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  1. Does anyone know if a dealer can get a car direct from Lexus UK? I previously bought Honda this way as the dealer had a secret unpublished list of cars available. Really after a GS450h Premier in black with a sunroof but a facelift model under two years old.
  2. Hi all, I have been mildly considering a GS Premier mainly due to spec and sheer refinement plus its reasonable mpg. I really want a facelift 2015/2016 GS450h Premier but they are impossible to find. However I have come across this GS300h in a great colour scheme with the required 19" alloys and sunroof: My question is that it seems fairly expensive given it's a discontinued model and the ES is around the corner plus it is 2yrs old. Thoughts anyone?
  3. But which other brand are better? I have owned many cars and none have been as good, but Honda possibly close.
  4. Sorry to hear of your bad experience. I have been to this dealer too and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I tend to use Guildford or Chester (I know it’s miles away but if I am up in that area) who are far better. Lexus dealers as a whole are still much better than the majority, not that it makes you feel too much better!
  5. Having driven both they are very different machines. Off the mark the 200T is a little frustrating to move off quickly due to a lag. Turbo lag then on is not an issue, it’s the same in my Audi S3 with the massively hyped dual clutch gearbox. The 8 speed is generally very good. Power far superior and it gets 500 miles from a tank doing 70-75mph on the motorway. There is also the absence of the battery charging noise or CVT whine but I would say the Hybrid is overall a more relaxed drive but less fun.
  6. I am thinking about the possibility of importing a nearly new IS350 or IS200T from Australia as they are quite common model out there and are obviously RHD. Anyone any ideas of importing costs and how it works with UK road tax / reg etc? Many thanks
  7. Hi all, I know the facelift IS was early 2017 on a 66 plate I believe? Is that when they dropped the 200T model? What I am trying to establish is were there any very early facelift IS’s with the 200T engine? Many thanks
  8. No, contrary to what the title may suggest I didn't have the misfortune of driving a LandRover Discovery in Germany! We had 3-4 days in Nurnberg and did around 1500 miles in the IS and I was so impressed. It highlights how bad our roads are here in the U.K. Doing 120mph on the autobahn is honestly quieter than doing 60mph on the A3 over here. The car ate up the miles effortlessly - cruising at 120mph doing only 3500rpm was a joy. What i did discover is a speed limiter that the 200t has. After accelerating effortlessly from 120mph just to give it a try the car was silently pulling and pulling and suddenly at 146mph /4100rpm it stopped. It had lots more to give- I wonder why Lexus would limit the top speed? By the way I am sure you all know the Autobahns generally have no speed limit in most areas (before people say I shouldn't be driving that fast!) Similarly powered German cars can easily reach 155mph and I felt the IS would if it didn't have the limiter (German cars have a 155mph limiter I believe) Oh and I only saw 2 other IS's there so ever rarer than here!
  9. Mine did it at 22000 miles so you may get it around then. My monthly mileage became less than half of what it was and the battery just became week so was replaced under warranty. Could I also ask you whether you notice gear down changes on your car as I notice there is a very slight jerk when you are say going up hill at the car is changing down to get in the correct gear? Can't say I noticed it in the beginning!
  10. I know reliability wise Lexus is and always will be head and shoulders above most other cars but I wanted to share my experience of Lexus IS vs Audi S3 forgetting the obvious power difference. Audi pros over the Lexus: heavier doors instilling a solid safe feel, virtual cockpit is a master piece, more cabin storage space, more comfort for the front passenger as on the IS I find the cup holder gets in the way and there is no real comfortable armrest for the front passenger, door courtesy lights on the rear too, rear door pockets, nice rear seat storage nets, more powerful bang olfusen stereo than the mark Levinson, tyre pressure monitor tells you which tyre is low, better paddle shift gear change, nicer feeling and quality steering wheel, alloy refurbs possible and matchable whereas impossible on the Lexus, four way seat lumbar adjustment on both front seats and thigh extensions, rear power socket Lexus pros over the Audi superior ride, smoother gear change, better driving position, beautifully damped switch gear i.e. buttons for the radio, windows and heating etc, superior road holding and steering feel, quicker response in movement when gear is selected eg reverse from drive, silent power folding mirrors unlike the Audi, better rear camera, cool mouse system is a little different but works very well, easier to use horn and cruise control system, puddle lights under the mirrors, better quality wiper and indicator stalks, much better start stop system where it's controllable with how much brake pedal force you use, blind spot monitor on the mirrors far more effective, the fact the car is a little different!
  11. I recently noticed a constant hum coming from my car under the bonnet alongside the normal engine noise, a little like the cooling fan but it isn't that. When switching the engine off it stayed on for a couple of seconds then went off. I explained this to my local dealer who did a little research and said it needs a new vacuum regulator valve. Does anyone know what this does? They have ordered a new one for me. It is likely the other couple of members who have this engine may experience the same problem at some point so listen out! What with this and the flat battery I have realised these cars don't like not to be driven much!
  12. Thanks for all comments. Took the car to the dealer who said the battery wasn't too low but only in average health! I had to drive it on the A3 for around 10 miles to get to the dealer so this probably made it charge somewhat. It was replaced without question for free, as was the remote battery and it was washed and hoovered. A shame the battery was a grey Toyota one but you can't have everything lol. In all seriousness I am extremely impressed with Lexus service! I very much doubt Audi would even come close.
  13. Thanks for all the replies; booked in today so it will be interesting to hear what they say. This never happened on my old shape (s) and these had original batteries over 5 years old. I think it might be to do with my pattern on driving going from spirited and more weekly mileage to my wife not going above 40mph doing 6 miles a day- perhaps even batteries learn ones driving styles?!