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  1. Hi all, I would like to thank you all for assisting me with the battery jump starter. I now have one on order it should arrive in early December. Best wishes. MICHAEL..
  2. Hi fellow members I need a little help please. I am getting old now 74 in three weeks and have had prostate cancer for 5 years. During this period I have driven a lot less. I have had an, "ANNKE JUMP STARTER," for 4 Years. I have used it 3 times now it has packed up and i need to replace it. It was 7.5 * 14.5 * 1.5 cm in size, handy for storage and use. I have checked Amazon and it no longer seems to exist, however lots of other types do now, unlike 4 years ago they seem the size of house bricks. I am after a slim job again a little bigger than a normal phone, it is just to use as a jump starter for my 300h when required. I am sure sure members have these, are there any suggestions as to what to purchase please ? Its cost is not a problem as long as it works. Many thanks for any help. MICHAEL.
  3. Hello Amit, welcome to the forum as well as Fuelly, there is, ","that is also good. both have phone apps. Greetings from Lombardia. Michael.
  4. Hi Andrew, you should not have any problems with the car, treat it with care and it will go on forever, " almost," it is owning a "Vorwerk," just keeps going. Sit back and enjoy your new home, good luck. Best wishes, Michael.
  5. Hi Ishay, good to see you again. I use `Fuelly,` and also a German site, `` My 2013 300h gave me 5.3 l/100 km ~ 53.5 mpg imp, ~ 44.39 US. on 17 inch shoes. My 2018 300h is giving me 6.0 l/100 km ~ 47.09 mpg imp, ~ 39.27 US.. The 2018 model is a tad heavier and wears 18 inch shoes. I fill to the brim each time. Bad economy to me is if i get less than 1020 km from a tank of fuel. A little trick to assist economy, wear house slippers, the soles being thinner give a better sense of touch, between your plantar and the pedal. You will soon perfect the amount of movement required in your ankle to get the beast mobile. only a small amount of pressure is required, you`ll work it out easily. I live in metric land and use phone apps to change distance/volume to imperial/us. too bloody old at 72 to do it in my cranium. ha ha. Good luck enjoy your ride, Best wishes. Michael.
  6. Hello Sadek, I had a MY13 CT, now on my second IS300h. I am sure that there is nothing to tell you about the fuel remaining on a daily basis. However, when the Low Fuel light comes on there should be 1.5 gals of fuel left. I always drove for another 30miles , sometimes a little more, before filling up. { trial and error} I also filled to the brim as I do now. I think the CT has a 9.9 gal. tank. Give it a whirl, good luck. Best wishes. Michael.
  7. just could not resist this one, 72 in December . I now have a car whose ride and performance outperforms my own.
  8. Hi fellas, it is a good job that in days of old i used to watch, Black Bladder on TV. Good idea about the Irish meet, there are many Lexotites in Ireland. Please keep us all informed how the problem in hand progresses. Thanks. Best wishes and good luck. Michael.
  9. Hi fellas, I have a plan. Bruno and J, this is an interesting problem, surely not too difficult to sort out. You both live on the Emerald Isle and even better, you both live in Dublin, it gets better still when you add that you both have UK IS300h imports. Now J, it seems you have solved this problem, why not arrange to meet with Bruno and show him what you did. After all two minds are better than one, maybe there is a minor trick that Bruno has missed, or something you can work out together. It is not as if you live in Russia, one in Moscow the other in Kemerovo, a months camel ride apart. Give it a try then, enjoy a litre or so of that black gold you sell there. Best wishes. Michael.
  10. Hello all, this is always a contentious subject because there are so many variables, tyres, driving style, weather, petrol, the list goes on, all have been discussed in depth many times on the forum. Sometimes single things affect the performance of your car, other times it is a combination of things. Can i ask you, yes you the reader, "what tyres do you prefer, What petrol do you use and how do you drive ?" We all know these things affect the vehicles efficiency and performance. I do not listen very much to the crud that the journos spew out, he who pays the piper etc, better to come to the forum where there are people who really know about cars hang out. I am on my second 300H, MY13* and MY17**, the former standard, no toys, the latter Luxury, with all the toys.I use Spiitmonitor.DE and Fuelly. I find that i get better mpg on the motorway and B roads, than in town, I do not use cruise control. Motorway speed up to 80.77mph, other roads whatever the limit is + or - a bit. Here are my results from Spiritmoniter, my board computer is around 4 to 5% shy and i brim fill each time. I do not know the formula for co2 emissions. * 33,730m. 53.11mpg. CO2 124g/kg. £7.205 per 100km. 54 fillings. Now retired. ** 1,243m. 45.06mpg. Co2 146g/kg. £9.493 per 100km. 2 fillings. These are my results, I am pleased with them. **has yet to settle in it is only a month old. I do better than most, speed is not my forte now, i removed the go faster stripes years ago. These days it is more a case of trying to get where i am going in one piece. I hope this little piece adds to the conversation. best wishes. Michael.
