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  1. hi am looking for a new tensioner as mine as been squeaking violently. can anyone point me in the right direction. for is 200 eaton supercharger kit
  2. lexusdaydreaming

    Supercharger Install

    yea from your link i got aguy within 5 minuets buying the correct pulley. i payed 65 quid for that pulley and i dontknow what it is for.
  3. lexusdaydreaming

    Supercharger Install

    it had kit on before i ownedthecar and it was removed already. idouble checked i nowbeliveit is the wrong pulley and another one iwill update this when i get the pulley i just lley i have as i was asured isupercharger kits for lexus is 200 maybe it it the tte one?
  4. lexusdaydreaming

    Tte Supercharger Pulley

    hi all has anyone got a spare pulley they are willing to sell. 130mm for water pump to supercharger
  5. lexusdaydreaming

    Supercharger Install

    this is what i have
  6. lexusdaydreaming

    Supercharger Install

    i bought pulley from guy onebay who is seeling the upgraded ones i think i got wrong one i have some pics now i can upload any help will be great. thamks for the photo mine is very diffrent.
  7. hi guys and girls i got a eaton supercharger kit andi am currently in the middle of installing it. i have upgraded radiator which takes up alot of space for air piping but i am trying togetround it themain concern i have is the pulleyon supercharger lines up with the tensioner but they dont line up withthe pulley on the water pump. i cant upload photos atthis time but if i turn the pully around it does line up but then i need longerbolts and its not the way it should be. can anyone assist. the pulley is the standerd black one which i am told is right for the job and is always used. or the cradle is bent but it fits perfect at the moment. has anyone had this problem?
  8. lexusdaydreaming

    Eaton M62

    so i got myself an eaton supercharger kit. all i need is the pully that goes on the water pump pully. can anyone help me get one the only one i found is on ebay at £395 and thats the upgraded one i just want standerd one so i have it all up and running.
  9. lexusdaydreaming

    No Super Charger On Tte Supercharged Is200 copied this link from ebay can anyone tell me if this would be the way forward or if anyone has contacted them about the is200 kit.
  10. lexusdaydreaming

    Eaton M62

    just a thought guys but could someone here who knows how to build the eaton super charger kit get all the parts and fix it all together ready for sale? am sure a few would shift making you some profit. i would like one but dont know where to start. but id a profesional did it would make sense and somone some cash.
  11. lexusdaydreaming

    Is 200 Sport Tte Supercharged

    will you sell super kit seperate
  12. lexusdaydreaming

    Eaton M62

    i think the cradle can me made uo from a any metal works place. aslong as it holds it and mounts to the engine i dont think it has to be exact same or? i am looking at going down the eaton route is there anyone who has done this or knows any specialists thing that can assist in all the part etc if everything was in one place it would be easier than spending hours geting diffrent info for parts.
  13. lexusdaydreaming

    Eaton M62

    sorry i ment if the eaton kit worked with lexus is 200 tte version i have one and the orignal kit cant be obtained so was looking at other options.
  14. lexusdaydreaming

    Eaton M62

    was wundering if this is for real and if there is any summary to this.
  15. lexusdaydreaming

    Supercharger Kit / All The Bits

    anything about ecu upgrading to go with it i am still unsure if i have a piggy back ecu