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  1. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Yeah it's fine I am just after recommendations where possible as I know lots of people have good connections and that's worth its weight in gold. I've had this car for many years now so I'm not surprises the problems are mounting up I just want to be sure I don't throw money at the wrong things is all. Unfortunately I'm an IT engineer not a mechanic, so my skillset doesn't let me diagnose and resolve problems on a car in the way I'd like 😉 Infact I plugged a new ODB2 WIFI adapter in yesterday and couldn't get it to read me the fault codes but now my TRC and VSC lights are stuck on and the button doesn't have any effect, so I'm on a roll 😄
  2. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Ok I'm looking at finding a recommended bodyshop in the Bristol/Bath area but I still don't know what I could ask for other than to just look at what you've seen in the above photos and tell me how much damage to fix it in a noncosmetic way aka a "please stop this car dying" way. Combined with other issues the costs of keeping such an old car are starting to kick in, which feels bad man :S
  3. I've been away/busy so not got this sorted yet so still driving around with the engine light on and a rattle (though strange that it rattles differently since I had the investigation work done while it was having a caliper replaced etc). I've no way to get under the car myself and no local matey mechanic so dunno whether to go back to lexus to get the sensor done or whether that is smart considering the problem may not be the sensor but the cat or some kind of fittings 😐 Of course it could be both?
  4. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    I guess what I'm asking is considering the poor job I had done to it (seen in the pics) for about £90 to get through an MOT, what should I make sure I ask for/don't ask for if I wanted to get both sides cleared up so they look normal again? And is there any mod needed to stop it reoccurring? The bonnet chips I've got that have penetrated the paint are rusty, I don't know if that's ever going to be worth the challenge of trying to clear them up since when you do long drives at speed you inevitably get peppered with this stuff and it's as futile as trying to keep the car clean when you drive down country lanes every day 😐
  5. Leozack

    Replacement key

    When I bought my car I was promised a 2nd key and then fobbed off (no pun). I had to get the main dealer to give me a 2nd key for about £120 😞 Recently the plastic housing on one of my keys was broken by someone trying to turn it when the lock was on so for now I'm using the other key. If noone can machine the stems then I don't know why you can buy replacement keys in key shops?
  6. I've not found a "trusted mechanic" yet as 1 of 2 local ones I tried gave me a quote the same price (or more) than lexus main dealer and the other hasn't got back to me with the quote (I guess good guys are always busy). I've no way to get under the car myself to check for even simple things like a lose bolt on the heat shield. The fact the sensor has gone may indicate a CAT problem but I've no idea how much it would cost to sort that out if that's the case. It would be nice not to have the buzzy rattling though, makes my car sound knackered 😞
  7. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Judging by the photos, what do people think I should be asking for and possibly what might it have cost if anyone has done similar work? Sidenote wht do people tend to do with chips on the bonnet etc, I've never had any kind of body repairs/touchups done on a car
  8. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Yeah well you can see on my pics above what I am dealing with 😕
  9. Oh is BT quicker then? I'm not commenting on every BT adaptor ever made I'm commenting on the one I have, I'm sure they work fine for others 😛
  10. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    Yeah I've just ignored that as it's passenger side so not really bothering me. The other scuffs/scrapes/chips I give up on trying to stay on top of 😕 But I can't afford the thing to rust away so if there is a recommended process to carry out on the sills and people have had it done then I'd appreciate an explanation of exactly what I should ask for and some ballpark figures on cost (and maybe some photos showing it ends up looking better than my hideous patch job they did to mine)
  11. Yeah on ios no BT pairing, on win/droid BT paired but apps either don't see it or when it's selected they don't connect with it. I've asked them for a WIFI version now cos I'd rather have working WIFI than nonworking BT.
  12. It's bluetooth not WIFI
  13. It's true - but yet to find said mechanic locally. I'm more IT than mechanic - and like IT I'd love to pull it apart and fix it but that's an alternate life for me 😕
  14. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    This is the side I've not got done This is the super ugly result of the side I had done - noticing the arch is pretty bad now too 😞 I also spotted the running strip is losing it's paint too - nice
  15. Leozack

    Is300 sill corrosion

    The MOT repairs repairs on mine (which seems to basically be someone sticking a plate over the top and gluing it on with bathroom sealant) cost me about £90 which was a releif cos I was panicing about the cost just to get it through MOT when noone had ever poked holes in my car before and said oh look now there's a hole 😐 But yeah it looks crap. Might get a photo oh it. Never had bodywork done, never had scuffs or scrapes done, never had any recommendations for places to do this round here.