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  1. Wanting to get back into ls ownership. I'm after a low milage ls430. Any thoughts on the car below for sale? Private sale but after reads a bit like a trader..
  2. Hi all. I know this has been asked previously and I have read through some older threads but keen to get an update to date idea of mpg for currently owners and higher mileage cars (e.g 100k). I assume 20-25mpg on mixed roads from my reading.. Thanks!
  3. @graham8370 do you know what your ls600 sold for at auction in the end?
  4. Yes they seem to have firmed up. Maybe because 430s are propping them up. And of course 400s.
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread.. What do people think to this? 14k too much for a 460?
  6. Still looking. Have now set a budget of 5k for a decent 430!
  7. I guess the question is... How much do people think it is worth?
  8. Ah useful to know! Do you know how long it's been for sale for? They say they are a lexus specialist..
  9. Ah I've just missed it! Let me know if the sale doesn't go through! What do people think of this: Over budget but I could stretch to it... Just wonder if the service history stack up.
  10. Prime example - I'm in Yorkshire so quite a journey.
  11. Mileage wise - the main reason is although the engine etc will be fine - the suspension / chassis will be getting on so gives me a bit more room before replacing things. The other reason is purely psychological! Yes - I don't mind traveling all all. For my previous 430 it was 3 trains and most way across the country. Hence why I'd much rather buy from a enthusiast as I think they are far more reliable than a trader in terms of the car being as described.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. Have increased my budget to 4-5k for a 430!
  13. Thanks for the reply . Are you referring to the 400 or 430? Thanks again
  14. Hi everyone, I know there is a wanted section but I thought I'd have more luck here - hope it's ok posting here. I am again in the look out for a low mileage - around 100000k ls430. Ideally a facelift model. My budget is £3000. Service history is important and ideally from an enthusiast owner - hence the post here. I'd also consider a late MK4 ls400 mileage again around 100000k. Budget would be £1500-2000. Again service history essential as well as enthusiast owner ! If anyone is thinking of selling over the next few weeks then please do let me know. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the replies every. More than happy to travel for the right car - but I am always put off cars that have been sitting around / going around dealers. What do people think to this: Fairly poor advert / photos? Might try and have a look. Anything jumping out at anyone? Thanks again!
  16. Hi thanks for the reply. Yes agree with what you've said. I'd be happy with a higher mileage car if it had the service history to back it up.
  17. Hi everyone I am hoping to get back to an LS. I had a 430 last year which was great but now am looking for a 400. I have a decent budget and would rather buy from an enthusiast. Ideally looking for a 2000 model with < 100000 miles but open to anything else . However I just can't find anything! The only cars that seem to come up for sale are from dodgy dealers with equally suspicious service history etc. Is it still possible to find the late model low mile LS??
  18. Hi - just wondering how you were getting on with your new suspension? Would really appreciate an update for your opinions as its something I'm really considering!
  19. Very interested in this. Please let us know how you get on. Can I ask - would you be able to give a list of parts that you ordered and where from? Were they OEM or aftermarket? Thanks
  20. It must be possible to source the springs from non premium pack cars and fit these. This is what they are doing in the US