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  1. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Yeah well you can see on my pics above what I am dealing with 😕
  2. Oh is BT quicker then? I'm not commenting on every BT adaptor ever made I'm commenting on the one I have, I'm sure they work fine for others 😛
  3. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Yeah I've just ignored that as it's passenger side so not really bothering me. The other scuffs/scrapes/chips I give up on trying to stay on top of 😕 But I can't afford the thing to rust away so if there is a recommended process to carry out on the sills and people have had it done then I'd appreciate an explanation of exactly what I should ask for and some ballpark figures on cost (and maybe some photos showing it ends up looking better than my hideous patch job they did to mine)
  4. Yeah on ios no BT pairing, on win/droid BT paired but apps either don't see it or when it's selected they don't connect with it. I've asked them for a WIFI version now cos I'd rather have working WIFI than nonworking BT.
  5. It's bluetooth not WIFI
  6. It's true - but yet to find said mechanic locally. I'm more IT than mechanic - and like IT I'd love to pull it apart and fix it but that's an alternate life for me 😕
  7. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    This is the side I've not got done This is the super ugly result of the side I had done - noticing the arch is pretty bad now too 😞 I also spotted the running strip is losing it's paint too - nice
  8. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    The MOT repairs repairs on mine (which seems to basically be someone sticking a plate over the top and gluing it on with bathroom sealant) cost me about £90 which was a releif cos I was panicing about the cost just to get it through MOT when noone had ever poked holes in my car before and said oh look now there's a hole 😐 But yeah it looks crap. Might get a photo oh it. Never had bodywork done, never had scuffs or scrapes done, never had any recommendations for places to do this round here.
  9. I tried it with someone's android phone last night and like my winphone it shows up and pairs ok, it shows up in the app, but then nothing happens and the app doesn't "connect" to it. So I guess I'll have to send it back and get another one. Android is the 1 OS I don't have easy access to atm. I may just get a bloody WIFI one since they'll work with anything as far as I'm aware and I don't really care if I can't be on another WIFI at the same time 😐
  10. I'd love to say I have stands/ramp and tools etc but I really don't. I don't mind paying a mechanic to do a good job, I just don't like getting fleeced for it.
  11. I should continue this here rather than threadjacking
  12. Yeah the £900 odd was for the front exhaust system and possibly heatshield fitted. But 1 that's a lot for just front exhaust 2 it might not even be the cause. I mean the rattle doesn't even sound the same since it was in for the other work so poking around he obviously changed something already! The sensor seems about £100 looking online earlier but I wouldn't know the perfect one to get. Happy to consider DIY though I'm defo not a mechanic and the last time I DIY'd discs/pads etc things weren't ever quite right. But the thing putting me off changing the sensor straight up is what if it isn't the sensor's fault and it is related to the rattle/possibly the CAT etc 😐 Hmmm
  13. Does anyone have an idea what it might cost if the cat is the problem with the rattle/cause for the o2 sensor reporting a problem? It would suck to pay to replace the sensor only to find it lights up again. I mean the main dealer thought the rattle might be the front exhaust/heatsheild and want me to pay about £900 to replace it @_@
  14. Hi all - can anyone recommend a good OBD2 adaptor for my 03 IS300? I used a friend's WIFI one recently which worked fine but when I went to buy one he said "get a bluetooth one so you can still get wifi on your device and look stuff up while you use it" which made sense (unless WIFI doesn't work while using BT or something) so I looked around and tried this one yesterday https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0185GE8GM However I've not managed to get it working on iphone (doesn't show up), android (didn't work for my mate), or winphone10 (app can't see it after device pairing) So I thought I'd ask if anyone has recommendations for cheap n cheerful OBD2 adaptors?
  15. My 03 reg IS300 had the engine light come on a month or 2 ago and I borrowed a friends OBD2 to see that it was O2 bank1 sensor2 at fault. We reset it but it came back on the next day. I've since had a bunch of expensive work done by the main dealer to fix other problems (caliper, pad, disc etc) but they had to wait for the sensor to come in stock. It's now come in stock but it was about £250 all in which I found too expensive. I've since gone to local recommended garages (Bristol/Bath) and the only quote I've got back was about £280 which shocked me. If it is indeed the sensor just off the side of the engine then it is very accessible and I'd be tempted to change it myself if I had the right tools. However I'm unsure if a sensor change will fix it since another issue I've had is a slight rattling (particularly when idle in drive) over a year or so that noone has diagnosed but now the local garages suggested since this sensor is related to the CAT that it may be the CAT that is rattling. This kinda scares my wallet a bit but it would be nice to sort it. Lexus said the rattle may be front exhaust/heatshield issues and wanted me to pay another £800+ to replace it!