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  1. or you could use soap and water and save £££££££££££ or $$$$$$$$$ i wax mine periodicaly
  2. even better to use soap and water and wax your wheels
  3. is fire bird 6 better than 7 ? ie has 6 been de bugged totaly who runs 6 who runs 7 and who has run both
  4. :) aren't we all makes one stand out from the croud :)
  5. will look in to it (is it anything to do with you by the way? )
  6. ah ok i thought you got stuff like bonzai buddy etc with it
  7. does mozilla not put loads of spyware and crud on your computer?
  8. looking to try a different browser tried ie tried aohell what else is there amd what do you recomend?
  9. zee, :zee: matt (all of em) :mat: lyn(msw)