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  1. No need to be sarcastic.. i was recently looking for LS460 100k miles full history 2008 model. In the end, the owner was willing to let me have her for for less than the clocked white garbage posted above. I was very tempted but already had my eye on the 450h.
  2. Have you considered upgrading to modern satnav unit screen? Probably the best option, you will have brand new touchscreen unit and keeping the oem look with sliding door.. There's Lexus Owners Club on Facebook i know few members have done it from there..
  3. Whatever you will decide to buy, please inspect the car very thoroughly and take her for long test drive. 45 minutes at least. LS430 is very reliable and comfortable car, but not without problems: make sure the radiator is fresh (gearbox coolant mod ideally), air suspension, steering motors and steering rack, brakes, rust, exhaust, ML speakers, air conditioning, bonnet struts, oi leaks, water leaks in the boot etc etc.. Also be vary of the fact that the mileage on these cars is very easy to alter. Not saying every seller is a fraudster, but i have seen my fair share of clocked LS430. Mileage is reduced just before MOT so pay attention to seats, pedals, steering wheel etc.. MOT history may be spotless nevertheless but this car ages really well. Someone posted white Celsior above with 36000 miles on the clock and drivers seat that's done 100k+ typical dodgy Jap import Also at this price point of £6000, You might aswell look at LS460. It's a buyers market, these cars are not easy to sell so you should knock at least 20% off asking price..
  4. I would even go further and say for £5k-£6k you can get a decent LS460 😉 Just haggle like there's no tomorrow. It's a buyers market for those big thirsty V8 beasts.
  5. £4000 Anything above that would be pushing.. the car is low spec early model.. Has the gearbox coolant mod been done? Has the radiator been replaced at all? 48 000 miles is indeed low, but bear in mind, the car is almost 20 years old. Personally i am a big fan of Mk2 GS430 but for this money, you will get a very nice 2005- 2006 facelift LS430.
  6. Many Toyota dealerships refuse to service Lexuses.. especially hybrid ones. They usually say it's something to do with software compatibility.. but i think it's just an agreement between Lexus and Toyota..
  7. Update: Had a day off today so i wen't up to take a closer look at 2008 LS600h local to me. Amazing car, totally different to any GS.. or perhaps mk2 GS is the closest you will get the same magic carpet ride feeling lol. 4GS is already a massive, luxurious car.. but LWB 600 with RSRP makes it look like a budget motor 😅 No plans to buy the LS atm, just wanted to feel how it's like to drive 600h.. and it did not disappoint .. i have always been driving like oap, but still the traction control came on way too often.. sound proofing @ Rolls Royce level.. It's just that to me, personally, Mk4 GS appeals more. It may be a lesser car, but its more modern, i somehow feel more involved when driving GS... Btw my future-to-be GS450h is in Lexus dealership getting serviced and checked before i take over 😛 Pictures will follow..
  8. Week has passed. Since my last post i must say things have taken rather unexpected turn 😊 To cut the long story short: after the trip to the south coast i truly fell in love with the GS250. As i have found out it certainly has the most character out of all the GS4 models (second to GS- F) and i was quite happy to live with it for the next year or so.. but then disaster struck: my new V5 arrived by post: I was absolutely fuming 👆 The car was bought from official dealership (not Lexus, but nevertheless). It was advertised as 1 owner car from new. When i asked about previous owners i was told it had only 1 owner from new.. When i picked up the car i had the old V5 in front of me with all the booklets, service history etc.. but i did not check. 😞 5 owners.. on a convertible or IS-F maybe yes.. but GS? By the way the car itself was mint inside and out. It may not bother most people, but i was specifically looking for 1 owner vehicle.. Needless to say i returned the car for full refund. After brief explanation they politely apologized. Money was back on my account same day :) I was back where i started and it looks like i will be eating my words after all about the CVT lol Been offered a GS450h and i am very tempted..
  9. If you are in Midlands i would be happy to help. I'm equipped with techstream and we can have a go over the weekend 🙂
  10. There's no such thing as lifetime fill. If it is- their lifetime means 7 years.. but many cars will be run decades after that. Especially Lexus. Always use good quality oil from well known manufacturer. Additives are waste of money, that can potentially do more harm than any good. Why? Because they promise the moon but don't really deliver any facts. People believe everything that says on the can.. 😄 Best additive: change your oil often. Personally i change gearbox oil on all my cars depending on age. Full CVT flush on my 450h was about £250 by Lexus. They were reluctant to do that but i insisted. My current GS will go in soon aswell..
  11. These are indeed all stored in ABS control module. Did they scan ECU and other modules aswell? My gut feeling is that it would be either fault in the module itself or bad wiring somewhere.. something silly and maybe difficult to trace. Think carefully before proceeding.. what is the car worth to you? The car looks decent but according to your description showing signs of age now. Before committing financially maybe 430 would be much better project car (my personal opinion no offence to anyone)
  12. Full catback stainless steel will set you back about £1000. I might be wrong in pricing been a few years since i last dealt with this. Only other option is to go Lexus and get the replacement exhaust but good luck with that £££ 😂 Try to find SS exhaust place local to you and give them a call. Depending on the condition they might only replace the section that's broken.
  13. Please accept my apologies if not allowed to advertise, but the mats were ordered today from well known chinese marketplace. Cost was 63 US dollars for the set plus additional 8 dollars to put the logos on as on the set pictured above 😀 This includes the shipping to UK I am happy to share the link if its ok with site rules..
  14. Did roughly 500 mile round trip last weekend. On the motorway around 65mph 45mpg+ same as you. Not that it matters that much to me.. i would still enjoy and love it if it did 20mpg.. Make no mistake, 450h will always be the king on the road 😄 but i really like the concept of 250: Good old reliable 4GR V6 coupled with excellent 6 speed automatic gearbox. At barely over 200hp, GS250 will never win any speed contests (unless it's up against GS300h).. but it's reliable, reasonably economical and charismatic luxury saloon for sure. No worries of running ageing hybrid powertrain and very good value for money to buy 😊