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  1. Thanks for all your help guys. In the end I went for neither of those, and I am now a fully qualified member of this forum :) I probably could have waited a bit longer, but I fell in love with a particular one, as it was a red colour and had cream seats :) 07 reg, 95K miles, SE version, no dents, scratches, however worn drivers' seat, which I only noticed when we gave the car for valeting and leather cleaning. Otherwise no faults and drives like a dream :) Bought at a dealer and got 3 months free warranty - the one they usualy sell for inflated prices.
  2. Yeah, I read that, hence I am not so much worried about the dealer warranty, as the product they sell has to be "fit for purpose". However, you have no such thing with private seller, hence I would prefer to buy from trader. Of course, there are good private sellers around, so I don't rule it out completely.
  3. Hi, thank you. It is not so much about the plate, but the age of the car. Yes, I know, but the private guy wasn't so keen. He also gave me quite tight timeslots to come and see the car, knowing I am 150 miles away, was a bit dodgy, generally I am not so keen now... Lol, thats the one I was going to see today, too. However, I prefer cream seats, but we will still see it. There are a lot of silver cars, which I don't want and a lot of black ones with black interior. Thank you.
  4. HI, sorry, I have phrased it wrong, dealer does no standard free warranty, you know some of them offer free 3-6 months, this one doesn't, on any of his cars. Dealer looks genuine, paperwork also did. The car looks good, he has shown me all paperwork, all service history, gave me the number to Lexus Swindon, where he got the car from, told me I can call them and ask about the car if I want, for example about the last service. Lexus passed it on, because it is 100K miles, I know other dealers do it too, like Mazda. He said he buys all his cars from them, he had about 20 of cars for sale, 5 Lexuses.
  5. Hi again As I wrote before I am looking for a GS 450h with a budget of 10K. I now have found 2 and I am torn, don't know which one to chose, maybe any help, please? Option 1 ---------- 57 reg SE-L version Dark blue metallic (I love the colour) 101K miles, last service 96K, intermediate, so in about 5K miles (some 9-10 months for me) I will need to do a big one FSH, all done at Lexus Seller: trader, but no warranty (I can buy one from him, though) He bought it directly from Swindon Lexus, who got it on part exchange and also serviced it all the time Car nice and clean, seats in great condition, back ones haven't been used at all I have seen it today, but not drove Two new tyres at the back, new brake discs in front Bad points: a small dent above the rear wheel, two stone chips on bonnet, quite badly painted over, lookes like tippexed, some marks on a dashboard, like something was stuck on it and left a bad mark, front tyres worn, especially on the insides, so looks like tracking needs to be done or there's something wrong Price £10K 50 miles from my home Can pay by debit card (easy for me) Option 2 ----------- 09 reg! SE version Black metallic (I also like it, but prefer blue) 106K miles, last service 98K miles, the full one FSH, half done at Lexus and half in Halfords, last in Lexus Private seller 150 miles from my home, so when I go, I would have to buy it there and then have not seen it yet, only on photos, looks good there that person has kids, so not sure how the back seats look like in real life Bad points: one spoke on wheel missing, apparently some small stone chips and dents (could not see on photos), don't know what else as have not seen it yet have to pay by cash (I am a bit worried carrying that much cash) Price £10.5 K I am planning to see the other one soon, but I need to decide. How does it look on paper? One side of me says go for the 57reg, as it is from a trader and HPI checked, higher spec and all done at Lexus, the other side wants a newer car! Especially that I now drive a 59 reg one, so 57 is a step back. Up to £10K I have only seen one 2008 car and no 2009s so far, apart from this one, so it is cheap. Help, please!
  6. As I mentioned before, I am looking for a GS450h to buy. I found a potential one (09 plate), but have a question about the wheels. It looks like one wheel has one of the spokes (the middle of the group of three) missing. Is it possible to replace it? Where do you get it from? Or would I have to get whole new wheel? Why would it be missing anyway? Are they easy to break off (kerb or something?) Thank you!
  7. Thank you so much! That's what I have been looking for! So it means that there IS a "no-letters" model, and it doesn't have sat-nav and leather seats. Frankly I haven't seen even one of those, so all the ones I have seen have been at least an SE. Which is good news, as that's what I want :) I was worried that I will end up buying a non SE wchich looks like an SE but doesn't have something I want that I wil only realise later, for example rain sensing wipers, parking assist etc.
  8. Thanks. The one I have seen had this strange (or different to mine) sound for much longer (15-20mins?) Wasn't very bad, but certainly strange. However, I will not buy this particular one, as it had only 1 key, so I keep looking. Yes, that's what I read. I hope I won't get one of those as any creaks, especially from the dash, drive me mad.
  9. Thank you! In that case then I don't need an SE-L. All I need now for complete happiness is to know what the "no-letters" is lacking from the SE :) As far as I no they only make a SE and SE-L 450h model. untii you get to 2012 Aaah, so all those advertised in Autotrader that do not state anything (just say GS 450h 3.5), that actually means they are SE? Brill! Yeah, so I read :) Thank you, I am only hoping I won't end up with a duff one on my budget. I don’t think there is such a thing as a duff one Well, I read the forums, and there were one or two :-) Acceleration problems, rattling everywhere and something else, can't remember now. But really only tiny percentage. With my tight budget it might be just my luck :( And also it does not help that I do not know the model exactly then don't know what to look for and how the engine is supposed to sound. I will just have to trust the make, like I now trust Mazda. Got mine a year ago at 2.5year old and 93K miles and it is running like new (they were all motorway miles done by the previous owner). However, this one will be older due to budget, I think the newest i can find (with difficulty) would be a 57 plate.
  10. Thank you! In that case then I don't need an SE-L. All I need now for complete happiness is to know what the "no-letters" is lacking from the SE :) Yeah, so I read :) Thank you, I am only hoping I won't end up with a duff one on my budget.
  11. Hi all, I am new here, and I am looking to buy a GS 450h. However, I am very confused about the available models/trims. From Lexus website I found out we have: 3.5 3.5 SE 3.5 SE-L 3.5 Sport 3.5 F-Sport 3.5 Luxury 3.5 Premier Is there a website stating the differences? TBH I am only interested in the first 3, as I think the rest are over my budget :) I 'd like to know what's better in SE / SE-L over the first one with no letters at all. I searched everywhere, found tons of other info, but not this for the 2006/2007/2008 model. Most likely I am gonna go for the 2007 if I find the right one. It has to be within £10K I have seen a 2006 SE today and frankly just what I want, but I was wondering what's NOT in the one without letters. Can someone please point me to the right place? Thank you!