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  1. Japfest 10Th May 2014 Anyone?

    Can't see that link
  2. Japfest 10Th May 2014 Anyone?

    Oh yeah lol is there not a 2015 set up?
  3. Jimmy knapp is200

    upgrades and general
  4. Japfest 10Th May 2014 Anyone?

    Yeah get me on the list! Will we need to buy tickets?
  5. Done The Black Today

    I spayed mine gloss black with no lacquer and look great. have a pic on my profile Jimmy Knapp
  6. Done The Black Today

    did you use matt or standard black?
  7. Rear Speaker Cradle

    well ended up doing it all myself lol but end result....awesome! pics on my profile Jimmy Knapp
  8. Car's A Write Off So Everything For Sale!

    and price for arm rest too please Jimmy Knapp
  9. Car's A Write Off So Everything For Sale!

    where did u get the Clear door markers with blue LEDs by the way? Jimmy Knapp
  10. Car's A Write Off So Everything For Sale!

    have u still got the bonnet struts? Jimmy Knapp
  11. Is 200 Rear Spk Replacement

    did you make the mdf inserts yourself? im lazy and am trying to find somewhere or one where i can buy them?
  12. Rear Speaker Cradle

    Hi guys, I've just realised after ripping old rear speakers out that the new ones will need a cradle. does anyone know if you can just buy these or will I have to make some? also will I have to wire them straight to the back of the head unit or plug them into the original wiring which runs through factory amp? Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  13. Radiator

    no there's nothing wrong I just like to do weekly and monthly checks so I know everything is good. thanks for the info I've got it now cheers
  14. Radiator

    so what's the metal cap on the top of the rad for then?
  15. Hid

    I quick like the blue tint that the 8k produce though but I'm assuming will lose vision. maybe 8ks for dipped and 4-6ks for highs. cheers for that info