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  1. Hi Renato, Sirius and Enform, were items that i had read about and did not fully understand. Colin explained about them, so now I do. LoJack Premium Scout was, as I mentioned, provided at €450 instead of €1180 by the dealer, for a four year period of cover. I did not find LoJack's website very user friendly, so I asked on here to get some clarification about it. I buy my cars at, Spotorno car, in Milan. They were a Toyota dealer selling Lexus, but last year they became a Lexus dealer also. I never allow them to valet my cars and Rocco is almost my personal mechanic. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes. Michael.
  2. Hi Colin, I am based in Italy. (DAB) i understand and get with little trouble. I now understand about Sirius XM also and there relationship, thanks to your description. Lexus Enform I now have a better understanding of also. Nothing for me to bother with here. LoJack, again, now i understand it better. AVS seems a little like buying a new Lexus, try the F. Sport, then try the standard model and see which ride suits you best. As mentioned, LoJack is an American product, it has been sold to me, so i just hope the national police here and in the rest of Europe are kitted out to interact with it, if ever it is needed. i thank you for your very precise, informative reply. I now have a much clearer view on what makes the world go around, ( Lexus world) of course, regarding these matters. I just wonder how many other members have had similar problems understanding the technical jargon. Maybe you should apply for a staff job, you seem amply qualified. Best wishes. Michael.
  3. zippyone

    expensive mot

    As 'A' said, it is what you think that is most important, it looks a good motor, the others will look with envy. I hope that you and your partner get a lot of pleasure out of it,. Enjoy.
  4. Hi everyone, I need a little help please. I have on order a new IS300h Luxury, (Premier in uk). This model seems to come with everything, with the acceptation of a sunroof and the latest Sat-Nav, fitted as standard. At 70+ i now find it increasingly difficult keeping up with new tech. and terminology. Most of my questions are, i think, to do with communications. I have some understanding from the internet, but I'm still a little confused.. Sirius XM. what is this please, is it useful? Lexus Enform. this seems to be fitted in the U.S.A. Again, what does it do exactly, is it free for 10 years and is it useful? LoJack. I have been offered 'LoJack Premium Scout,' for four years, at a knockdown price of €450, instead of €1180. Again an American thing, not much useful information on the internet about this, accept that it is a tracking device. I always thought Lexus cars came with trackers fitted free, my current IS300h has, this device is a subscription thing. Again, what does it do exactly, does it allow Lexus to track me 24/7, or, just if i have the car stolen? AVS. Now this is mechanical/hydraulic and not new, but i have never experienced it before. I understand it's workings, but is it really going to make a difference to my ride quality? I am sorry to ask what might seem to most such simple questions, with simple answers, but like many members, i was young and able once. My kids are in their mid. late 40's now, probably like most LOC members and very tech.savvy. I struggle to keep up, as i adjust to one thing, it changes to something else, it's called progress. Progress for me will occur at my next birthday, maybe i should have retained my Austin Seven with the canvas top, no problems with that. Now all i want to do is travel trouble free and in comfort, Lexus achieves this. I also want to spend some of my hard earned savings, on things that give me pleasure in life, so the tax man and banks get less of it for free. I would welcome any information that members could supply about my questions and i thank you in advance. Best wishes. Michael.
  5. zippyone

    expensive mot

    I had the same experience during the first week in February. I also had no thoughts of a new set of wheels at the time, just wanted my annual service, left after having signed up for a new IS300h Luxury. Here it is the top of the range, with all the toys. I chose the same colour, sonic titanium, as it's easy to keep clean looking, but was not too pleased with the choice of leather colour, 'Chateau or Noble Brown.' I settled for the Brown, as again it looked easier to keep clean looking. Delivery was given as June, as it has to be built and delivered. A long wait maybe, but it will give me plenty of time to visit the 'Shrink,' to get myself examined. Best wishes. Michael.
  6. Hi Kieron, and members, Sorry, I had forgotten the I.O.W. Mmmm! expensive trip these days, I used to pay 2-3 quid. Next time I'm sat at Lee on the Solent and my wife suggests we go to the island, i shall have to ask her for extra pocket money first. Fuel economy is an individual thing, especially in a hybrid, it boils down in the main to how heavy your right foot is, and how you use it - like some other things i am aware of:) There is much good advise given here, but it always boils down to the same thing, 'you.' Mr. Jingles is a bog standard 17" IS 300h, has just had his 3rd annual service and has clocked 50,000 km (31,068 m). I fill him about once a month to the brim and most of the time drive in 'normal.' I do not use cruise control, as there is never the room for it to function properly. In Italy the standard petrol is 'EN228 green' it is 95 RON. In the Uk it is called 'Regular,' I believe, Germany 'E10.' I use this most of the time, however, i give Mr jingles a treat twice a year and fill him up with 98 RON. Just to clear his throat you understand. I generally travel at the speed limit (+ - a bit ). Mr. Jingles appreciates the TLC that i give him and in return rewards me with 5.4 - 5.3 L/100km ( 52-53 mpg). There ain't many folk can beat that. I removed my go faster stripes many years ago, after grew up and i'd learned how to drive. - Just in case you think the good mpg are because of where i live, don't believe it, in February early March it was rarely above zero, the lowest about -10°c. Lexus is a good car, an expensive good car, but very comfy and reliable, it is not a racer, more like a mobile home, yes, sometimes you will wish you could live in it. Just treat and drive it well and you will have a friend for life. There are too many 'chimps' buying Lexus now and i feel, destroying its image, but life goes on. Anyway, whatever juice you put in it, 95, 98 or even orange! it is your money paying for it, learn to drive it properly and it will reward you. You can find me on 'Spritmonitor and Fuelly,' why not check me out. Sadly, i am going to retire 'Mr. Jingles.' In June or July i shall take delivery of a new, 'IS 300h Executive,' with all the bells and whistles. It will have 18" wheels, but i expect the comfort to be better and the economy to be about the same, the latter being up to me mainly. Despite the heavier wheels, it seems to have the same overall weight. I now need a new name for it, because it is an 'it' for the moment. I was thinking of 'Rupert,' - it was the name of my teddy bear when i was young and indeed, before many of you were born i suspect. Any suggestions would be welcome, please send them along. Best wishes. Michael.
  7. Hi Kieron, My word, Ampshire, no dealer remotely close? How about Snows, at Hedge End. I think there's another dealer at Chichester. Just normal petrol will do, as there is no real gain from high octane all the time, accept for the tax man of course. However, a tank of high octane every now and then won't go amiss. Look through the site there is a lot about using/not using high octane. Best wishes. Michael. .
  8. Hi Tom, you didn't specify but, 1) have you checked your all round tyre pressures. 2) having done that, press the TPM reset button as directed in the manual. This might resolve the problem, sometimes one tyre can go below the preset range exciting the warning light. If it works you will save yourself a lot of time and money. I think other members, self included, have had this problem at one time or another. The reset button is located in the area below the steering wheel. (check the manual) Best wishes, Michael.
  9. zippyone


