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  1. Happy Birthday gstarr60!

  2. Thanks Graham much appreciated. I'm getting a full service in a couple weeks anyway so i'm going to ask them to have a look at that as well.
  3. Ok thanks Barney will take a trip to my local garage.
  4. Thanks Steve . Im going to assume its a similar set up. The belt thas squeeking the most is the altonator belt and thats the newest, i had it replaced in july. Im not much of a handyman with cars as im scared to touch the wrong thing. If i bring it to a mechanic how much do u think that would cost me roughly?
  5. Happy new year to all Need a bit of advice. When i start my car when its cold the belts are squeeking. My mate told me while the cars running spray the belts with WD40. Ive done that and it works but when i stop and the cars cold again they start squeeking again. I was thinking about greasing the belt runners. Is that a bad or good call and will that solve my problem? Or will that worsen it by making the belts slide off? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I have no idea.. It was a custom paintjob a guy done for me he mixed several colours to get that shade. Black, grey, white silver and gold.
  7. Yeah good shout petay, but with me im fully independent, i want any possession of mines to me in my name and my name only, bcoz when sh*t hits the fan, no one can have a word above me lol.. Just me tho i suppose.
  8. @noby u and i are in the same boat my friend
  9. Yeah ur area has alot to do with it. If u decide to register it at ur cousins ensure to register ur licence there as well
  10. Its that high bcz of where i live. I had a 1.8 T audi a3 and i was paying 230 before i got this car. My part of London insurers think they have a right to take the ***** out if vulnerable young folks like myself as we cant do anything about it :( believe me it was the cheapest and ive searched high and low. It wouldve been cheaper had i made someone else main driver and keeper, but im tryna build up my no claims etc so next 3 years i can graduate to the big boy league of cars :)
  11. LOL @petay yep u read correctly per month mate. Its a killer but i wouldnt change my car for the world right now. Its the cheapest i could find and i refused to get any other car lol.. Plus ive got my bike insurance as well so u know the amount i spend on insuring my toys is actually ridiculous
  12. im 22, ive got a is200 sport, and registered everything on my policy as standard, im the main driver and keeper and ive got 1 year no claims bonus. ive checked all the comparison sites i could think of and they all came up quite expensive. i live in london, so standardly my insurance would be more than anywhere else in the UK. i found that tesco insurance was the cheapest, im currently paying £210 per month. i think u should check tesco, especially if u or anyone u know has a clubcard with loads of points. hope this helps. g
  13. if your looking to travel to london i can give u the details for my tint shop if that would be of any help.
  14. Same here i'm changing my tints to a smoked grey mirror tint, and getting my headlights restored too lol