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  1. Happy Birthday SimonR!

  2. No luck with breakers so it looks as though I'll have to have one made up. Thanks for the replies.
  3. The tube in front of the aircon rad (the power steering 'cooler') sprang a leak last night. Pinhole due to corrosion (1990 car with 235,000 miles). Just spoke to Lexus who want £171+VAT. For a bit of pipe! I wouldn't imagine that this is a common problem as it appears to be related to the age and mileage but hopefully it has happened to someone who has found a cheaper way of doing it! I've searched for a cheaper alternative on the US sites but couldn't find anything.
  4. I have a MK1 LS400 with 228,000 miles. The bushes are pretty much dead and I have been looking for a cost-effective replacement. If you need help with development I might be prepared to lend my car on condition that I got it back in one piece and that this help was reflected in the price of the bushes. I did contact Daizen asking if they did rear UCA and LCA but never heard back from them. I would have thought there would be some demand for a complete kit. Maybe not so much over here but there should be for LS400's in the US and Celsior's in Oz. Re the harsh ride, I spoke to Carl from about that. He feels that the ride isn't unduly harsh with poly bushes and retains most of the quality ride.
  5. SimonR

    Soarer Speedo

    Cor, look at that. I even gave the part number!
  6. On the original question, the stock soarer feels quick but when you take it to the Pod you find that it isn't particularly. You need to spend big money for serious power but it is a bargain if you are happy with sub-300bhp and you get one with all the common problems done.
  7. That could be me!The JZA80 suspension is a straight swap for your TT. I'm not suggesting that it's the best by any means, but they are a cheap replacement that becomes available when the Supra boys do upgrades (which they love to do). It gives a much firmer ride than stock TT suspension but the handling improves a lot. Be aware that you have to swap the struts and springs at the same time as the perches are in different positions. If you want to spend big bucks then there are plenty of kits available but finding out which is best would be very hard. Once people spend a lot of money on suspension they seem to want to 'champion' it and objectivity goes out of the window. Just like brake and ECU upgrades!
  8. SimonR

    Info On Soarer

    Suspension bushes will be shagged unless they have been replaced. Very hard to tell visually. Ride quality gives these away. Also clunks on full lock or reversing. Turbos usually OK unless they are abused. Smoke (not water vapour) on startup/idle could mean they have gone. Loud whine is also bad but you have to know what they usually sound like to know if the whine is too loud or not. Cloudy headlamps common, easy fix. Cracked door trim is common. Badly worn steering wheel very common. Cloudy air-con display is common. All leccy stuff should work. Go for GT-TL with TEMS suspension but be aware that it’s pricey if it goes wrong.
  9. SimonR

    Engine Light

    On the MKIII, when the engine warning light comes on the error code is stored in the ECU ready to be retrieved. This will tell you what the ECU thought had gone wrong. I'm afraid that I have no idea how to retrieve the code on the SC430. If I were you I would buy something like this:
  10. This one was at our Kingsclere meet on Saturday.
  11. Nope, mine has manual steering wheel adjustment. Up, down and telescopic.
  12. Nice car, but why are you climbing those trees?
  13. If you have to ask about fuel economy you really shouldn't buy a Soarer. If you drive it like an old woman then you will get reasonable mileage but what's the point? I've seen less than 10mpg when out and about enjoying myself. You do get lots of toys on the V8 but the TTs are usually a lot more spartan. I only have air and cruise. Not even ABS. A word of warning about £4000 Soarers on Autotrader (or anywhere else). If you buy a dog you could easily spend another £2000 fixing it. On the plus side, these cars are a fantastic drive. Why not try to get to a club meet and cadge a ride in one. The owners are usually fanatics and will be happy to talk your ear off about their experiences.
  14. Failed my MOT today and it won't be sorted by the weekend so I have to drop out of this now.