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  1. Thanks Pecker, I've already got a pair of GESI Cats with me which should deal with the abuse better than Magnaflow. I also have a pair of Magnaflow cats that I'm trying to sell lol. Does anyone know where I can source some Titanium Catalytic converters? I've found titanium resonators but now I want some titanium cats to see if I can build these pipes out of titanium rather than SS.
  2. Sounds like a logical route to take.
  3. lol I wouldn't completely agree on a V8 not being too loud, I've heard some seriously horrible V8 exhausts and I don't want something that I can't drive Daily. Thanks for the reply, well in that case I could always put them before the basically right after the headers/exhaust flang and before the sensors which is what one person did in CL and another put them further down the exhaust. --> ( I basically I want my car to pass MOT test, does MOT also have a noise specification in place? i.e. how loud my exhaust can be? if so then I'll probably need cats and resonators together.
  4. So I finally received my Greddy Titanium's a work of art but realized that I won't be road legal in the UK with these fitted as I'm also running PPE Headers, so I need to install Cats somewhere.Instead of mutilating the beautiful titanium exhaust I'll have to sacrifice the pipes connected to the headers and build a custom stainless steel replica of the pipes below..The question I have is how would you go about installing the cats.- Option one would be to make a replica of the pipes with resonators and install the cats in the area highlighted in Yellow below.- Option two would be to have no resonators and simply install the cats in the same location as the resonators circled in red.So Do I get the exhaust shop to install resonators and Cats, or simply just cats in the same location of the resonators below?Any help would be appreciated.
  5. No it's a 2012 IS-F....the RCF has a different trunk I'm guessing? From the pic in the first page the spare wheel cover looks different to mine.
  6. Vin number is the same as chassis number correct? I can PM you mine if that helps....mine is a GCC spec.
  7. I'll try but would be a bit difficult as I don't have the car in KSA, will try and show them a pic and see if they can give me the part number
  8. ^ Correct, mine came with a full size spare....does add weight but helps whenever I've had a puncture
  9. Thanks for the clarifications
  10. Also This.... ICode but I'm sure there's several things done to this beauty: Exhaust sound is ok but the shifts are orgasmic
  11. Joe-Z Castles Exhaust + PPE Headers.....but then again I might be biased However since I've lost my Joe-Z Exhaust I will be installing Greddy Titanium exhaust so dunno how that will sound.
  12. ok Now this unit looks interesting and it gave me a thought. Firstly I don't mean to thread jack here but wanted to ask will the below setup work with this charging unit....The main reason being I do not have access to a wall power plug where I park my car so would I be able to put a standalone car battery on the ground next to the car and have the below setup running? Please don't laugh at my illustration, its the easiest way I could find to explain what I'm trying to do
  13. Nice please keep us updated on what you manage to get your hands on
  14. Personally I don't think 275's are enough, I've got 275's on OEM wheels and they loose traction on 1st-2nd gear 305's seem to be a nice size to go like that car on CL posted on your last thread.
  15. Btw did you do any type of compression test on the engine before installing the SC? I remember only one guy having an issue after he installed his SC because it had a leak or something...can't really remember.