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  1. Um yeah a bit I went to front censors cleaned them and UB40 on the contectors seemed to work
  2. I've driven 9 lexus vehicles with auto it's not recommended to select neutral at junctions because the delay of selecting drive will be too long and there is a possibility of mistakes made in selection IE reverse and bang your fault
  3. Select D wait a second then drive .if it cold it takes a little longer
  4. Repair bill

    If you look on eBay you might get all you need a lot cheaper and get a garage to fit
  5. Buy an se your not lose that many gadgets you could look round for one that's got the add ons or put them on yourself
  6. Haha all I do is scroll through the internet go compare and such
  7. My wife has a streetka she pays 119 fully comp
  8. And the sc430 is fully comp with Hastings Direct costs me 19.50 a month
  9. Check out the add on if you can RAC Breakdown Renewal Pack (3).pdf
  10. Got my RAC quote it was 119 last year 152 this year phone them suggested they need to think again they did and come back with 117 I never accept the first offer it so works hehe
  11. I found that changing a car mid way through a policy insurers sometimes load you with everything and not from the original application so word of advice ask them if you haven't already also I'm 62 and for fully comp i don't pay more than 250 yr and that's monthly
  12. Not of merchantable quality take it back
  13. At least this happened whilst under a warranty the wallet is safe for a while