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  1. My tips were filthy when I purchased the car, I used autosol metal polish with a microfiber cloth, took 10 mins to do, tips looked factory fresh when I finished. Finished them off with a coating of HD wax for good measure (that was much harder to apply then the autosol!). There are a few videos on YouTube demonstrating autosol use if you search for "cleaning stainless steel exhaust". Can pick up a tube of autosol from wilko's for £3.50 (think it's closer to £7 for the same tube at Halfords)
  2. I ran an ISF for 2 years between 2014 - 2016, then moved into a gs450 f sport and from that to a golf r (what a mistake, it went to the dealer 8 times in 5 months for warranty repairs so I couldn't wait to get rid!), the golf was then traded against my GS F. I was actually looking for a late model ISF but nothing came up that I fancied so I took the plunge and went for a GSF, very happy I did, it's a great car! Only minor complaint I have had is squealing brakes which are a lot better now the chaps at Lexus Liverpool have de-glazed my pads (I believe the GS F you have put a deposit on has already had the pads de-glazed a few months ago for the same issue according to what Mat told me. It also had a new rear tyre for a puncture.) The guys at Lexus Liverpool are great, they have 2 master techs working there who have around 50 years of experience working on Lexus cars and really know their way around F cars (I prefer going to them than Lexus Stockport which is only a couple miles from my house). If you want any other info give me a shout, or PM me. Good luck with the purchase. And as a final word, anyone considering the black Gsf at Milton Keynes, inspect it closely, pretty sure it has had a proper trashing around a track which is why it has stone chips all across the front and has had 4 new tyres plus a set of discs and pads in 7000 miles! @BigRat may have some other info in his F database...
  3. @EvoStevo Is that the GS F at Lexus Liverpool? I bought mine from there back in July, Mat, the sales manager spoke to me earlier this week about the blue one due in to see if I wanted to trade my white GS F in against it (I mentioned blue was my first choice when I bought mine, but the white has grown on me so I wouldn't change now!)? Good luck with the purchase...
  4. @Big Rat Ha, why didn't I think of that!
  5. How did you get that piece of information?! I don't live too far from said dealer and I didn't know that!...Saying that, I have never seen a messa red ISF in person, apart from one lexus Manchester sold a while back so perhaps he only uses it on special occasions! Did spot an ultra blue ISF being driven like miss daisy was behind the wheel as I was coming out of Stockport lexus a couple of weeks back, the driver must have heard me the way my brakes are squealing on my GSF! Having my pads de-glazed by lexus on Monday to try and solve the issue
  6. If it was the stolen one, let's hope it was the thieving scum that were involved in the crash and not the owner....
  7. Could this be the messa red isf from the "stolen in Manchester" thread? Similar part of the country?
  8. Is-F EO59EAF

    Lol, sure, will Get a few pics when I have given the car a wash and clean, it's been up and down the motorways this week and is looking more cardoxan grey than the white it is meant to at the moment!
  9. Is-F EO59EAF

    No worries @Big Rat, I know you are the Oracle when it comes to ISF history!
  10. Is-F EO59EAF

    This one has done its rounds at 3 different dealers in the Manchester area over the last 8 months, starting at £18,995. Looks good in the flesh with the ceramic paint coating. It was the owner of Fensport's personal car for a few years (and can be seen on the fensport website), it has a rear entertainment package fitted, the suspension has been upgraded to ride a little softer, (my last 58 plate ISF was only noticeably hard riding on seriously badly maintained roads, and no where near as bad as the UK journalists wrote in the early reviews) and it did also have a blitz throttle controller fitted while owned by Fensport so it may need careful inspection by any potential buyers, especially the electrics where the throttle controller was removed from. Also not sure if the non standard suspension would be an issue adding a lexus warranty?
  11. Lol, and the messa red ones are the slowest arent they?!
  12. https://cazana.com/uk/car/C4CCC Now on reg C4CCC according to this link
  13. Think this is the one that was for sale for circa 12 months in 2016, started at £40k and eventually was listed (and sold) at ~£32k by lexus Coventry in January this year. I was due to view it but somebody else beat me to it...shame, it had only covered 5k miles and looked mint! Lexus had just done the 40k service too