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  1. Hi, so over the past days I've had this reoccurring issue, it affects both of my key fobs and I have put new batteries in each to no avail. Sometimes when I try to get into the car with the key in my pocket it wont open via the keyless entry, but if I take out the fob and hold it against the window the red light flashes and I can then put my fingers on the handle and it will work. Likewise sometimes when I get out the car and tap the black button on the handle to lock it nothing happens, if I try holding the key to the window as above and trying when it flashes the car instead beeps at me and refuses to lock (have to use the physical key). Any ideas? :S Thanks
  2. Hi, my father has been unable to use his 2006 GS300 for some time due to illness and the battery discharged as a result, I took the battery out and recharged it but when I try and reconnect it the alarm goes off as soon as I connect the negative terminal, I tried pressing the unlock button on the fob and holding it but no joy I have to disconnect the battery to stop it :(
  3. Thanks guys, yeah I was considering the torque wrench, when I get it what torque should the nuts be at?
  4. Hi, does anybody know the part number for a wheel stud for a 2002 LS430? I sheared one of mine by over tightening a wheel nut :( Also is this a case of don't move it until it's fixed? or is it okay to drive around town with a stud out? (obviously the other 4 are all fine) and what about dual carriageway use (40 min trip at 70 to get to college). I have no idea what margin of safety Lexus engineered into this, thank you.
  5. As far as I know all LS430 years use the same sets of spring or air shocks, it didn't change again until the LS460.
  6. I researched this a while back as I plan on keeping my LS a long time but don't fancy £1k+ a corner suspension replacement. You basically have two options, either use OEM Lexus LS430/Toyota Celsior shocks/springs which will cost you about half as much as air shocks per corner, or buy a set of LS430 coilovers like the BC racing or Tein ones. In either case you simply swap out the air shocks for the spring ones, rmeove the fuse for the air compressor, and all's done (the car will forever think its in high mode however, but no VSC problems). From what I have read the aftermarket shocks can have their dampening adjusted between Lexus GS/BMW 5 series softness (so firmer than a LS430 as standard) down to iron girder hardness, the standard LS430 spring/shocks feel like a spring/shock LS400.
  7. Coming soon to a gaming grid near you. End of line.
  8. Grom audio make an adapter that piggy backs to the CD changer connection and allows the use of USB sticks with MP3 and has an AUX line in. It lets you still use the CD changer or itself and if your LS has steering audio controls they still work fine.
  9. Atf Dipstick

    Thanks everyone, it was obscured by an LPG hose running over it :)
  10. You can actually get wraparound stalks, which would bolt onto the left stalk and provide an additional stalk on the right to control it. To qualify for mobility you need to be on higher rate DLA/PIP and have a problem either with your legs or with both arms, one isn't enough sadly.
  11. I asked about that when I first got my LS430 as I don't have hand so its a bit awkward, was told you can replace the UK stalks with Australian ones (indicators on the right), Japanese ones have them on the correct side too but have something different about the stalks (can't remember what). I wish Toyota/Lexus had continued putting RHD indicators on their UK cars, I can understand the EU/US companies just using the LHD ones to make things easier for themselves but Toyota use RHD indicators on the RHD cars in their own domestic market :(
  12. Sadly the UKDM Lexi have the indicators on the left so you can't drive them one handed
  13. Atf Dipstick

    ....Where is it /blush (2002 LS430)
  14. Radio Issue

    Hey all, just to add closure to this (and to avoid frustrating those who are brought here by search years from now lol) it was a blown fuse called Radio 1 located in the top left of the passenger footwell fuse box. I guess the steering audio controls are connected directly to the front radio and with that dead neither worked (explaining why the rear radio worked fine).
  15. Radio Issue

    Hi mate, thanks for the reply, it's not just localized to the steering controls though as the buttons/knobs on the tape deck do nothing, the power/vol knob wouldn't even turn it on/off :( I'm thinking maybe is a loose connector at the back or something /shrug