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  1. Winter Tyres

    Thanks thats good advice I’ll have a look at the Hancooks.
  2. Winter Tyres

    going to look into the Hancocks for sure so thanks for the advice on those
  3. Winter Tyres

    Thanks Rich - but here's the problem quote Pirelli put the W210 forward for the European winter tyre test and it was placed 9th out if 10 – oh dear! Worse still was the testers comments, “slight weakness on wet roads and in snow and ice”. Personally if I was investing in winter tyres, great traction in those same 3 areas would be very high up on my shopping list. I just can’t imagine how the manufacturers think this is acceptable, in their testing during development Pirelli must have realised that the tyre worked great in the cold, dry conditions but not so well in snow and rain! And someone high up at Pirelli must have passed this, its incredible really. Unqte Thats from in independent source - so to pay £1150 for 4 winter Tyres with that write up seems to make no sense to me.
  4. Hi All, I've just traded in my NX300 for an RC300h Fsport. I'd like to put some winter Tyres on my 19inch alloys. The only ones I can find are the Pirelli W270 - However the reviews on these are simply awful. Does anyone have any real world experience of these or know of an alternative Winter Tyre that will fit. I guess I have the option to buy a set of Winter Wheels and Tyres of a different size which might be the answer as it will save the salt attacking the alloys. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Best wishes to all Mixedgas.
  5. Phone Problem

    Yes I've tried that David. Lexus are absolutely certain that its not the mic but the software. Maybe I need to discuss the situation with an external auto communications guy and see what he makes of it. Cant believe you haven't used the demister I have to keep mine on virtually permanently to keep the screen clear.
  6. Phone Problem

    Thanks David. I use Lexus in Hedge End and as its the third Lexus I have from them I cant see them risking the relationship for the sake of a mic but of course you never know. My previous car was the RX450H. The NX felt quite claustrophobic to start with and the engine is much smaller so it has to work harder. I positively hated the radio set up, although I'm now beginning to work it out. My biggest bug bear is the fact that the windscreen takes a long time to clear where as the RX was almost instant. There is naturally less storage compartments as the car is smaller. Now I've got the hang of it all I love the fact that the car is smaller and much easier to drive and park around town. Its incredibly comfortable and more economical. I wouldn't go back but I do wish the de-mister was better and as to the phone...... Best wishes Andrew
  7. Phone Problem

    Hi everyone, I have 2015 NX300H which I picked up brand new 6 weeks a go as a replacement for my 450h. I didn't like it for the first 2 hours but now I absolutely love it. I have one huge problem When using the hands free I can hear everyone loud and clear but no one can hear me when I'm speaking. I've been back to the Lexus garage where they checked all the software and said that its all up to date. They virtually admitted that this wasn't the first time that they have come across this problem (iPhone 6) but they don't have a solution as yet. This is not overly helpful as my car is also my office. Has anyone else suffered this problem and has anyone come up with a temporary or permanent solution. Thanks advice.