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  1. kevin-is200

    Bad Day - Good Day

    will put pics up when its all fitted and the car looks presentable again
  2. broke front splitter again so need to get that repaired again. but on the upside brought a supercharger
  3. great photos again sorry i had to leave early .
  4. nice to meet every one sorry had to shoot off but little man needed his lunch.
  5. kevin-is200

    More Is Spotting

    the red ones mine
  6. kevin-is200

    Question On Lowering Springs

    mines on coil overs and its decked speed humps or ok if you only have a font seat passanger .
  7. local weater update bloody wet
  8. be at gaydon for 10ish be leaving 10 or 15 mins before that lol
  9. ok well if you need the one i said its about 3-4 miles from gaydon going towards banbury
  10. one just down the road at avon dassett.
  11. kevin-is200

    Is 220D Slippy Rear End In Wet Weather

    not on a 33 gts-t just good old mechanical grip no hicas or anything on mine
  12. kevin-is200

    Is 220D Slippy Rear End In Wet Weather

    the IS is very good in the dry just not as good as the skyline in the wet. had a few s bodys aswell and bmws so not a new commer to rwd
  13. kevin-is200


    i know the ins and outs of what mapping does and what can be gained/lost from it as it is apart of my job what i was trying to ascertain was wether or not the factory ecu could be mapped. it seems not . would love the force feed the IS but 2k is out of my price range .
  14. kevin-is200

    Is 220D Slippy Rear End In Wet Weather

    nope mate 409 bhp and 489 ftlbs @ rear wheel been in rear wheel drives for many years bud.
  15. kevin-is200

    Is 220D Slippy Rear End In Wet Weather

    i have sticky rubber on mine great in the dry just dont have any feel from the arse end of the car in the wet. my r33 was well over the 400 gee gees mark and that thing you use to know what was going on what ever the weather.