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  1. Sorry E, I only saw your post after I had sent mine. I had noticed that the Ornamental lighting is linked to the dimmer switch for the whole dashboard, but, as you say the difference between the two extremes is minimal. Not to worry, I still like the car. Cheers G
  2. Thank you for responding. I'm sure your assessment is correct. It's a pity that it is described as "LED Ambient Lighting" in every publication / review that I have seen, including the official brochure and in fact, the only place it is described as "ornamental", is in the User Guide supplied with the car. I think it would look quite stylish if it was a tad brighter. Once again, thanks for your help. Regards G
  3. Good evening. I too have just taken delivery of an ES 300h with Premium pack. I can confirm that (mine at least) has the sort of ambient lighting you describe and I'm sure yours will be the same. The problem ,(and the reason I joined this forum) is that it is so dim as to be useless as a feature. I'm sure that there must be a way of increasing the brightness and maybe the colour of this feature, but i'm hanged if I can find it!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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