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  1. Hmm, I hadn't thought of a sportcross. Saw one the other day, and I have to say they look a lot better in the metal than in photos. Maybe that would be an option. :)
  2. Hi :) I think the problem is that there is a lack of credible options in sports saloons, if you don't really want a BMW. The others are either pretty bland or overpriced. At the end of the day, I suppose it comes down to whether the car feels 'right' and whether it puts a smile on your face whenever you drive it. (Of course, being able to work the handbrake helps as well :D ). All the best
  3. Hi again :) 'He' likes the 2.0T 9-3 Aero in black. It looks quite good, but the steering feels vague, and the handbrake feels as though it would come off in your hand - not sure this is what I'd expect from a £25000+ car! Anyone else driven one? Back to Lexus now :D . I sent for a brochure a while back, and since then I've had a few glossy packages of various promotional literature in the mail, keeps making me drool! Lexus really know how to reel you in to spend your cash! All the best
  4. Might just do that, Besty! Got to have the better car, after all :D All the best
  5. lol :-) Too right. BTW I looked up the photo of your car, it's immaculate! IS owners really seem to take care of these cars. All the best
  6. Hi there A while back, I posted about buying an IS300 (hoping to get one in the next few months), and got lots of helpful replies. Now I have another question I hope you can help with: my boyfriend (yes, I'm one of the few girlies on the forum!) wants to buy a car at about the same time, and has been looking at the new SAAB 9-3. Looking at the extensive options list for SAAB, (not to mention the problems the new model seems plagued by) I think he's better off getting an IS, but am a bit put off by the 'his-and-hers' aspect; what do you guys think? All the best P.S. Sorry for mentioning SAAB on the forum!
  7. Thanks again for your words of wisdom! Having read some comments (and had some nasty experiences on icy roads in the past) I was a bit worried about the IS being tail-happy in bad weather, but I guess it's a case of getting to know the car's capabilities (and mine!) properly - would hate to splash out on a 300 just to put it in a ditch!!! You guys sound very knowledgable about these cars, I hope you don't mind me pestering you in future when I think of new questions! All the best
  8. Hi folks It makes me really sad (and incredibly angry) to read about the damage done to your cars. I suppose it's jealousy that makes some 'people' think that it is ok to wreck something that the owner has worked long and hard to buy. rgiblin - I hope the damage is sorted out with minimum hassle, and that you can get back to enjoying your car at its best. All the best
  9. Hello again, and Happy New Year Thanks for your replies, it's really useful to hear from people who have lived with the car for a while - it's easy to get carried away with a test drive and just see the good points!! How are you all doing now that the weather has got a bit colder, I hear the IS is a bit tail-happy? I read that Lexus might be putting together an IS430 - that would be fun, if it ever gets to production, fingers crossed!! Don't think I can wait that long though..... All the best
  10. Thanks for your comments folks, much appreciated - I'll certainly take a print out of that webpage with me when I go for a test drive. I've spent quite a while reading through the forum topics, and picked up a lot of useful info. I'm a bit worried about the desirability of the car to thieves / vandals - I live in an area with a long 'tradition' of car crime and would hate to see something I worked hard for disappear into the distance with some 16yr old twocer at the wheel. Have many of you suffered attempts to steal your pride and joy?
  11. I'd love the IS300 with a manual box, but I can't wait that long!! Haven't even booked a test drive yet, but I'm boring my friends to tears with how much I want one! :D
  12. Ooh, a reply, thanks - I was beginning to feel unloved!! The Navigator option is very tempting, I love gizmos - one of the reasons I'm so taken with the IS as opposed to the competition. (Also, love the looks and the fact that not every second car on the road is a Lexus). I've got a 10yr old Corolla, so obviously this is a BIG step up and I want to get it right! All the best
  13. Hi there I'm new to the forum, and was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I want to buy a used IS300 in a few months time - probably a 2001 model onwards - and was wondering: Is it worth me stretching to an IS300 - is the E-shift system more fun than the standard auto box? What kind of reduction could I realistically expect to haggle from a dealer, with no part-ex? Has anyone used Lexus Cardiff for servicing, and if so, are their prices reasonable? I've been reading the posts about stereos (Err3) and corroded / kerbed alloys, which has been really useful - this is a great website! All the best - would really appreciate your help Wannabe Lexus Owner