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  1. I have owned 2012 GS250 "Luxury" Overall impressions very positive. It is way better choice than overweight, overpriced and under powered 300h. Engine sounds awesome and works well with gearbox. I was sceptical at first that 2.5l V6 will struggle because of car size, but it was never an issue. What to look for? I would look for F Sport model with full Lexus service history. Take it for a long test drive before purchase and check for steering wheel wobble, brakes operation and check that everything works, especially aircon. Price: you should have no problem to knock 20% off for quick sale. It's buyers market.
  2. Not sure if "Premier" models have different brake setup, but replacing the brakes on 2012 "Luxury" easy DIY takes about 2 hours complete with caliper clean and greasing the rear caliper sliding pins. Set of decent quality rotors and pads £250- £300 all in. Pushing back the pistons by hand is easy as pie. Hybrid GS is a heavy car and it takes toll on brake system. I wouldn't expect more than 2 years out of front rotors anyway as the rust will do it's job in this climate.
  3. The car is nice.. @12k may seem a bit overpriced but very difficult to put a price tag on this beast. Is the hp figure advertised correct? I thought this engine runs 385hp on the LS?
  4. GS interior quality alone should be enough not to even think look at IS 😀 the difference is like day and night. GS also looks better outside. With real life mpg and other running costs very similar between the two.. why would you even consider an IS?
  5. Firstly f you seriously looking to save up for LS600 get yourself a cheap runabout for now. Something with a small petrol engine.. Secondly it is a well known ancient wisdom: the cheaper the Lexus, the more money you'll have to spend keeping it in good nick. One thing i have learned in life: NO ONE will sell you a well looked after car for cheap. That just don't happen. Hence why i stopped looking for bottom priced cars long time ago. Paid top dollar for my current GS still have few niggles but the car has been maintained from new with no expense spared. I suggest you stay away from those cheap rundown moneypit 600Hs once you start looking.
  6. Hi all Looks like my car has developed a fault with amp. After replacing the 12V battery, the sound works fine for 15 minutes or so.. then the middle speaker and subwoofer start making loud distorted noises and i have to turn the audio off. If i disconnect both positive and negative terminals off battery for 5 minutes.. then the sound system works fine again for a while. Then the squiky noise is back. Lesson learned: When replacing battery use CMS device. Although i am not sure if it would have helped in my case.. better not to take any chances on a car packed with complex electronic devices. Now i am looking for recommendations for a good repair shop please? My amp is Toyota standard unit, not ML. No signs of water damage.
  7. No i haven't and i wouldn't. Tanabe is very good make and if you want to go for it then i would recommend using NF210. Have used them on my previous cars, but my 450h handles good enough and no problems with body roll. Maybe you have suspension problems?
  8. 1 good reason why not to buy UX: Jaguar F- Pace 😊
  9. Hi all fellow GS owners I am thinking of replacing both D4S Xenon bulbs on my car. No problems yet but i have seen the passenger side flickering so i am guessing it's on the way out anyway. Took the front covers off yesterday and nearly *** my pants. I once spent 3 hours replacing the passenger side bulb on my LS430. Looks like this is not going to be far off. For now i have put the covers back on and decided to arm myself with some knowledge before i dig in. Has anyone tried this? Did you remove the fuse box to do the passenger side? I'm struggling to find any instructions on the internet..
  10. I was actually considering asking for part refund instead of taking the car back.. i think the seller would of agreed aswell. On the other hand.. i only bought a gap closer until i will be able to treat myself to a "proper car" 😋 That 250 was mint inside and out.. but when the time comes it would have been difficult to sell due so many owners.
  11. Hi all Been a while since update.. After i returned the "1 owner from new" GS250 that i fell in love with, this is what i ended up with eventually: This is bog standard 450h Luxury, 2012 model. No 12" screen, no ML 😐 But the car has been looked after by Lexus, passed full pre- purchase inspection by them aswell. CVT is as bad as i remember it to be from my MK2 GS450h.. but i guess i will have to live with it. Compared to GS250? On the long motorway runs both cars do about same mpg. Hybrid is obviously better around town.. but not alot. Performance wise the hybrid will beat 250 in everything except the engine noise :) Overall as i have already said, 450h is without a doubt superior car, but the 250 is not far behind. Especially considering the price difference the 250 is very good value for money. I was surpriced how well the 2.5 litre V6 coupled with automatic gearbox worked for the car this size. You get all the same extras (At least when looking at Luxury/F-Sport models) and the same beautiful design :)
  12. My apologies.. You are correct Graham no rsr on 460.. £280 saving on road tax aswell.. but the LS460 is still worth a look. I almost bought 460 few weeks ago.. It's not an easy car to sell these days and i managed to knock quite a bit off asking price. In the end i still went for GS450h 😎
  13. IS300h 😀 fake leather .. cheap nasty interior similar to CT.. overpriced and underpowered slug is impressive indeed.. I would consider LS460. It's a buyers market at the moment and they are very good value for money. Compared to LS600, it will have similar mpg, performance and toys if you can find one with RSR package. No worries about ageing hybrid system, lower purchase price.. LS430 may be little bit better built, but it has it's own problems and they are getting bit old now. Also very difficult to find good one at the right price.
  14. LMAO.. thanks for sharing that.. and teaching all of us a lesson @ your expense. I use Lexus for annual service and hybrid health check. That's about it.. last time they tried to sell me a 3 year service plan (my car is 7 years old) i told them to shove it 😄
  15. I would still arrange a meeting and have a look at the car.. These cars are not easy to sell with idiots ringing you all day asking silly questions, tire kickers etc.. and winding you up over time.. You will be able to tell straight away if he's a dealer or not.. who's name and address is in the logbook? How much does he know about the car? How is the advertisement put together? It's not the sellers personality you are interested but the car.. so give it a go 😊