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  1. Good point, given the car is primarily for a 55 mile commute to work it would be great piece of mind.
  2. Interesting comments, thanks all. As I'm currently paying for a service plan I'm wondering what the merit is having the extended warranty too.
  3. Thanks Les, I appreciate the swift response - I thought it might be expecting too much 🙂
  4. Good morning all Happy New Year to you! The extended warranty on my IS300h will expire in March and I too have received the 2-for-1 offer at a cost of £795. I'm a Gold member, is there any discounting available for this does anyone know? Thanks Pete
  5. Good evening all I thought I'd contribute to this thread as I too experienced electrical issues which appeared to be due to the battery. I did charge it but replaced it as a precaution but had lost the infotainment, no stereo, nav screen. The only thing that works is the CD eject button. I've replaced the battery and checked all the fuses, the likely candidates in the passenger footwell and under the bonnet. Used the Carista OBDC connector and there are no faults. I'm wondering whether the infotainment is faulty after the electrics going haywire. Any ideas if there is a procedure for resetting the system? I've tried the disconnect battery, keep the stereo button pressed for 5 seconds with ignition on (foot off break). Thanks Pete
  6. Many thanks for posting the eBay item, that's really helpful. Can you also advise on the exhaust tips you fitted too please?
  7. Hi Martin Ah, got you - many thanks for your help 🙂 Cheers Pete
  8. I've searched for "Lexus IS Diffuser" but I've not found it yet.
  9. Thanks Martin. It is difficult to locate the exact part, do you have a good link? Thanks Pete
  10. See breakdown of parts from Lexus with prices excluding VAT.
  11. Hi there I'm replying to this thread as I'm looking to do the same to my 2015 IS 300h. I've obtained pricing from Lexus Milton Keynes, £900.51 including VAT. Can anyone advise whether this is competitive and the best way to source the parts? Thanks
  12. Hi Ian, thanks again for your help, if you can dig out the diagram that would be cosmic.