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  1. Consuming Engine Oil

    I have 2001 lexus is200. Miileage 200k miles. Runs really well. I have noticed having to consistently add engine oil to keep the dipstick level all the way to F. i have to add about 1.5 to 1.75 liters every 5000km. I also made a switch to 20w50(i live in the caribbean so i took a chance). Same story. I have a leak on the rocker cover gasket. So i am gonna change that, the PCV and replace the valve seals. Flush out the 20w50 and go back to 10w30 mobil. Valve seals because i have noticed hard starting on mornings and in general after car is parked for few hours accompanied by smoke with a bluish tinge. Also having smoke when redlining on highway. During normal driving its smoke free. Hence i am thinking its valve seals, plus no loss of power to suggest ring issues. Please advise on your experiences. Do these engines usually have ring/ valve seal issues together or which is it likely to be in my case? I await your responses. ps do you think i can loose all that oil from the rocker cover?
  2. And just further information. I changed windscreen 3 months ago and then experienced a problem with the automatic lights they dont work anymore. I manually turn them on and strange enough they now go off when the driver door is opened and car is off. Do you all think that there may be a small leak of water into my electrics. I actually asked my auto electrician to check this before and he said no water seen around terminal on driver side, but i didnt observe for myself. What exactly to look for in this case and can water in the electrics cause this fluctuation i am having?
  3. I recently noticed that on my voltmeter @ idling 750-850 rpms my voltage was very low if AC and lights on - around or just under 12v. Then i started getting poor performance from the car during acceleration (2000 lexus is 200 automatic) got it checked out by an auto electrician. The alternator reading was 13.6 v at idle speeds but dropped off to 12.7-12.8 v when Ac and lights put on. The alternator was thought to be the problem. The grounds were checked, the alternator belt was ok and the battery was 12.8 v with car off. I then went on to try used alternators . 3 of them to be exact - same problems !! Exact same voltage under loads- 12.7/8 v . Eventually i just put back on my original alternator and sometimes @ idle under load the voltage is fine 13.8 v Then sometimes loaded it reads around 12.7 volts. And by the way i also tried 2 other batteries and same problems! Anyone had similar problems or can suggest a solution? Is it that the voltage on the is 200 goes up with rpms as per normal or is the voltage regulator bad in all 3 alternators??????? I plan to change the belt and check the difference. But i am lost!!! Someone suggested to check all the fuse terminals and clean them out because of increased resistance ?? Lost guys . Please help !!!!
  4. I have a 200k mile year 2000 lexus is 200. Works perfectly normal after having issues earlier this year- replaced transmission. But have a long standing noise from engine bay . It is only there when in drive{automatic} and not when idling in park/neutral. It occurs @1800-2000rpms when the car is under load and disappears when accelerating. No recent engine issues- the car runs fine but this noise is a nuisance. It sounds like a bearing is about to "shell out"! Done the following 1. a/c compressor on/off NO DIFFERENCE 2. listened to water /power steering pump sound ok 3. ALTERNATOR - bearing sounds violently loud through the screw driver and while idling the voltmeter on the dash drops sometimes almost under 12volts. When there is a current draw if my aftermarket music system is blasting(amp and sub and all!)- the amp even cuts off as voltage goes under 12.1volts. This never happened before. I have an Optima yellow top battery so no real current issues. 4. TIMING BELT- I removed the cover from the timing belt area. A lot of debris from the belt! i have changed the timing belt twice but never the tensioner ! Is this whats been causing my noise? Of course i am going to change belt and tensioner . Should i also change the idler? The belt was changed 20 000miles ago. Has anyone heard this noise before? Any help? My mechanic thinks its probably engine noise from camshaft or a bad piston? very perturbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need some advice /guidance !!!
  5. Front Windscreen

    Hey guys. need some help. I recently installed a front windshield and since then my auto headlight switch is not working. And also my fog lamps have gone dead !! no visible leaks !!! BSG windshield installed . No fuse blown re - fogs. Any ideas ? is there a fuse for the photo sensor ? or is it related to the replacement windshield?
  6. this seems to say that they are the same part! Need some clarification . Also any one came across a brake servo 131010 50970 as being for lexus is 200?
  7. I had my lexus is 200 transmission give up on me today and am wondering if the one from an altezza gxe 10 is the same/compatible? I know the part numbers are different and that the repair kits are the same, and that the ecu s are different. But can i replace my current dead transmission with one from a japanese altezza with same engine ? In the caribbean we only get japanese used parts. any advice??
  8. Thanks all yes i used toyota atf4 thats the rec oil rite? I am getting it looked at , will let u guys know how it goes.
  9. Thanks . what treatment did you use? I am in Trinidad . I have to special order the filter or get an aftermarket one, can any one send me a pic so I could know what exactly I am looking for.
  10. I own a 2000 lexus is 200 with approx 180 000miles on it. Runs great ! but in the last 2 months i have been having an intermittent problem with my 1g fe auto tranny. Early morning shifts into reverse and to a lesser extent drive have an associated delay before the car moves out. About 5 seconds.The transmission works perfectly afterwards and no slipping at all. One other thing is that if i park facing downhill , sometimes (not always) when i put in reverse, the delay is about 10 seconds. If i rev to 1500 rpms then then gear jumps in. Drive is normal. I have suspicions about the filter needing changing but its hard to find one. Also the oil is only 4 weeks old, no leaks, no discoloration of oil, oil level ok. Any suggestions?????