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  1. Sorry, never did get round to posting photos!!! Well, as at Weds 1800, I am no longer an LS400 owner - I gave it to my son currently in dire straits transportwise Its been the best 6 years driving I've ever had, and have enjoyed the information and banter on here no end. So thanks to all on here, maybe in the future I'll get another LS, but for the time being I went and bought a Discovery TD5 ES 2001 for £9995 with 57k on the clock, immaculate! :winky: Best regards Dave
  2. OK - It was £125+vat (sorry memorys going) and its at Dartford Transmissions 01322 222608. Speak to Bob Andrews or Tony. I have no afiliation with them apart from having my tranny done there. Regards Dave
  3. It was around £115 if memory serves but I am at work so dont have the full details with me but will post tonight soon as I find them Dave
  4. A reputable AutoTrans specialist will be able to do a 100% change for you by removing the pipes from the cooler and fitting them to a 'machine', running the engine and swapping old fluid for new It works a treat - I had mine done last summer at a place in Dartford, Kent (bit far from you!), they didnt use T-IV but it was pink (and still is!) and there is NOTHING jerky or slipping about my trans - still just as smooth and silky as its always been. Dave
  5. No the 2 screens for the animals in the back!!!
  6. I'm going to get one for this summers hols to amuse the kids in the back (twin screen jobbie) and just after any accumulated knowledge or preferences Anyone got one that works well or more importantly badly ? Regards Dave
  7. I think its probably the volume control for the cars 'reply' to the remote control beeper From the manual - "When you push the remote control switch the vehicle sounds one beep when the doors are locked by remote control, and 2 beeps when the doors are unlocked. You can adjust the beep loudness with the knob under the dashboard. Turning the knob counterclockwise increases the volumme and turning it clockwise until it clicks turns it off" Regards Dave
  8. Currently looking for a Land Cruiser Colorado at about 8k so my LS is available if anyone wants to do a deal. Not looking for huge bucks but it all works (except remote locking) and is my daily driver. PM for more info Cheers all Dave
  9. Copies certainly work in mine - its the originals I'm not sure of
  10. If you mean the O ring at the bottom of the PSFluid reservoir, its about 3 quid from a Toyota garage - PN 90080-30040 I have one sitting in front of me at the moment waiting for me to get off my arriss and fit it Aparently just one bolt to remove at the bottom of the reservoir HTH Dave
  11. Cruise ......... hmmmmm - Certainly like it on long empty motorways and on motorways with the caravan on the back, but otherwise its not much use - now I could (I think) get used to Adaptive cruise - all I need is the money for the car that goes round it
  12. Pete, Agree wholeheartedly with your comments except the one about traction control and clever bits - I'm not too sure when TC was standard on an LS but mine certainly hasnt got it. I've never had a car with it and I'm not too sure whether I'd like the 'car taking over' - I've been driving too long! The only bit of clever stuff I've got is ABS! Dave
  13. Surely the best tyres (ie newest) always go on the driven wheels (as my dad, an RR engineer for 30 years (still going strong at 97!) always said) and never mix brands on an axle. My dads 2p!!
  14. Well, doing a bit of research here and other places ( Colins Barbers reply) it would seem that Colin (knowledgebase master!) says its not interferance. There are so many HUGE differences between the LS and GS engines that its not really worth comparing them on any level!
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