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  1. I cant see any screws to undo so does it just prise apart ?
  2. The key looks like this, its a keyless entry type.
  3. hi, after using my 2005 GS430 yesterday the dash prompted me that the battery in my remote was getting low. Does anyone know what battery is required for this and is it a simple job to fit, or is there a specific sequence so as not to loose any codes etc ?
  4. JapShow at Santa Pod, 10th July.

    Me and my son just returned from Santa Pod yesterday as we're into classic fords and we were thinking about going to the Japshow . My lexus was faultless as usual and returned an average 34mpg. We tend to travel down on the Saturday and stay over night at a premier inn type place and go back on the sunday all fresh and full of all you can eat breakfast. Its a 3hr 15min drive for us so it breaks it up and gives us 2 days drag racing - not in the lexus obviously even though my son wants me to ! I may not be in my lexus when we go as I'm struggling to keep it with my job situation but it sounds like a it will be a good show to go to.
  5. When I did mine, the only way I could stop the dash screaming at me was to park the car up as normal in park with the handbrake on, turn off the engine and open the door as if leaving the vehicle, then press the button next to the gear lever and put the car back into neutral and then release the handbrake. Any noise after that was stopped by closing the door. To do the brakes themselves I had to remove the wheel then I slid some large nuts I had spare down the studs and replaced the wheel nuts till they nipped up against the disc to make sure the disc was hard up against the hub flange. I had to put some spacers on the studs first as the wheel nuts alone would stop short of the disc without the thickness of the wheel itself to help it. Adjustment was straight forward through a hole in the disc once a grommet was removed by rotating the cog mentioned by madasahatter above. I forgot which way it was rotated but it soon becomes obvious and the correct rotation was the opposite on the other side - reverse threaded. Hope this helps.
  6. Sent you a pm re the car. Thanks, Jonathan 

  7. Lexus meets?

    I'm up for it, if I still have my lexus ! it would be nice to have a meet up this way.
  8. Where has it gone?

    hi again, I still cant find my lexus for sale in the cars for sale section, what am I doing wrong ? I did try initially to put it in there but I don't know how to do it . please help thanks. Mike.
  9. Reluctant sale 2005 GS430

    Ok thanks. My apologies, I must learn how to navigate the forum better!
  10. Hi, I posted a listing yesterday mentioning that I was reluctantly selling my Lexus Gs430 but it has been removed. I'm just trying to understand why this happened as I'm a gold member and thought I was able to do so. Please can someone put me straight on this issue as now I'm confused. Cheers. Mike.
  11. Reluctant sale 2005 GS430

    Thanks for your nice comments, I too hope it goes to a good home. Although I doubt it now as the post seems to have disappeared from the listings ?? I thought I'd try on this forum first to attract a Lexus enthusiast and cut out time wasters and test pilots.
  12. Reluctant sale 2005 GS430

    Hi, having owned my GS430 for just over 1 year I find myself in a position where I have no option but to sell. Due to my job in the steel industry in Teesside and with a take over and pay cuts looming, I've had to re-assess my priorities. It has full Lexus service history and has just had its 100000 mile service at just over 99000 miles. The cam belt has been done. I've just replaced the transmission filter/strainer and fluid right through to the oil cooler so no old oil mixing with new. The strainer alone was over £100. The car benefits from having a full cat back bespoke twin stainless system which retains the Lexus silent running but without the looming deteriorating standard exhaust bills. All the brake pads are Green Stuff upgraded items. There is a boot liner and 2 sets of mats - 1 set unused & in wrappers. The car comes with a full Mot and has covered a mere 3400 miles last year as it is a second car which I only used for nice jollies out. It does have some stone chips on the front as to be expected but is very clean as I'm very particular and it shows. The paintwork is silky smooth to the touch like a new car. This is my pride and joy and would not be selling if circumstances were different. I'm looking for £5000 which I think is fare as these are getting rare now and with it being a 2005 model it benefits from the lower tax. Any questions please get in touch, not sure if I can post my phone number, let me know otherwise. Cheers. Mike.
  13. Hi, I've owned my 2005 GS430 for almost a year now and love it. Its my "weekend" car as I work in a steel works so drive a little Ford Puma to keep my Lexus away from all the muck and fallout from work. I recently took it in for its 100 000 mile service and was given a nice IS300H as a courtesy car. I found it strange at first that the engine doesn't start when you press the start button like my GS does, but quickly got used to it and by the end I didn't want to give the car back. These cars are way out of my price range but when I started trawling the net I found I could get a GS450H which looks the same as mine bar the wheels. My question is this, do I keep my V8 petrol GS or change to the V6 hybrid ? There isn't many V8 models for sale so does that make them more collectable ? The hybrid models certainly look better on paper with better mpg figures and cheaper tax but I'm reading about issues with engine valve springs and battery / transmission problems. I'm at a loss as I know my car is problem free so don't want to buy a hybrid and run into big bills - but I'm still tempted to buy one though ???? Help.
  14. I'm really pleased with my lexus, I can only compare mine with the ls400 I owned previous and it certainly feels similar on the road if a little firmer. I've never really tried to drive it as a hot hatch with all the sport settings on as I just like to be wafted along in comfort. Maybe I should try it out as I'm getting curious now. I'll need to change the battery first though. You'd be more than welcome to drive mine and compare as if I did part with it I'd rather it went to an enthusiast, however I think our distance apart may be an issue.
  15. Hi, as the title suggests, the battery on my 2005 GS430 is starting to loose its charge after a couple of days. I'm assuming its the battery itself so was wondering if its ok to disconnect it to change it or will the stereo need recoding as I cant find one in the cars history folder ?