  11. Hi Renato, Sirius and Enform, were items that i had read about and did not fully understand. Colin explained about them, so now I do. LoJack Premium Scout was, as I mentioned, provided at €450 instead of €1180 by the dealer, for a four year period of cover. I did not find LoJack's website very user friendly, so I asked on here to get some clarification about it. I buy my cars at, Spotorno car, in Milan. They were a Toyota dealer selling Lexus, but last year they became a Lexus dealer also. I never allow them to valet my cars and Rocco is almost my personal mechanic. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes. Michael.
  12. Hi Colin, I am based in Italy. (DAB) i understand and get with little trouble. I now understand about Sirius XM also and there relationship, thanks to your description. Lexus Enform I now have a better understanding of also. Nothing for me to bother with here. LoJack, again, now i understand it better. AVS seems a little like buying a new Lexus, try the F. Sport, then try the standard model and see which ride suits you best. As mentioned, LoJack is an American product, it has been sold to me, so i just hope the national police here and in the rest of Europe are kitted out to interact with it, if ever it is needed. i thank you for your very precise, informative reply. I now have a much clearer view on what makes the world go around, ( Lexus world) of course, regarding these matters. I just wonder how many other members have had similar problems understanding the technical jargon. Maybe you should apply for a staff job, you seem amply qualified. Best wishes. Michael.
  13. As 'A' said, it is what you think that is most important, it looks a good motor, the others will look with envy. I hope that you and your partner get a lot of pleasure out of it,. Enjoy.
  14. Hi everyone, I need a little help please. I have on order a new IS300h Luxury, (Premier in uk). This model seems to come with everything, with the acceptation of a sunroof and the latest Sat-Nav, fitted as standard. At 70+ i now find it increasingly difficult keeping up with new tech. and terminology. Most of my questions are, i think, to do with communications. I have some understanding from the internet, but I'm still a little confused.. Sirius XM. what is this please, is it useful? Lexus Enform. this seems to be fitted in the U.S.A. Again, what does it do exactly, is it free for 10 years and is it useful? LoJack. I have been offered 'LoJack Premium Scout,' for four years, at a knockdown price of €450, instead of €1180. Again an American thing, not much useful information on the internet about this, accept that it is a tracking device. I always thought Lexus cars came with trackers fitted free, my current IS300h has, this device is a subscription thing. Again, what does it do exactly, does it allow Lexus to track me 24/7, or, just if i have the car stolen? AVS. Now this is mechanical/hydraulic and not new, but i have never experienced it before. I understand it's workings, but is it really going to make a difference to my ride quality? I am sorry to ask what might seem to most such simple questions, with simple answers, but like many members, i was young and able once. My kids are in their mid. late 40's now, probably like most LOC members and very tech.savvy. I struggle to keep up, as i adjust to one thing, it changes to something else, it's called progress. Progress for me will occur at my next birthday, maybe i should have retained my Austin Seven with the canvas top, no problems with that. Now all i want to do is travel trouble free and in comfort, Lexus achieves this. I also want to spend some of my hard earned savings, on things that give me pleasure in life, so the tax man and banks get less of it for free. I would welcome any information that members could supply about my questions and i thank you in advance. Best wishes. Michael.
  15. I had the same experience during the first week in February. I also had no thoughts of a new set of wheels at the time, just wanted my annual service, left after having signed up for a new IS300h Luxury. Here it is the top of the range, with all the toys. I chose the same colour, sonic titanium, as it's easy to keep clean looking, but was not too pleased with the choice of leather colour, 'Chateau or Noble Brown.' I settled for the Brown, as again it looked easier to keep clean looking. Delivery was given as June, as it has to be built and delivered. A long wait maybe, but it will give me plenty of time to visit the 'Shrink,' to get myself examined. Best wishes. Michael.