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  1. It took me all day, but it's done! Ran the 7 strand into the boot through the drain grommets in the wheel well, then under the hard plastic trim around the lock to the passenger side wing. Found the correct wires using a multimeter, then spliced in with wago connectors - now I know it works, I'll splice them properly with solder+heat shrink. Ran a fused 15a supply from the battery (under the bonnet) under the car and into the boot through the same grommet - had to use 2.5mm green+yellow mains earth cable because I couldn't find my reel of red 😞 ill update this thread with the cable colours later.
  2. Black box is a "ring" smart logic relay 12n single rct485 Small(ish) trailer - sub 1.5T, maybe a bike rack. Occasionally a small touring caravan (just a 12n single socket needed). It does need a larger power supply - fused at 15A
  3. As I posted earlier, I've just got hold (finally!) of a towbar for my '99 gs300. I need to connect up my electrics. I bought a "black box" relay thing and a generic 12N (7 pin) socket. Does anyone have any advice on where to route the cable into boot, where to mount the relay box, and where to splice into the wiring harness? or just a wiring diagram/ cable colours for the lights would do. thanks
  4. Don't I need a visible type approval label for the MOT?
  5. I recently (finally!) sourced a 2nd hand tow bar to fit my '99 gs300. - after looking for 4! Years. Unfortunately, it has had the type approval sticker removed. I can print a new one, but need the details. Would anyone be willing to photo the label on theirs for me, or point me towards a source for a replacement? Lexus dealers, and brink UK can't help, and Brinkley' don't deliver to UK. 😞 thanks
  6. Update to this topic. Towbars are NLS at Lexus. Not available ANYWHERE in country - I had them send an email request to all the dealers. However... I managed to pick up a second hand one on the bay for £65, delivered :) Now... Anyone have any idea of whats needed for the electrickery part? I know I need a buzzer and there'll be some some sort of black box to bypass the faulty bulb detector?
  7. I phoned *everywhere* - westfalua p f Jones. Bosal. All the installers I could find on Google within 100miles. There is no type-approved after market towbar for a 99 gs300. I'd love to be proved wrong!
  8. Phoned a different Lexus dealer in the area where I will be working next week: Turns out I can get a towbar only (no oil cooler or electrics), self fit, for 459 quid. As I only tow a small trailer (<750kgs) a short distance (20 miles or so maximum), an oil cooler won't be necessary, and an aftermarket electrics kit is only about 12 quid, so jobs a good'un.
  9. I've reached the point where I don't have the space for both my shogun and the lexus... I need to get rid of one of them, and obviously I'd prefer to keep the lexus. But... I need to tow a trailer quite regularly so I need a towbar. Does anyone have one for sale? or can point me towards one that isn't going to cost me 1200+ from the dealer? Or one that could be adapted? I can weld, but can't afford the £££££ to have a self-built one tested. It has to be euro CE plated, so no US imports, unfortunately. It's a 99 plate, MK2 gs300 UK spec Thanks
  10. Does anyone have a source for a UK spec towbar for a '99 GS300 ? I don't want to pay the new dealer price, and can't seem to get one from the bay, or online scrappers. Alternative is to have one shipped from the US, but they seem to be only rated for a one tonne trailer - seems silly when the GS300 will tow 2T. (Also, they're technically not legal, since not type approved for the EU) Thanks
  11. I paid 600 for "Jubilee" (pronounced "jubbly"). 130k, and a bit battered on the corners. (75 y/o previous owner :( ) When I was looking, most were around 1200, so the car in the OP is on the cheap side, and had I still been looking, I would have certainly gone to look at it - and probablty bought.
  12. bigegg

    New Owner With A Warning Light

    paper clip trick works on older lexus - not sure about the LS430 This suggests that it may have a built-in fault reader you access via the nav screen
  13. Dunno whereabouts in Yorkshire you are, but I know a *very* good MOT place who will not fail a car to get work - he has contracts with a couple of truck fleets so isn't desperate for work. He's on the Leeds/Wakefield border in Thorpe Village. (about 10 mins from M1/M62/M621). If you'd like to PM me, I'd be more than happy to help you with it, rather than see a potentially good car go to the scrappers.