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  1. Hiya Does anyone know were i can get a metal Gs300 Sport Alloy locking tool, i have searched this site silly but remember seeing it on a forum. The plastic one has disintegrated to nothing. Thanks
  2. Hiya What kind of LPG system is in it?
  3. Hiya... Its not the fuel pump as its in the tank directly behind the rear seats.. Only suggestion i can tell you about the pump that if the car is left parked up for a long while and no petrol in it the pump will rust up with the condensation in the tank... However good news is that u can take the pump apart and put it back together again with a bit of work... It a high pressure pump so watch if your taking it out... It a complete nightmare to get at the pump mind u... With thanks
  4. Hiya... My car started doing it again this time it doesnt go off until i unplug the battery... Just the siren no lights or horn etc... Goes for say 20-30 secs and then stops for less than 10 and goes again... Any help would be apperciated.. Also does anyone know were the alarm is located in the car till i brake the connection... Thanks...
  5. Hiya.. My alarm keeps going off when the car is started and moving along the road... Any ideas??? And what about disabling it completely... It does this at stand still as well but only when the car is started... It goes off for approx 30 sec goes silent for 3 and goes off again... The car works fine and no lights are lit on the dash etc.. The only thing out of place is the alarm keeps going off.. I pulled the battery out left it a while to reset the ecu but no joy... Any info would be apperciated.. With Thanks
  6. heheehe you will always get the characters... I can sort of c his point in getting the stranard gs but the difference is black and white when u pull up somewhere in your ultra rare gs 300 sport looking the biz... The standard gs looks like it costs "cheap".... Lesson number one you get what u pay for... Thanks
  7. Hiya mate This is an outrage i think your car is worth it all day and night... That machine for under 5k... What does 5k buy u these days... Keep us informed how u get on... I would have bought it no bother but i got my dream gs300 however i looked at 2 in silver first they were just not up to standard... This looks like a rocking example... Hold out someone will bite soon enough... Have u had much interest from joe public???? Take Care
  8. hiya all Right see the thingy that stops the blades lifting at high speeds were do i get another set of them... See i didnt see them when i last changed my blades through them out so now i dont have any and at 90mph or so the visablity starts to get poor in the rain... Any help would be apperciated...
  9. i dont know but if you find a metal one be sure to give me a shout as i need one two.. The teeth on mine are dead and i had to use it and a part of vise grips last time in a nice warm garage but in a cold dark road it would be a nightmare... Thanks
  10. Well damer i am interested pm me with a price... As i dont want to insult u by offering to little... Thanks
  11. The gs300 has the same engine as the mkiv supra which means there is an endless supply of upgrades avaiable for it... Just remember that the auto box isnt that good at large hp but can handle up to 300ish... I got mine at 243 with some simple upgrades that cost less that a good service... I dont want to make it to fast as i stepped out of an M3 Evo which was far to fast for rear wheel drive and into a powerful but elegant lexus... If you have say 3 grand you could have your lexus flipping the flat cap back with some kick a** horse power... I raced my mates cosworth in a staight line and h
  12. I removed the gold badges on my 97 sport and it does have pins on the lexus the gs 300 and the emblem... I just used a heat gun with no floss or fishing line... How ever it seems like it would have been slightly easier to use the fishing line to start it... There are little plastic things inside the holes to grip the pins on the badges... I removed these two and then got the holes filled and resprayed... Looks a lot better but this is coming from someone that does not like badges... I am working on removing the GS 300 in the boot refector part... Will keep you posted as everyone says its i
  13. Hiya dude Right man its all sweet... Just tell the top man that you are unhappy the other dudes you spoke to and was looking to chat with someone with a bit of power... and you would like to have him rectifiy the situation... Explain that you left the sheet with them and its simple they replaced the wrong side... also explain that this has been a handlen for you as you have more important things that you could be spending the short time you do have on this earth doing... So i expect that this problem will be rectified promptly and at no additional cost to me... If you really want to throw
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