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  1. I'm no pro! If I was a pro it wouldn't have taken nearly half as long as it did! And there wouldn't be loads of imperfections either. Oh, and I turn it down in residential areas. plus I've sound deadened the car, so it's a lot more contained. I also don't have the subs turned up that much to be honest coz it's more for SQ than SPL :P
  2. I'm not nervous about doing it. I'm only worried coz I gave them a tweak earlier before asking I just hope I didn't over do it! How will I know if I've broken them, or will it be painfully obvious next time I drive at night? Is there a rough guide as to where they should be casting light when I park against a wall? How high should the beam be??
  3. Cheers How far is it safe to turn them before I run out of thread? Which direction of up and down and left or right? clockwise or anti-clockwise?
  4. I need to adjust the beam on my headlights. Does anyone know which direction to turn the screw to raise the beam up? And does the other screw adjust the direction?
  5. I do like the IS200, and wouldn't say no, but at the moment I'm keeping my fiesta. Ideally, my next car would be a Mazda RX7. Dunno about recouping the money on it. I'm just doing it for the love of it. It's a hobby more than anything.
  6. Does the "IS" in IS200 stand for anything? Just curious, coz I can't think of anything it could stand for.
  7. Gonna have something similar on the rear, but a little different - otherwise I may as well have bought a Lexus!!! :P