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  1. I think the word ‘Lexis’ was not used because this was already in use by a firm of legal publishers, Butterworths, for their electronic database of legal materials. As far as I know, this was why it was changed to Lexus.
  2. I have been using Esso Synergy Supreme+ in my Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 for several months now because the fuel is ethanol free. I might have to start using it my LS400s soon.
  3. I had Lexus discs, pads and handbrake shoes fitted within the last 12 months on my 1997 car, and like Pete’s no squeaks or clunks on it now. It passed its MOT in February at 227,000 with no advisories - happy days.
  4. Another alternative would be to try Paul Frost at Lexus Spares Direct - I can send you his email address and phone number if you need them.
  5. I’ve had the same problem - the alarm went off when my wife put her mobile phone in the same place. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the sensors for the alarm are placed in or around the centre console arm rest, so electronic signals in that area from a mobile phone may well activate the sensors and set the alarm off. We have not put a mobile phone or any other electronic device in that area since!
  6. Hi guys Does anyone have, or know where I can find, a wiring diagram for a Mk 3 LS400? Thanks, Colin
  7. Steve, is the adjuster that needs backing off the one on the parking brake cables under the car or is there another adjuster on the shoe mechanism? Thanks.
  8. I'd like to think my mechanic has fully backed off the adjuster before trying to fit the drum part of the disc over the shoes, Steve, but I will certainly ask him! Thanks for drawing my attention to this.
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for your comments. I have a problem with a new set of shoes. I bought some new Lexus rear discs, which my indie fitted and he said that the parking brake shoes needed replacing as well as there was hardly any material left on them. I bought some Brembo shoes advertised for the LS400 but when my indie fitted them he was unable to get the brake disc back on over the shoes as there was insufficient clearance i.e. the shoe material seemed to be too thick for the disc to fit over them. Hence my question about what the correct thickness of the pad material should be. Having looked at the thickness of the material on the Brembo shoes, it measures about 3.5-4 mm, so it does not seem from your comments that this is any thicker than it should be for new shoes. Any thoughts on why the discs will not go over the new shoes would be gratefully received?
  10. Does anyone know what the correct thickness of the pad material should be on the parking brake shoes on a Mk 3 LS400? Thanks in advance.
  11. It can be difficult to get a watertight seal when welding. After welding in any repair sections, I have always covered the welded seams with seal sealer to prevent water ingress. Good luck with the repair, Pete, when the weather gives you a chance to do it.
  12. The weekend is anything but dry around here - a few inches of snow outside - and I guess it may be the same where you are. I have done repairs in the area you mention on both of my LS400s. I thought about welding in a repair section but ruled it out, as it is a difficult area in which to weld and I thought the metal was probably too thin anyway. I used PetroPatch to make the repairs. It is made for repairing fuel tanks but can be used for bodywork repairs as well. I have found it easy to work with and it seems to have done an effective repair job on both of the cars.