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  1. Hi Mark, Appreciate the recommendation - I have sorted my problem now but may need some help with some other bits! 🙂 Thanks again! Ken
  2. Hi all - thanks for the advice - I got hold of an auto locksmith and he fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes - basically the "wafers" were bent and he just got in there and straightened things out!
  3. Hiya, The steering wheel moves reasonably freely and doesn't seem locked at all, but yes I tried wiggling it while turning the key. Ken
  4. I'm being quoted £100's to replace the ignition - does anyone know how big a job this really is? Thinking about it, I already have a spare part from my old Lexus - the one who's key caused the problem in the first place! It's due to be scrapped anyway so I guess I just need a garage to swap the parts - anyone know if this is an easy job or something that only a Lexus specialist could do?
  5. Just to add - I did first spend some hours hunting the internet for possible DIY solutions - I tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins, using the (correct!) key to manually unlock the door and lock it multiple times, and using the button on the fob to unlock it (apparrently some people had some luck with a certain sequence of key presses but didn't work for me.
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent garage somewhere around the London/Surrey borders? I appear to have broken my ignition by accidentally putting the wrong key in (my old RX300 was written off, bought a replacement and still had the key on my key ring). Currie Motors in Twickenham seemed pretty clueless when I spoke to them and wouldn't give me a quote without me bringing it in to look at. Unfortunately I also hadn't gotten round to updating my breakdown policy which was on the car, not the driver, so will have to pay to take it somewhere and don't want to do that til I've got a fair idea what it will cost. I spent an hour getting the run around put on hold, transferred etc and nobody really seemed to have any idea what it might cost which was worrying. Any recommendations greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi, Had to switch my Mercedes CLK 200 for something more practical due to the arrival of our new german shepherd dog, looked at everything from estates to 4X4's but decided that 4WD / AWD would be useful as we have a couple of times ended up stranded in mud at music festivals / car boot sales and in the ever-increasing icy winters. Looked at the Jag X-Type AWD Estate as well as Honda CRV's, Mercedes M series and BMW X3/X5. Had never really looked at a Lexus before but read lots of great reviews, so I found a couple this week going at great prices. Really liked the look of one I found yesterday - only 65k miles - and was amazed at the spec compared to similarly priced Merc's and Beemers. 2003 model in cerulean blue with Oakham Beige leather interior. Very nicely kept inside and out, sunroof, privacy glass to the rear, remote boot open and close, fold-in mirrors, reversing camera, satnav and touch screen controls for climate etc, air suspension, heated / memory seats, telescoping adjustable steering wheel - pretty much every luxury gadget available at the time it was made. Test drove it against a slightly newer RX300 which had higher mileage and was a bit beaten up by comparison, plus a Merc M500 and BMW X3 and it was definitely the best of the bunch - very comfortable ride but not too soft in the corners, so it took very little for me to go ahead and buy it. It was the low miles with full Lexus dealer service history - including loads of original receipts - that swung it for me in the end. Only negatives - minor crack on the trim of the left near-side door, and a missing parcel tray which the dealer is trying to source for me. Also the stereo has no MP3 / AUX capability. Other than that it's a fantastic set of wheels. :) Figured I'd find the owners club and say "hi". Dealer pics here - will put some of my own up when I get time.