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  1. Just put my winters on the ISF and Jeep this week.. as it's been very mild here in Kent so far this year. My summer tyres are absolutely shot to bits and barely legal tread wise. I did however have a lot of fun knowing they were end of life... I've just ticked off 90,000 miles in my ISF, so nearly 50,000 since I picked it up 5 1/2 years ago! Dave
  2. I’ve not posted on here myself for ages either. My F is now ten years old and 86,000 miles on the clock. It remains a fabulous car. I was staring at the white F and a bloke at a bus stop said “that’s a nice noise”. Don’t think he expected me to know what it was or how it made the noise! rare things on the road as we know....
  3. It burbled past me by Asda Greenhithe near Bluewater. Sounded awesome....
  4. chap on the isle of Wight ferry came over yesterday, having notice the F badges and wheels, asking more about it. He didn't know lexus made a fast IS. i love being a petrol head.
  5. hang on. (1) does the OP have protected ncb? .(2) assuming his insurer reclaims all costs from the TP, there is no reason for a significant premium increase. but if no protection and TP turns out to be uninsured or whatever, then yes its not a nice outcome. other option is to get it repaired yourself...but it'll be expensive even just to replace and paint a bumper.
  6. naturally the problem has fixed itself without me doing anything at all! Started it this morning, no sign of any warnings. I have however ordered a new battery - £100 from Kwik fit and Halfords say they don't have one for the F - as gut feeling says the battery is on its last legs. It, one assumes, is ten years old later this year.... cars eh?
  7. you're welcome. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but always try to get an address and a landline, and then give it a call before you part company. basically assume the third party is a scam artist. Sad state of the world today...
  8. thanks for the replies folks. Yes it was biblical rain but also I know the battery is on its last legs, so id wager its the low voltage thing (thanks Steve) the car was fine when I parked it, but a few hours later wasn't so happy despite it not moving in that time. got a lot of miles to do tomorrow too, so fingers crossed its not the start of a meltdown!
  9. I quite like them, but one assumes they won't have the same air flow from the spokes that the oem ones have. Which really doesn't matter unless you're trying quite hard! do they weigh more? The ride is pretty harsh already (lotus owner too here, so my other car is rather special in that respect) so id be conscious of that too.
  10. disconnecting the battery did occur to me, so ill give that a go. It needs a new battery anyway as it happens. arqum, offer appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on.
  11. don't stress about it. If you have to pay it, you'll get it back when they prove its a non fault claim. That may take time.. did you get a landline or mobile number? and her registration number of course. What about her address? If the latter, do a drive by and see if the car is there.
  12. not good Third Party ignoring you, but her old man has probably said don't admit liability and leave it your insurers. I have a dash cam, despite the annoying wires, just in case this happens to me. good luck.
  13. having driven 100 miles or so this morning, the car sat in the rain for a few hours before I went to drive home. the dashboard has lit up like a Christmas tree with four separate warnings that the stability control has failed. bottom left, something like ASF is flashing, bottom right the usual skidding car light is on, too centre is the warning triangle and lastly the display says the the system has failed. I forget exactly what it says, VCF maybe? its never done it before and plenty of switch off and on has made no difference. a quick test tells me the abs is working, but the traction control isn't as wheelspin was very easy in the rain. (naturally i was on a private road when I tested these). anyone near Dartford got a code reader, assuming this will tell us what has failed?