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  1. When I bought my SE-L (which does have front and rear parking sensors), there were a lot of cars listed as "SE-L" that were actually "SE-I" or lower spec. I found that the best clue was the presence or absence of the Electric Rear Sunblind switch, if the photos in the advert showed that part of the interior. As far as mileage recording goes, both the listings for my IS250 on MyLexus and for my GT86 on MyToyota differ in mileage for some entries from the documented paperwork that I have from the dealers. I've also had the mileage written incorrectly on the service history for my M3 by a BMW dealership (got them to provide and stamp up a whole new book for me), so it's not totally impossible that there's a genuine explanation for the OP's situation.
  2. But the Nürburgring isn't a track - it's a "private toll road".
  3. It's a dealer pretending to be a private seller (so that he can dodge his responsibilities under the law). Just Google his mobile number and see how many car ads it has been associated with. 07521280209 Don't walk away from this car - run away!
  4. Given that a car with a full MoT would be much easier to sell (and at a higher price) than one with only a month's MoT left, and also that the ad is on Gumtree, you would need to be very brave and/or very lucky to even thing about buying it. Were there any advisories on the last MoT? If so, they may have turned into full-scale MoT failures by now, especially if it has done 20k miles since then. You can check this at the government web site
  5. I've done 22,939 miles in my IS250 in just under 3 years, and have averaged 28.64mpg over that time. Mind you, the average has been dragged down somewhat since my wife has decided to use it as her daily driver!
  6. PhillipK

    you posted on 8 Nov 2014:  It is also trivially easy to re-install previous versions of the firmware.  regarding the sat-nav system.  I have a RX300 2001.  In going from version 1.0 the the last version the battery died during the firmware update.  The system does not recognize the old or new disc now.  I cannot access the secret menus because the "menu" button does not work with the error screen displayed.  Please advise if you have any advice. Thanks much for any help.

  7. I live in Hampshire and bought my SE-L in Wolverhampton (and my BMW Z4M in Glasgow!)
  8. Yup - an ad hominem attack is always so much easier than admitting you were wrong. Then again, for somebody with a gazillion years experience in IT, you don't even appear to understand the difference between a digit and an alphanumeric character, or the difference between a single disk or a 4-disk (or was that a 3-disk?) set of maps, or that UK and Finland are contained on separate map disks... I'll let you get back to asking Lexus for the moon on a stick for your 9 year old car.
  9. I don't know where you get the idea that the map set for Europe ever fitted on a single (or even 3) disk - it has been a 4-disk set for many years now, which is why I have repeatedly referred to "Western Europe", as that is the disk within the 4-disk set which includes the UK. As far as I know, Finland is on the North Europe map, so your argument is somewhat specious.
  10. Well, yes - storage can be managed, but what exactly would you suggest that Toyota should do? Issue a separate DVD (with all the additional costs involved) just for the UK? Remove some of the metadata for other countries in Western Europe so that they can fit the UK post codes on? Compress the data, with the concomitant performance impact? Issue a recall to install a hard disk based system in everybody's car? It's not that it's impossible; it's just that it makes absolutely no commercial sense for Toyota to design and implement a new solution for the small (and decreasing) number of people who will actually purchase map updates for these car. As the cars get older, people will simply live with outdated maps, spend the money on a PND, or download an illegal copy from the dark web.
  11. I have spend significantly more than 15 years working in IT, and as I said above there are space limitations. The 8Gb DVD disk has to hold all the mapping metadata for Western Europe. The UK postcode address file is around 0.5Gb, so would use over 6% of that capacity to provide full post code lookup just for the UK (where 4-character partial post code is already available).
  12. Yes, but the DVD-based system that the OP is talking about only has a (circa) 8Gb disk, and that has to hold the addresses and mapping for all of Western Europe. So allocating around 0.5Gb just to allow full 7-character post code entry for the UK is probably not warranted. It's easy to be blasé about small 32Gb disks (my FiiO X5 MP3 player has a pair of 128Gb microSD cards in it), but back when these cars were being specified and designed, 8Gb was regarded as a huge amount of data.
  13. As well as licensing issues, there's also size (the Postcode Address File - PAF - contains around 1.8 million addresses and 29 million locations, and takes up around 428Mb). There's also the processing power required for the satnav to find a post code in a reasonable time. <PEDANT>UK post codes do not comprise of 7 digits. They contain 7 (or fewer) alphanumeric characters. US ZIP codes are numeric, and consist only of digits.</PEDANT>
  14. From the AA web site which describes the MoT changes from 2012: "Tyre pressure monitoring systems fitted to vehicles first registered after 1 January 2012 must be working correctly and not indicating a malfunction." I presume that the MoT Testers' Manual will explain to testers exactly how to check for this on various types of cars.
  15. Nice pragmatic solution. Be aware, though, that for cars registered after 1 January 2012, a faulty TPMS is an automatic MoT failure.