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  1. Personally I like the colour coded grill, just fitted mine and had the bumper smoothed and a lip fitted
  2. Yeah like you say there is a limited market for these, lovely looking wheels though surprised more people don't consider running them on other cars. Took a punt on the damaged eBay wheel for £90 so will see what that's like when it turns up later this week. If you do consider selling your two spares seperatly all I'm after now is the front right to make a full set. Dan
  3. Ah ok that's not a bad price, think I paid a little over the odds for the two I've got. Ive spotted that one yeah but can't get in contact with the seller, I was a little concerned about the kurbing and possible cracks. Although It's an option I was considering taking a chance on
  4. 😂 been on the hunt for a full set for a while but they come up few and far between. Looking to piece a set together to run on my is250. Out of interest what would the right price be? Thanks
  5. Sorry to dig up an old topic, don't suppose these are still available? And would you sell the front wheel separate? Ive just picked up 2 rear wheels so I'm looking for fronts to make a full set :) thanks
  6. Still on the hunt for a set of isf wheels
  7. Hi guys, unfortunately I'm not able to make the meet, been a target of card fraud so have that to deal with today. Hope you all have a good day and manage to take some photos, weathers looking promising
  8. from northamptonshire myself, and have used lexus birmingham for genuine parts who i found to be very helpful and gave me a very good price on the things i needed. i do all the servicing and repairs myself so cant comment on that side of things
  9. has anyone used lexuspartsnow.com recently and had a good or bad experience? ive noticed they have genuine parts in stock at a very discounted price, too good to be true?
  10. Hi I'm on the search for a full set of isf wheels, good condition genuine ones with tyres preferred but would consider other options. Thanks Dan
  11. I'm not a new member as such but haven't really posted much, used the forum for the wealth of information available 👍🏻 I wouldn't mind popping along to a meet if you'll have me :) based in Northamptonshire and don't mind taking a drive so location isn't a problem Dan
  12. Yep thats correct, its the SE-L. The 200 went through mot no problem and was a great car for the price. Im interested in fitting a few extra's to the 250 if anyone can point me in the right direction of suppliers or topics on here. I want to fit a rear boot spoiler (the ducktail type) and im also interested in the front & rear lips for the bumpers. are they aftermarket or were they a lexus option?
  13. very good guide, will be upgrading my grill :)
  14. Hi guys, just an update with the car. Kept the is200 up untill 2 weeks ago when i decided to part ex it for something a little newer. Last pic of The is200 Ended up coming home with an '06 is250 :) to say im happy with it is an understatement such a comfy car to drive. I'm the third owner of this car and it comes with full Lexus service history, on 89k
  15. well its been a while since i was last on here, been busy with work and re-building the corsa. its been a trouble free year with the Lexus, such a great car. although im now in 2 minds as to what to do with it .. spend a bit of money on it or carry on saving in the hope i can pick up a newer IS250 .. hmmm :)