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  1. ahhh, sorry. I didn't realise that. Guess I wouldn't be getting much advice on this thread at the LOC. Its a pity, you guys have been awesome in providing guidance and advice over the years.
  2. Hi guys, My 2000 model IS200 is approaching 20 years old, and I think its time I let it go (despite it being in tip top condition). After 6 years of pure joy with this car, I think its time for an upgrade. Considering buying a gen3 IS. Unsure whether to get the 200t or the 350EX. Does anybody have any opinions on these cars? 1) Performance difference between the two 2) Fuel consumption difference between the two 3) Are the 200t engines as bullet-proof as the 350 engines? I also have a 2008 IS250SE which I will keep and mostly use this as my daily driver. Any advice for me?
  3. I had a perspective buyer take it for a test drive 😞 Sad to see this car go, but its time for an upgrade.
  4. Hi Normski, Thanks a mil for the detailed response. Appreciated. Fortunately, I dont see any of those symptoms on my IS200 or my IS250 (touch wood) Will keep an eye out though.
  5. D@mn, I'd love a right hand side A Pillar lining. My car must been driven by a smoker sometime in its long life and has a few marks which look like cigarette burns. Unfortunately for me, I'm on the southern tip of Africa :-(
  6. Thanks guys - I'll try to get a picture to you guys this weekend. I'll get the perspex front replaced when I take the car for its annual service in September. There is a 30-day turnaround time to order the part from Japan in any event.
  7. Thanks for the advice Normski......Will do. What is the symptom one would experience when the slider pin seizes?
  8. Thanks for the feedback - I have two friends who drive IS250's around the same age as mine and they dont have the problem. I'll go ahead and replace it. It just boggles my mind how the problem occurred in the first place!
  9. Hi guys, Looking for some advice here....there seems to be some "cloudiness" or "dullness" on the top half of my speedometer cluster on my IS250. I initially thought I could just clean it up, and bought some meguiars Plastix to clean it up, but that did not help. I now realise the "cloudiness" is probably on the inside of the perspex covering the cluster. When I bought the car I noticed it, but assumed it was on the outside and I could clean it up, but I was wrong. Anyway, I contacted about this problem - they recommend I just replace it. It will cost (in your currency) around GBP 60 installed. Not too bad, but I'm not happy about it since I need to do the brakes on the car. Has anybody else had this problem on a Gen2 IS? I'm worried it will happen to the new perspex covering which I might install. Any comments on this?
  10. Hi Shahpor, Apologies for the very late response - yes, they changed the spark plugs too with the major service. My IS250 is due for an oil change again in September. Still have not changed the brake pads, but plan to do it soon.
  11. Hi guys, Its been a while since I've been around - guess my job has been keeping me busy. I took my IS200 for a service at the main dealer on Monday. Just did an engine and gearbox oil change, along with the oil filter. Happy to say my car has a clean bill of health.
  12. Great stuff - good to hear you're doing well. Picked up my car yesterday afternoon.....Lexus have give it a clean bill of health. The only advisory is that I should replace my rear brake pads in about 10000kms. (I do about 5000km per year). That aside, it costs too much to do the brakes at Lexus, I'll do it aftermarket like I did on my IS200. Cost me a significant amount of cash though - about £370 if I do the conversion to your currency.
  13. Hey Shahpor. How are you doing. Its been a while since I've visited these forums too. Work has been hectic. Yup, its been 6 months. Weird how time flies as you get older.
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for the sound advice. Really appreciate the guidance. If changing the gearbox oil is not necessary, I might as well leave it. Don't want the mechanics messing up something that doesn't need to be touched right now (yes, I'm skeptical of anybody working on my car!) Car is booked for tomorrow...I hope the service goes well and there are no findings which need immediate attention.
  15. Hi All, Its been about 6 months since I have my 2008 IS250 and am still loving the car. Been going great, aside from an annoying rattle on the drivers window when its completely closed. I believe its a common fault though. Anyway, tomorrow she goes to the Lexus dealership for her first major service....the 90000km service (think its the 60000 mile service for you guys in the UK). My question is, should I change the gearbox oil? I believe its very important to maintain the gearbox oil on an Auto transmission and I dont want to take any chances. The guy at the dealer said they normally change the gearbox oil between 105000km and 120000km. My thinking is because of the age of the car, I should do it now. However, I have read some stuff online which says the gearbox oil on this car should not be changed.Is there any truth in this?