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  1. I did swear a lot about it being a stupid design etc. But I didn’t find it massively difficult in comparison to some jobs I have done on other cars. tigra EGR valves for example were an utter tw@t to change considering it’s just 2 bolts and a plug
  2. I would go with it’s because aftermarket one,I much prefer fitting used genuine parts than after market stuff as it’s never up to the job. why did you change the EGR was it knackered?
  3. Its an awkward one to change that’s for sure,half hour to do a filter is a bit crazy. I have fitted screw in from bottom on mine so it’s easier next time round as I shouldn’t need to take housing down. the screw only stops it from turning so fitting from the bottom is not an issue as it still stops it turning.
  4. Out of curiosity when connecting techstream what did you select to connect to car? i tried with mine and could find no reference to is220d in vehicle list
  5. Those codes all point towards immobiliser issue, key reader would be my guess as you already replaced ECU.
  6. The only thought I had was if it has similar to VW diversity set up,2 aerials one of which is amplified the other isn’t. The standard HU has a slot for it to push in to,very odd.
  7. That’s not a filter it’s just a separator bowl, undo the the tap on it and drain it down. Don’t forget to use the prime function after.
  8. Swapped head unit over today and found my standard set up has 2 aerials. A standard din that fits the pioneer and gives good radio signal but also a miniature version. what is the smaller version for on standard non nav,non ML head unit for?
  9. johnnyroper

    Rear speaker wiring

    My connects2 ctkplx02 arrived today just been looking at wiring and all it has is front speaker wires. Assuming tears are done via the 2 RCA leads to AMP? mine is non nav,non ML head unit will it still have standard amp and run rear speakers via the RCA leads? Not got HU out of car yet to confirm wiring just wanted to see if anyone can advise so I am prepared for when I strip it out.
  10. Sounds just like mine did when I first got it, egr was fairly clean but overtime it had worn so was not closing fully even with no carbon crap in there. egr replaced car performed so much better.
  11. johnnyroper

    battery fine, not starting

    Check for feed at starter solenoid when pressing start,if 12v there and main live has 12v change starter. if no feed start tracing back through wiring to relays etc,have you checked the basics like fuses?
  12. johnnyroper

    Replacement Stereo

    Na didn’t cost that got pioneer off fleabay for £100 and facia was £250 from car audio direct. looking at v line it wouldn’t work with mine as I don’t have the standard nav.
  13. johnnyroper

    Auto Folding Mirrors Retro Fit

    Ok cheers for the info, any suggestions for suppliers?
  14. johnnyroper

    Auto Folding Mirrors Retro Fit

    Ok thanks for the reply, if it’s just Asian copies available I think I will leave it just in case of issues
  15. johnnyroper

    Lost Second Key

    Key insurance is a god send, just had a replacement key for an Alfa supplied and coded for £550 covered by key insurance that cost me £40 for 12 months