    Hi Geoff, yes, i asked the salesman about the fitting, '€51,00 for car, so you can fit my dashcam for free.' He being Italian was slopey shouldered and said that i would have to see their electrician, I said i would supply the dashcam. This is my 3rd Lexus from them and they are usually helpful. It is a family business and the owner personally gave us a big bottle of quite good wine when we purchased the car - big deal, but better than a kick in the face. They know well my Anglo Saxon temperament from a previous skirmish about my CT, so look after me well now. Best wishes. Michael.
  10. zippyone


    Hello Andrew and Geoff, thanks for the swift replies and info, I will be mulling over the options . The reason for my need to change is because i have just ordered a new 'Luxury IS300h,' should be with me about July. I bought the Blackvue 2ch for my CT and when i changed to my IS, just kept the cameras and bought new wiring and fittings. I might do the same again, to keep the costs down. I see that dashcams are getting more expensive, but with few real improvements in proportion. Thanks for the assistance. Best wishes. Michael.
  11. Hi folks, Sorry to be a pest, but i am trying to find a little info. on car-cams. I have an old Blackvue 550, but there will be a need to replace it in a few months. There are topics on car-cams but i cannot find them, can anyone steer me in the right direction please. My intention is to replace it with another Blackvue, unless of course the members have found something better. Thanks in anticipation. Best wishes. Michael.
  12. Hi folks, time to poke my beak in again. In my 55 years of driving i, like many members, have come across many, 'Honest Johns'.' They start by being quite reliable and unbiased, then, just like our political masters, they smell the flavour of money, power and the accompanying trappings. They sell their souls and follow the strongest flavour of the month, forgetting why they set up shop in the first place. After all a few pieces of silver are far better than honesty and impartiality. I feel this bloke has gone the same way, maybe he should go back to selling snake oil. I get about 52mpg overall in Mr. Jingles, see my fuelly page, but please, don't tell H.J. Best Wishes. Michael.
  13. Now I have reached a senior age I spend a lot of time in the toilet, working in the garden and reading LOC without signing in. Which reminds me, Rayaans got a little steamed up the other week over a minor point, unusual for him, calm down laddy, this is a friendly talking shop/show, the world ends later. Best wishes. Michael.
  14. zippyone

    Need help ASAP im confused

    Hi Bernard, with a little assistance from Italy, oh! that is in another solar system. I just loved your last comment, I was in tears for about 10 minutes, honest. Best wishes. Michael.
  15. zippyone

    Need help ASAP im confused

    Hi Andrew, 'well, I doo declare,' that I'm pleased things are beginning to go well for you, at last, I've been away at the local sanitarium for a few hours, so am having to play a little catch up as I write. I told you that we were a clever bunch of blokes on LOC. and I have to keep in trim. In my first effort I got your town/city wrong, so just substitute Colorado for Dresden and the Colorado river, for the watery bit. Sorry about that. Yes, you should be able to start your car with a set of 'jump leads,' - as we call them in the UK, attached to another car whilst it's engine is running. Just make sure that you have the polarity correct, Red = + and Black = - , but be careful, if you get it wrong you'll get a pretty firework display and a badly damaged Lexus. If by chance you have a Hybrid, do not attempt this and in any case, have a knowledgeable person with you at all times. In respect of costs, in UK we usually talk in terms of ounces of gold, not money, to get a Lexus repaired and least an arm or a leg. I would think that it is the same in the USA ? expensive toys. Now, just as a footnote, I am one of the last of the, 'Old Anglo Saxons' and I think that, 'VERBOUT' - above, was either personally, or had a relative on the field when King Harold lost his eye, so we go back a bit. Have you ever thought of using the American Lexus club, there may be an expert living near you, who could give some , 'hands on help,' free. How is the wife now? I hope she's better. Check your computer also if you can, I think its had one too many and is repeatedly sending the same message. Best wishes and good luck. Michael.