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  1. Ian J. Parsley

    Help please - Premium SatNav ID=195

    Yes I was, but I'm damned if I can remember how! Basically the key was to have personal hotspot turned on on my phone. That's Apple for you. Apparently this doesn't matter if you connect by Bluetooth (but I couldn't do that) so I connect by WiFi. Only issue now is I'm not getting text message read-out, but that's no biggie.
  2. Ian J. Parsley

    Air noise back right

    My wife's CT (2017MY) has developed a sort of airy, windy noise coming from the back right on some occasions. Is this a normal aspect of the hybrid system (it seems to come through the vents), or does it seem odd?!
  3. Ian J. Parsley


    Currently my dealer is reckoning on having one in the showroom just about by end year, with deliveries from start 2019.
  4. Ian J. Parsley

    What will ES offer that IS doesn't?

    The LS isn't really about profit per se, but indeed about being the flagship. It exists so that, from CT to RX, we can all say we drive the same brand as Harvey in Suits gets driven about in... :)
  5. Ian J. Parsley

    Connected Services Problem

    You suspect correctly!
  6. Ian J. Parsley

    Powered Tailgate

    Yes, it can be deactivated. I can't remember where in settings, but it's quite obvious (unusually so for Lexus!)
  7. Ian J. Parsley

    Connected Services Problem

    I have a 6, IOS 11.3, but needs to have that page open for me!
  8. Ian J. Parsley

    What will ES offer that IS doesn't?

    I'd be surprised (but some of you may well know better) if Lexus goes much down the "individual options" route for Europe. It's fundamentally not how they do things, and it makes each individual car considerably less profitable. When sales are relatively low to begin with, I don't know why they would do that. It's an interesting move but it's one of those - for me, the GS was absolutely superb and yet its sales dwindled.
  9. Ian J. Parsley

    Connected Services Problem

    Just to note also, if you are using iPhone you will need the actual settings page with Personal Hotspot open when you turn the car on. It's a bizarre quirk but in fairness that one is Apple's fault, not Lexus'!
  10. Ian J. Parsley

    What will ES offer that IS doesn't?

    I visit North America once a year and would on the basis of what I've seen there always have placed the ES more in line with the IS (a bit like an A4 versus an A5 sportback; with the GS more like an A6); so the idea is that in Europe the ES will align more to the (outgoing) GS? Likewise, I wonder how that is supposed to work. I guess it is worth a try?!
  11. Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere on the Forum, but I spotted this week Lexus plans to offer the new ES in the UK from next year. How will it fit into the line-up, do we think? What type of buyer will it attract to the brand?
  12. If you're going second hand there's no harm resurrecting a thread! You wouldn't regret blue, but note there are different shades (varying from trim to trim and no doubt also year to year) so be sure what you are getting. If you're going used, then you'd be better with Lexus for reliability alone. It's also more distinctive.
  13. Ian J. Parsley

    So noisy

    I've come to the conclusion the noise thing is a bit like living near an airport or a railway line - some people get really really bugged by it, others (like me - I live near a railway line) just aren't bothered at all. I had a four-hour round trip on Saturday (which is mammoth by NI standards!) and just don't notice it at all - motorways, expressways, major roads, minor roads, just not at all. I have Bridgestones, which are not ideal. I would agree that the noise is ever so slightly more noticeable than in an IS, but barely. Just one of those things, I guess.
  14. Ian J. Parsley


    That's an important point. You will pay a premium for being one of the first on the road. I enjoyed it once - but I'll not be repeating it! :)
  15. Ian J. Parsley


    Strikes me as quite normal to put a deposit down in such circumstances - it is refundable and you have the benefit of being extremely rare for the first few months. I did similar with the 3rd gen IS (I had the first in Northern Ireland and even a year on it was extremely rare - now you see them quite regularly). From memory my deposit was minimal.