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  1. Thanks, i thought it might be these digits but i had to ask, so far i havnet come across colour code searching forums but i now know what to use to get some made up. I imagine you get it made up anywhere but weather it has the metaillic or pearl in the match i dont know..
  2. Hi guys i feel a right noob asking this, ive searched and searched, im not getting it, what part of my vin plate is the colour code ?
  3. Hello, im a bit new to the knowledge of parts for the lexus, i have the IS300, are the 200 and 300 lowering springs the same or do they have different springs weights ? Thanks for any help.
  4. I have a 2002 is300 and im after a set of gd condition lowering springs, pm me with details please.
  5. Oh right no problem, that info sounds gd enough, ill pm u my address and ill need a email to paypal u if that is all ok ?
  6. I would get them if he replied to my message :o
  7. oh ok thanks, is there a difference between NGK and denso ? I learned my ebay lesson a long time ago ;) How about these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-X-NGK-IRIDIUM-IX-SPARK-PLUGS-LEXUS-IS300-3-0-01-BKR6EIX-11-/400310706148?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item5d34609fe4
  8. cheers chris, i have already phoned lexus and the bloke didnt say what they were but they sell them for £60, any recommended suppliers i can buy from ?
  9. Does anyone know the right spark plug code,make and type for a IS300 2jz ?
  10. i think that the spark plugs price is ok and £133 is for all 3 coil packs, still expensive tho,
  11. just an update, i had a good look at the tops of the coils and at 1 spark plug, they dont look like they have been changed in awhile, so going to take them all out at the weekend and i phoned lexus today.. £60 for spark plugs and £133 for coil packs! dam thats expensive little coils!
  12. if i am to have an IS model it has to have the 2jz, personally i think the 200 engine is a bit lame and weak. and no to bald tyres..
  13. Owe i see, well i dont want to do that! Its really disappointed me it doesnt turn off. Think i might sell her on now :(