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  1. It is or was recommended to reduce the risk of spiking the electronics after jump starting a dead car from a good one.
  2. The propshaft coupling/donut on my 220d is cracking and I suspect it’s causing the slight driveline vibration at speed. can anyone recommend a stockist or is it dealer only part? tried looking online but all I can get up is used ones from fleabay.
  3. I was confident it would work but it didn’t for me, I am sure I still have it if you PM me your address I can post to you so you can give it a go without paying for it?
  4. I recently tried that product on an Alfa rear screen,found it to be fairly rubbish. Whenever you tried to removed the template it pulled the stuff off. Tried with masking tape it also pulled the stuff off. Managed to get some on finally but it did not make the line work again after all the hassle
  5. Full service won’t make a difference it’s just one of them things with a modern diesel due to amount of extra fuel that’s dumped in exhaust to burn in the DPF. i find with mine if I keep it at steady rpm of about 3k to keep exhaust temp up the regen completes fine with minimal smoke. The majority of smoke is when planting foot down during a regen. it shouldn’t fail emissions as it is working as designed just make sure give it a run prior to mot to get a regen done.
  6. That noise you describe sounds like clutch related to me,did they change the release bearing? (I would hope so) you say only happens in 1st and reverse but is that because you can’t hear it in other gears as engine noise would be higher, have you tried pulling away in 2nd to see if noise still there?
  7. Having been in similar position previously I think you will struggle with run of the mill cars that would fit a booster and 2 baby seats in the back. My mrs ended up using a ford galaxy for few years as they have individual seats in the rear to accommodate kids seats easily. i agree with the Lexus space I have 1 booster and 2 kids in back sometimes and space is not the best for them,clipping in seatbelts requires a bit of messing about
  8. As said updated halogens is the way to go,recently did mine the improvement was quite drastic. i also aligned them again as they were slightly low this improved further much better night time vision and no dazzling on coming drivers
  9. “A dpf burnout every 50 miles” are you saying the car is doing a regen every 50 miles or are you giving it a thrashing to get temp up? if it’s regenerating every 50 miles then that is far too much
  10. Mains are HB3 if I remember correctly.
  11. I fitted some LED’s to a previous car and to look at they were brighter but in the real world the light was awful. Very little range so they were worse than the OE halogens. if you are after better light output I would advise going for some upgrade halogens, osram night breakers etc. On my IS I upgraded the bulbs but also adjusted the lamps as beam pattern was on the low side, this has made a huge difference and I don’t dazzle oncoming drivers.
  12. I did swear a lot about it being a stupid design etc. But I didn’t find it massively difficult in comparison to some jobs I have done on other cars. tigra EGR valves for example were an utter tw@t to change considering it’s just 2 bolts and a plug
  13. I would go with it’s because aftermarket one,I much prefer fitting used genuine parts than after market stuff as it’s never up to the job. why did you change the EGR was it knackered?
  14. Its an awkward one to change that’s for sure,half hour to do a filter is a bit crazy. I have fitted screw in from bottom on mine so it’s easier next time round as I shouldn’t need to take housing down. the screw only stops it from turning so fitting from the bottom is not an issue as it still stops it turning.