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  1. I love the reaction this topic has got! 😄 Was only expecting a few to post back! Ya the, GT86 and the ISF are completely different beasts, but I'm expecting that. I drove an IS250 Sport a while back and still to this day beats all of other typical saloons with the likes of BMWs and anything that's VAG. I'm talking build quality and the "stable feel". My other motor is a twin turbo 300zx although it hasnt seen the road in a while! 😞 I'm pretty much set on getting an IS F, there's nothing out there that tickles my fancy really (just gotta make sure the finances are all in order later this year!)
  2. I'm getting itchy feet again (this happens every few years) and I've always wanted an ISF. I regret selling my IS200 many moons ago and I'm after something special. I'm currently driving a GT86, so admittedly, I haven't strayed too far away from JDM greatness... Please convince me* - what are your top 3 things you love about your ISF? *Currently the exuberant VED makes me want to cry a little!