration could be the fact that the disc expands and contracts at a different rate to the hub. You will notice most high performance upgrades that are any good supply the disc with a seperate hub, usually ali. This seperates the two and stops the heat distortion.
  3. My Hong Kong LS 400 has a scorpion alarm fitted by Lexus. Any Help?
  4. :winky: Hi First post New Member Just purchased LS 400 27000 miles 1992 imported from Hong Kong in 2000. I had no No Claims Discount as I'd been driving on the wifes policy for years. With the wife as main driver and full no claims and me as a named driver it was £320 from Norwich union on the web. In the end I went to I got an introductory discount of 4 years NCDafter phoning them . Fully comp cost me £430 with the wife as a named driver as well. It was £6 cheaper with her on it! Excess was £350 I get free legal cover , windscreen cover, free uninsured loss cover and a free courtesy car if mines off road for repairs. If I stay with them next year I get the full five years NCD that I can take anywhere. Cannot complain at that. No problem because it was an import either. Now I'm looking at getting a new speedo facia so it reads in MPH. I need to get the odometer altered to read in miles as well. Any ideas as to the best place to go? I've also got the dash light problem so I guess I'll do it all at once.