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  1. M59 Diff Code

    Yea i mind that all i can do is open it up and see for sure and seeing as it is an old car im guessing some fella had alot of time and money in there hands and decided they would make it look like an se or wer am from a one wheeler
  2. M59 Diff Code

    Code says A02B mean lsd but its a 13 and a half year old car cant really go on that espicelly when it has no sport extras when it was sport from factory
  3. M59 Diff Code

    No its right hand drive but was imported from the uk. i not sure if it says s or not but im gonna change the oil today so ill open ity up and see. Also if its a torsen does 1 wheel not go forward and the other back thats what mine does and if i get my friend to hold 1 side i cant spin the wheel on my side vica versa :P
  4. M59 Diff Code

    yip definetly is double checked aswell.
  5. Help Again? Is200 Sport

    No my Logbook just says IS200 but iv looked online at some of them car checkers in Ireland as car is in Ireland and they all state that it is a sport i then got the old English registration number and checked it, that also says its a sport and there is the A02B code on the plate in the engine bay meaning there is a LSD in the car also and sports only came with LSD then i checked the code on the sticker on the diff to see what M code thingy it was and it says M59 is that an LSD or what does that mean??
  6. M59 Diff Code

    Can somebody now tell me what does the M59 code mean on the sticker on my diff?
  7. Still wondering if my car is sport or not i looked at the code on engine and it says its A02B witch to my understanding is there is a lsd in the car and only lsds came in sport models would i b right? Also i dont have tinted windows, chrome pedels, sills nor is there 2 tone steering wheel. I didnt check my diff but if there is a code saying M98, M85 it is an lsd if its M96 its an open diff can i tell by this i have also left a message with Lexus but havent got a reply yet either?
  8. Sport Or Not Need Help?

    If my oil was low in the diff would that cause the car to 1 wheel ?
  9. Sport Or Not Need Help?

    If my oil was low in the diff would that cause the car to 1 wheel?
  10. Sport Or Not Need Help?

    The car is in ireland but i think it was imported from the uk because there is a dealer sticker on the back window from the uk
  11. Sport Or Not Need Help?

    thanks for the info...all these parts can be easily changed because on the plate about my bulkhead it says A02B which means it has a LSD therefore meaning it is sport would i b right?
  12. Sport Or Not Need Help?

    On my v5 it says in an is200 whats the difference in between the s model and the others and is there and performance difference?
  13. I have recently bought a lexus is200 and have 2 questions. Is it a sport? It says its a sport on cartell.ie and insurance say its sport but it doesnt have the tinted windows or the crome pedels or crome sills but has sunroof and black interior with heated seats. is it really a sport?? + When i jacked the car up and put the car into second gear then spun the wheels one spun forward the other spun the oppisite way. I got my friend to hold one wheel while i tryed to spin the other but it didnt move. When i do a burn out on dry cement both wheels will spin and sometimes it will only spin one as i have tried this a few times. Could it be diff oil? The car will also only do a donut in wet! Can someone help me with this its doing my head in!!