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  1. Hi all, I am in need of a front passenger side wing, fog light and front bumper for a mk2 GS300. The ideal would be metallic blue (the darker one) paint code tbc My location is North Wales near Mold or wrexham. Will travel to collect, but not too far! Let me know what you have and at what price please. Thanks
  2. The snow was huge amounts of fun! I did however behave on the public highway and used the ECT snow mode to play safe. Leaving the carpark from work was exciting, ending up backwards! RWD is so much more amusing!
  3. Nice work Tim, I have the same model just a few months older. I do have the 2009 DVD in mine....I think...I did look for updates when i bought it and found the same issue as you!
  4. I've just plumbed for another pair of Bridgestone Potenza RE050A XL 235/45R17 97W on mine (older GS300) I last bought a set in December 2015 for the rear. Done probabaly 20K on them, and I don't drive gently. To be honest they are grippy as hell in the dry, wet isn't bad but i tend to behave a little more, getting out of junctions enthusiastically usually doesn't go as planned, but that might just be me. Fuel, bah. Noise, not bad. Cost...£96 ish a tyre, fitted.
  5. Sorry if this is a daft question, but given the issues that the braking system can cause on these cars are you 100% that it is a sensor fault? Dash lit up light a seasonally deocorated felled pine tree can be caused by the well known failure on the braking system, ABS, VSC and other lights lit and a dinging noise if i recall.
  6. Perhaps the new battery weighs slightly less!
  7. CustomIce

    Bosch FR78X super plugs

    Got a stonking deal on some spark plugs, Bosch FR78X Super plugs, knowing my GS is likely due a change soon, so took a punt. Got quoted over £80 from the garage just to change the plugs last year, and seeing it shouldn't be a terribly difficult job, decided this might be the cost effective route. Anyone had any experience of these plugs in a Mk2 GS300?
  8. Ran the plate through the app I use for all the family cars (My Vehicle Smart, if anyone is interested) 3 MOT's with advisories, brakes and tyres, mileage stacks up. Phone the Hull Lexus centre and see if they would be willing to give any history on the car, known customer etc? - Tell them you're not after any personal info just want to make sure the car is straight and eveything matches what you're being told / will be told. Did that with my GS and so far so good.
  9. No worries. The ctalx unit does render the CD changer inoperable until you plug it back in. Although I had heard of someone using a Y cable to use both.
  10. Yes! I was about to list it on fleabay, 03 would be worth checking the cd changer connector matches.
  11. That is a bargain. I thought mine was cheap a couple of years ago, 59K 2000 plate, FLSH, clean as a whistle £2400.
  12. CustomIce

    Stupid question - Rear freewheel

    Superb, thanks chaps! I had worried that it was some bizzare alignment thing to do with TCS/ECP stuff and turning things with the "brain" off might uncalibrate/***** something up. But yes fluids and heating during towing sounds like the sensible reason for trailering these.
  13. Without wanting to sound like a total prat...wait for it. I need to check for the source of a rotation noise on the nearside rear. With a manual vehicle I would normally chock the car, lift it, out of gear and handbrake off. As this is an auto I don't want to bugger anything up, so is it ok to do the same but into N and parking brake off, or will rotating one rear wheel like that screw anything up in the transmission. Really can't afford the time or expense of doing something stupid and breaking it. Train of thought that led me here - relates to towing these cars, i.e you shouldn't unless flatbed or rear lift.
  14. Seeing as you have the 2002 there as far as I know a solution, and it doesn't fit my 2000 as I bought it and have given up. It is a connects 2 adaptor that sits on the CD changer plug on the headunit (ok, so you lose the changer, but iPhone/pod capability way exceeds that surely)I have the CTALXUSB002 which has an Aux audio in and a USB port for a USB drive filled with files. Willing to part with it, I paid £59 for it and would be open to a sensible offer.
  15. I did see a very sad sight off the A41 roundabout to join the M53 at J5 a few weeks ago as I drove past in my 300. A beautiful GS430/Aristo (JDM tail lights) being lifted by a crane out of the hedge. So maybe one less on the road too now.
  16. Was the driver ok? Heavy car. :)
  17. Good luck, and do let us know the result....and final price, for benchmark reasons of course!
  18. Not just me then! But to be honest, it is too nice to care about such small (but expensive) matters! Doesn’t help that the growl you get when you plant your foot to pass something, sounds so good!
  19. 1 - Yellow, Fused 12V feed - so B+ 2 - Brown - probably mute (courtesy of Connects2 Technical) 3 - N/C 4 - White - part of a shielded pair so signal "-" 5 - Red - as above signal "+" 6 - Red - I suspect ACC+ 7 - N/C 8 - Green -TX"+" 9 - Green/Black - TX"-" 10 - Black - When connected the main box shorts to 11 and 12 - GND 11 - Black (loop 12) - GND 12 - Black (loop 11) - GND
  20. I've been enjoying the premium audio in my 2000 GS300 since I bought it over 18 months ago. I'd toyed with the idea of fitting an all singing all dancing Sat nav unit in place of the CD Nav system. But to be honest I quite like the functions available on the stock screen - trip info and the CC interface is nice. After burning many many CDs for the CD changer, I've decided to give something a punt. £55 of Connects2 interface for the CD changer port. I didn't like the relay mod, and that will slowly kill the laser in the CD player anyway as it has to fool the player int o reading a CD but just bypasses the audio. So the hope is that I can get the CTALXUSB002 to work with my HU. The reason for this, my iPod and massive music collection! And before you ask, I went for the Aux version rather than the iPod version so I can do what I love - custom work. If the interface works I will be replacing the ash tray and cigarette lighter with a single din bluetooth and iPod capable headunit, running the preamp out into the Aux adapter. The Aux adapter will be run into the stock system and volume can be set and left on the main headunit. If this works I'll post the results and what I did here. If it doesn't I will be really disappointed! Fingers crossed!
  21. You bunch of light footed marys! My Mk2 GS300 does 23MPG if i drive normally! Spank it and I'll get low teens, only long runs on the motroway and I'll see high 20 to low 30.
  22. VSC and brake light on the early Mk2 GS was a fault with the brake booster system which was overhauled on the latter years of the Mk2. This fault tended to manifest itself with the Christmas tree dash light display. I looked at several GS when shopping for mine that had the same fault. I would doubt VSC and brake warnings are fuel related unless it it causing loss of power to the engine and auxiliary systems
  23. Bump noise could be CV joints couldn't it? Tyre profile from manufacturer to manufacturer can differ at the shoulder of the tyre, some are more square and in certain circumstances can rub, but this does not sound normal.
  24. I shall have to get a picture of my Celica GT4 ST205 to tie in with the model bit. But amp rack tech I can do! Began small, then added the other bits :)