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  1. Had a little change made to my grill today.... what do you think?
  2. Oh , and as Nelmo says in EV mode when you arrive at site the double takes and looks as you waft by silently with your caravan on the back are priceless
  3. I towed my twin axle to France last August , absolutely no issues, as Neil says just load caravan sensibly. Pulling away from a Peage a guy in a RR Sport with a smaller single axle van tried to beat me away and was very surpised when I left him standing !
  4. Looks really good, where did you get the transfers from if you dont mind me asking?
  5. Thanks Allan, truck is owned by company I'm a Director at. Renovation was undertaken in our workshops over a couple of years. It was finished back in 2006.
  6. Welcome aboard Keith.....
  7. Welcome aboard ......
  8. Off to the Kent County Show this weekend taking the old truck - and that's not the missus .......
  9. Flying off topic Boxbrownie, just waiting for my shotgun licence to arrive to go and collect my first shotgun, you shoot clays or live?
  10. Got a new work phone (Blackberry 9900 Bold ) , paired the phone and tried Online search an it worked straight away. The Bold is listed on the website as allowing internet bridging so lucked out there! Got to say after trying it the search and results were nowhere near as good or comprehensive as in my previous 5series, bit disappointed really.
  11. Is it just me? Washed the car today and by crikey after snow foam and first wash the sides of the car looked like a reverse contrast map of the constellations! There were so many tar spots , I ended up using nearly a full bottle of Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover and spending another few hours getting the car properly clean! This is my second white car (and yes I did say after the white BMW that I wouldn't get white again, oh well) but I've never had so much tar etc before. Has anyone else experienced the same , do you think its because it has been so wet?