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  1. Headlight Leveling Sensor

    Hi Everyone I spoke to Lexus Exeter today. The part number for the headlamp levelling sensor is 8940748030. The chap seemed to think this part only fitted RX300 vehicles. They don't sell the flying lead/socket as a separate part!! So there you are. They can't help at all and they are not told . I'll look forward to hearing from Katabrontes . Murphybear
  2. Need a definitive answer on IS200 keys

    Hi I had an RX300 SEL .That had an electric tailgate which was operated by the right hand button in the row of two. I had a mobile key cutter visit to cut keys for my Toyota runabout and he examined my Lexus key , I only had one!, and gave me a printout of the codes . I passed on the info when I sold the car on . They may only charge a small amount to tell you the details of the key. I'm sorry I can't be more use. Be careful who you choose to cut keys - they may not work!! Murphybear
  3. Headlight Leveling Sensor

    Hi All Thanks Katabrontes I have a bag of bits from my previous sensor and mounts. The link rod seems fine . The reason it stopped working was that 2 of the springs have crumbled and the other one is pristine . I was going to ask you about setting up the new unit. Mine seemed to be set at about a quarter of the way round. If the socket was at 6 o'clock then the wiper was at 3 o'clock ( track side up). Does anyone know the part number of the flying socket that connects to the sensor? And does this plug in to the Dorman sensor? Murphybear
  4. Headlight Leveling Sensor

    Hello Everybody I have the same issue. The mechanic only found one sensor on the back suspension , drivers side. I have an RX300 LE Registered Jan 2006. I now have a bag of bits , broken off pin and all. Thanks Katabrontes for your input. Could you let us know what happens when you fit it? The alarm is on all the time. I had a new MOT end of September 2016 from the vendor of the vehicle and the alarm may or may not have been showing, they say it wasn't. I look forward to hearing more. What does your eBay sensor include? the operating rod? presumably not. Murphybear
  5. Hello Everyone I am sad because I've been advised to scrap the car. Both front suspension legs will need replacing as the swivels have collapsed. The water radiator has a leak and has had since I got it. The left rear suspension has sized solid and will need to be dismantled to even find the problem. The car is turning into a money pit and it is best to stop before it gets silly. So I bought a newer Lexus RX 300!! This is a 2006 car registered just before the road tax went up. It has done 80000 miles. So I'd like to sell my 2003 car for parts or as a project car for someone. It is an SE-L . It has done 135951 miles . It is 8r6 blue paint code and coffee and cream inside. If no interest I will sell it for scrap or on eBay or gumtree ( same thing ). I expect to be told off for advertising a car in this forum but I thought I'd give the members first refusal. Thanks for all your kind messages. I notice that parts don't seem to be available in the forum only on eBay. Murphybear
  6. Hi Everyone Thanks for getting involved Chris. I took the car to the garage today and left rear sensor came up in fault codes also rear sensors and also abs: all 4 wheels and the abs pump so I'm wondering has water got in somewhere? I take the point about possible pinholes in the airbag and the 3 cycles will help. It is booked in for next week and I'll post again then. Best Wishes Murphybear
  7. Hello Everyone Haven't got much further . I had a look this morning and if I turn off the switch at the bottom of the dash I get " OFF" come up in the display . So the system thinks the air suspension is working. How can you tell if the 60 amp Air Sus fuse has blown? Can you tell from the top of the fuse? How do you get it out ? Where is the suspension air compressor sited? I assume it is at the rear of the car because when it was working it sounded as though it was behind me. I don't have ramps or a pit so I can't get underneath. The car sits level and looks normal in that the tyres are not obscured by the body i.e. It hasn't sunk down. Where can you get a new fuse from? Not Halfords - they don't keep them. Does the car shut down the compressor if it doesn't detect an output. Does any error message appear on the satnav screen? How can you access the error codes? I understand you can press buttons on the nav screen to show error codes - which buttons and when? I could go on and on. Any help would be useful and we'll all benefit. Murphybear
  8. Hi Everybody I have an RX300 SEL from 2003 mark 2. I have had it since August 2014. Within the last week I realised that the air suspension isn't working. I can't hear the pump running and it feels like a bone shaker. The Panel light shows the suspension in the normal setting . The light in the up setting comes on but not the light in the down setting. I am assuming that the pump has either failed or the fuse has blown or there is an air leak and the car computer has shut down the system for safety. I am unable to read any error codes. What is my best course of action? Hoping you can help. Murphybear
  9. Thanks Chris I'll try that . Merry Xmas to you Murphybear
  10. Hi Piers I've got a rx300 sel from 2003 and I haven't noticed these lights. Where are they on the door? In the handle recess ? I have footwell lights and handle lights would be good. If you could show a photo of the handle light I would appreciate it. Possibly they were an option. Murphybear
  11. Hi it's Murphybear again I noticed on Sunday gone that the lines had reappeared. We'd been out for some time and the car had thoroughly warmed up. The reversing camera is on all the time but you only see the view when reversing. So it was back Sunday night but it was gone again today. The message is " system malfunction" and it also said today "steering wheel turned too far". I think it is damp affecting the circuitry which would account for the brief reappearance Sunday night. It might be worthwhile warming the camera with something like a hairdryer to see if that cures the fault. Don't overdo the hairdryer if you try this. Murphybear
  12. Hi Everyone Just recently my guidelines failed on my rear view camera. The camera itself works perfectly I still get some green lines but no red lines and I've never had yellow lines. The message on the screen says system faulty or some such. Does anyone have any ideas? My vehicle is an RX300 from 2003 series 2 I think.
  13. Hi Parrot Good for you. I don't use my rear wiper for long periods - perhaps I should. I'm afraid it'll seize up again. Did you manage to get it apart in the end? Best Wishes Murphybear
  14. Hi Parrot The output shaft is held in somehow. I couldn't see how to take it apart. I baulked at forcing it apart as I didn't have a replacement, but the output shaft where it enters the gearbox housing was rusty and corroded for about an inch along its length.This is what I gripped with my Mole grips. I suspect water had been entering the bearing and laying for some time to corrode the shaft. The motor seemed to stand up to being powered, and not being able to run, very well. I wanted to get it working for the winter. Hopefully Colin Barber will have an input. Sorry not to be more use. Murphybear
  15. Hi Parrot I bought my RX300 with a seized rear wiper. I told the vendor and he arranged to get a new wiper motor under the 3 months guarantee.After waiting a while I fixed it by removing the wiper as you have and removed the gears from the wiper gearbox. I then grasped the output drive shaft away from the end with Mole Grips and rotated it back and forth. It eventually moved and then I introduced oil then kept it moving until it was a smooth movement. This was in October 2014 and it is still working. I never got my new wiper under guarantee. I was quoted £50 from an online breaker for a working one but MAKE SURE you get the correct unit i.e quote the serial/part number to the breaker over the phone/via email. Best Wishes Murphybear