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  1. 1997 GS300 TRACK ROD ENDS

    I need a pair of track rod ends for my 97 gs300,bought a pair off ebay that are supposed to be for my car but they are all wrong,they alter the castor angles and all sorts,the ones I bought do look similar to the original Lexus ends but no where near as strong,where do you guys buy your track rod ends from? I'm guessing Lexus parts will cost more than I paid for the car??!!!!!! The top photo shows the ebay tre's and bottom photo shows tre's fitted to my car.
  2. Hi guys,I recently put new conveluted rubbers on the brake slider pins on the front brakes of my GS300,this solved the problem with sticking brakes but now the caliper has started to stick,I am going to take the caliper off and rebuild it with a rebuild kit,I know to use compressed air to get the pistons out,a good clean and reseal should sort the problem hopefully,the question I have is how to bleed the brakes bearing in mind the ABS,I have been told that the brakes are a b*****r to bleed with the ABS,is this true and if so why? Any other tips on rebuilding the calipers/bleeding the system? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. welcome mate,lets have a look when the weather breaks. :winky:
  4. Engine Rattle

    Thanks guys,better get a proper Lexus filter I think,nice pic by the way. :winky:
  5. Engine Rattle

    I recently had a new castor arm fitted and while it was in the garage I thought I might as well have the engine oil and filter done,we didn't use the car for over a week and when I started it I had the rattle of doom from the bottom end,I'm guessing the garage fitted a cheap oil filter with no return valve? if you use the car daily then we don't get the rattle,it seems that all the oil is returning to the sump and taking a while to circulate? GS300 1997 by the way.
  6. Powersteering.

    Ahh yes of course,thanks mate,I took it up to the NEC today to the classic car show,it does seem to have quietened down,maybe air in there? Adam,my 11 year old son loved the show,mainly because he got to shake hands with Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers fame AND had a ride in a 427 Cobra!!
  7. Powersteering.

    Quick update,the pump is still noisy,it seems to quiet down a bit when air con switched on,no leaks any where that I can see,maybe its an internal leak as Colin says in his post,I did wonder if when the garage changed the belt they fitted it too tight and its loading up the pump bearings too much? (I say this because I have a Hillman Imp and if you fit the water pump/altenator belt too tight it will ruin the waterpump bearings!) Thanks for the input guys..... Have a pic of ................ THE IMP!! and the Lexus.....
  8. Powersteering.

    Hi Guys,I bit the bullet and took my GS300 to the local garage for them to change the nearside castor arm, the bush was totally shot,I was going to buy a bush and replace it myself but the Lexus won't fit in my garage so I would to have done the job outside on the road behind our house,I decided against this so bought a new castor arm off Ebay,£94 with the postage. I had the local garage change the oil and filter (engine) and the aux belt at the same time,when I went to collect the car the garage mechanic,who is also a mate, told me that the arm was a total nightmare to remove,he smiled when I told him I was going to attempt it on the roadside Myself and family then took the Lexus down to Challaborough bay down in Devon for a weekend away,the car drove so much better with the new castor arm fitted,no more vague steering,we did over 400 miles what with taking in the local scenery which is stunning by the way,Torcross,Blackpool,(the Devon one)and the like... Anyway,back to the car....... This week the Mrs told me the steering was noisy when she took the Lexus to work,I went to check and yes it was noisy,I topped up the fluid and all seems fine now,coincidense or something moved/split when belt changed maybe? I cant see any fluid leaking anywhere so I am hoping it was just low on fluid,I have not had to top it up in the year and a half that I have owned it though so time will tell.. Any thoughts guys Thanks for reading.
  9. A vote here for the early GS300,I bought a 1997 series 1 GS300 and love it,it's 'at home' in the twisty bits as on the motorways and I prefer the shape to the series 2 as I don't like the bug eye'd headlights of the newer models,I predict a series 1 will be classic in a few years and therefore I will be able to insure it on my classic policy. (I hope! :D ) Fuel consumption will always be an issue if the car is used daily as they are not known for being frugal! Suspension bushes take a pounding as any Lexus is quite a heavy car but bushes are widely available so shouldn't be too much of a problem. I think the Lexus GS and LS are the best kept luxury car bargain secret as early cars sell for peanuts. Good luck with what ever you decide and let us have a pic or two when you get it ;)
  10. The Gurns Lexus Gs300

    Thanks bud,ours has 201k with loads of history and still drives like a new one,best kept secret in the big barge buy I'd say.
  11. The Gurns Lexus Gs300

    Thanks guys,I have had a look through the forums and it seems like you are all car mad great stuff,the lads at work reckon I go from one extreme to the other when I took the Lexus into work,they are probably right because I usually use this I love the way the Lexus drives,never thought I would enjoy an auto but it's superb,I don't get to drive it much,I have to prise the keys from the Mrs clutches to get a drive!!
  12. Slider Pins?

    I changed the rubber slider boots this morning and it looks like job is a good 'un,took it for a run and brakes are fine,no more wobbling,thanks for the replies guys,that was exactly the answers I needed,I gave it a wash I was that chuffed I have noticed a bush that needs replacing,the passenger strut moves backwards very slightly under braking,so that will be my next job,the lower suspension arm bush is on its way out,I can buy the arm off ebay for around £90,I notice that I can get the bush alone for around £20 but have not got a bush press,but know a man that does,do you guys reckon change the bush or the arm? Have a pic just because.......
  13. Slider Pins?

    Hi,we have a problem with our 1997 gs300's brakes,I believe the slider pins are sticking causing the brakes to stick on slightly which causes the front wheels to wobble furiously,I have had the slider pins out and noticed that the slider rubbers are non existent,I have bought new rubbers from Lexus in Cardiff,quite reasonable at £12 for 2 rubbers plus the rubber grommet for the top slider pin,my questions are..... Should both slider pins have rubber grommets on the ends or just the one? What grease to use for the pins is there anything else I should know before attempting the job? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  14. The Gurns Lexus Gs300

    Hi guys/gals,I have been lurking on here since buying our GS300 last July,I have had problems registering but have now sorted the problem,I bought P462YYJ off Ebay because we needed a runabout for the wife Tina to commute the 5 or 6 miles up the Valley,I must admit to not looking for a Lexus as I don't (didn't) like automatic cars,I put a bid on the car after an afternoon at the pub,never a good idea! Imagine my surprise at winning a MOT'd and taxed Lexus gs300 for £400!!!I broke the news to the Mrs and said that we would collect and pay for the car then bring it home and break it for spares hopefully making back my £400 but when we got there the car was FAR too good to break and after a quick test drive we brought it home,it drives fabulously and has some real grunt which I didn't expect.The chap I bought it from was a mechanic and had just changed the oil and filter and he even left 1/4 of a tank of petrol in there. We have owned it for over a Year now and it flew through it's MOT with no advisories,I have fitted 4 new tyres and loads of fuel but that's it,we absolutely love the car,it's so easy/lazy to drive Here are a few pics from when we bought it. I have a slight brake issue at the moment for which I will start a seperate thread in the brakes forum. Thanks for looking.