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  1. Ultimately I'm with @Shahporhere. People are allowed to move away from Lexus and explain why! It is true that I don't recognise many of the criticisms, partly because I just don't have the same issue (I actually find the NX supremely comfortable) and partly because some of the things stated just don't bother me (I rarely if ever get the drone and it just so happens that it doesn't bother me in the slightest). I do recognise others. The infotainment is unnecessarily complex - yes, you get used to it, but it's still an irritation because it could and should be better. I do think also that it is unfair to compare what is ultimately a model brought out in 2014 with one brought out this or last year. That's not like with like. (These things are rarely like with like anyway as the way Lexus does equipment is so different from most competitors). It is also entirely correct to point out that we are lucky to be fishing for cars in this particular pond, but I could be guilty too of apparently minor inconveniences putting me off. I really like Volvo (I had four of them before Lexus) but I find the new designs too boxy; I just find the BMW brand too brash; and I think Audis are too common (this has practical consequences, such as a much less personal service at dealers). I can't justify the price of Jaguars or Mercs, nor Land Rovers (which seem to spent half their time in the repair shop anyway). Anyone loyal to those brands might equally well be holding their hands up in horror! To be frank, if I were to go anywhere else it would probably be to Toyota, for familiarity and reliability!
  2. It's a while ago now, but if I remember correctly I was given it by the Connected Services (now "MyLexus") website when I (re-)registered.
  3. Sorry I've only just seen this. Have them in my wife's CT (part tahara/part cloth) and didn't in the previous. Really like them. No issues (at 20k miles).
  4. Tbh, I wouldn't be too quick to look for a "work around". This is a safety feature and an entirely legitimate one. Cruise control of any kind is not designed for heavy rain.
  5. Just to add another one to the "basically ignore reviews because they overstate handling" argument. The infotainment is a pain (but you do get used to it) and I do think road bumps get through the car a little more than they should. But that's it. Other than that it is quiet, it is good-looking, it is supremely comfortable, it is reliable, and it is in every sense outstanding. So if you liked it, don't hesitate!
  6. I have exactly your car minus the pan roof. Your best bet will be to come back with specific queries (and pics!) once you have the car. If you are new to CVT hybrid, the main thing probably is the premium on smooth getaways and decelerating, and note the car only applies the actual brakes in the last 5mph (so initially it can seem like it comes to a shuddering halt, but you soon adapt so this does not happen).
  7. Those all strike me as good points. I really like Lexus in most regards obviously, but there are a few fairly basic things (like wipe on reverse) it misses for some reason.
  8. Yes I was, but I'm damned if I can remember how! Basically the key was to have personal hotspot turned on on my phone. That's Apple for you. Apparently this doesn't matter if you connect by Bluetooth (but I couldn't do that) so I connect by WiFi. Only issue now is I'm not getting text message read-out, but that's no biggie.
  9. My wife's CT (2017MY) has developed a sort of airy, windy noise coming from the back right on some occasions. Is this a normal aspect of the hybrid system (it seems to come through the vents), or does it seem odd?!
  10. Currently my dealer is reckoning on having one in the showroom just about by end year, with deliveries from start 2019.
  11. The LS isn't really about profit per se, but indeed about being the flagship. It exists so that, from CT to RX, we can all say we drive the same brand as Harvey in Suits gets driven about in... :)
  12. Yes, it can be deactivated. I can't remember where in settings, but it's quite obvious (unusually so for Lexus!)
  13. I have a 6, IOS 11.3, but needs to have that page open for me!
  14. I'd be surprised (but some of you may well know better) if Lexus goes much down the "individual options" route for Europe. It's fundamentally not how they do things, and it makes each individual car considerably less profitable. When sales are relatively low to begin with, I don't know why they would do that. It's an interesting move but it's one of those - for me, the GS was absolutely superb and yet its sales dwindled.