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  1. Is200 Supercharger

  2. Looking For Tte Airbox

  3. Looking For Tte Airbox

    I know these are rare to come by, but if anyone's got one for sale, please let me know :) Thanks!
  4. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Alright, so I tried the vinyl I mentioned and I must say I am very happy with the result and the amount of time and money I saved by using it. Here's a pic of the fix: Thank you all for your help!
  5. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    I'm gonna try a 3M brushed black metallic vinyl first on the damaged area, and see how it looks. Might not need any more adjustments afterwards, hopefully..
  6. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Nice, then I'll give it a try! I'll come back with picture of the result :) Thank you all for your help!
  7. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Ok! I got another tip that I could use something like this: I think that would actually make it look good. Seems like an easy, quick and cheap fix :)
  8. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Haha, alrighty, thanks a lot! Did you just cover the whole damaged part, I mean the the whole area in between the fake joints?
  9. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Is it this one you are referring to? Seems like it makes the car look a bit more "fast and the furious", and less.. how to say, neutral.. I don't know..
  10. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Oh alright, I'll have a look at it, thank you! My father works with cars and paints these, and he had a suggestion that we might try to paint it, grind it down a bit first and then repaint, but it might be hard to get a color looking the same as the rest of the dashboard.. Anyways, I tried the suggestion to use a razor at my door. I must say I'm really happy with the result!
  11. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Okey, sounds like it's just a temporary solution then. I would rather try to fix it, if possible, so I don't have to redo it over and over again..
  12. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    Regarding the dashboard, some guys on the swedish lexusownersclub recommended something called "Plasti paint" ( Is this something anyone have any experience with? Sounds like it could be a solution, but I'm still worried that the outlines of the damages will be visible even though it's painted..
  13. Interior Damages - Lexus Is200

    I have thought about trying to cover up the damage with some kind of sheet yes, but I think it might go on looking a lot "cheaper" when having it. What do you guys think? Have you seen any car with any effect vinyls? The second advice for the cardoor sounds like an idea, I'll definitely test that today, I'll also come back with an update how it went! Thank you very much :) Yeah I know, the problem is he doesn't have a job, which means he has got no money, but yeah.. I got some money from him in the beginning, but not nearly enough to cover the expenses, and now he have stopped paying me so haha. It's a bit tricky..
  14. Hello all! I'm here in search for some help or advice. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of my scratched my dashboard with the foot of his computer screen (he had the screen in his lap). Now it looks horrible, and I have no idea whether I have to replace the whole dashboard for a cost of ~180£ (~2000SEK), or if there's any fix that can be done, either to camouflage it or entirely fix it. Here's a pic of the damage: I also have another damage at the drivers door. Seems like the previous owner had the car window open when it rained or something, and the texture has got all "curly" or something. Guess there's no way to fix this, but no harm done by asking.. Any help is appreciated! Thank you for your time! Best regards, André
  15. Lf Tte Airbox

    Hello! I just recently bought a supercharger for my IS200, and as of now I'm using an open apexi filter. The charger is making hell of a noise haha, so I'm looking for a original TTE airbox for a reasonable price. If you have one for sale, or happen to know someone who does, please let me know! Best regards, André