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  1. Is anyone scrapping an LS400 I need a front passenger side suspension assembly? Basically hub wheel bearing and the arm it comes on, not too fussed about anything else. I have replaced my discs on my car and the brake judder came back, when I took it all back apart again I saw that there is about 2mm "warped play" in the disc, it is as if it is eccentric eventhough it is brand new Took discs off and swapped with drivers side and it was perfect when wheel was spun My conclusion is that at some point my car has had a bump on the nsf and has a bent knuckle/hub so best to replace all. (I have changed the wheel bearing about 6 months ago so I know it is not that as there is no play in the bearing) Anyone got a front corner that they do not need anymore ? Thanks in advance
  2. Bloody polish !!! Coming over here and taking our jobs !!!! Good job really as the rip-off British man wanted to stitch you right up :P Can't fault Polish peoples work at all they will make do and mend where other people want to charge you full wack for their convenience not yours. Glad you got it sorted out and cheaply too.
  3. I'm guessing you have a few cars ?? Why not just get a traders policy.
  4. Basically take a look at this photo You will see all the plastic covers, these normally hold water and therefore make things rust ie, brake pipes All the MOT inspector is doing is covering his backside as he cannot check for rust in these parts. It would be a good idea to take them off before MOT and inspect the condition of the stuff these covers hide as you don't want any nasty surprises
  5. Never heard of this happen If you need the part number for it then it is 45260-50060 I looks like it is probably about £250+vat from Lexus UK
  6. Can't explain it but that part you describe looks like it is part number 45209-50010 In the photo here it is part number 45209
  7. And my last point which we all will agree on is this ...... I would hate to be in your situation right now (car-less) because public transport is just awful Trains are never on time and over crowded. I get claustrophobic on a train because of the space I have in my LS400 !!! I once spent a week in Europe and everything is like clockwork there and come back here to be greeted with the plane being late, bus to the train station being late and then the train didn't turn up !! So when the train didn't turn up I was a bit peeved, I asked the lady where it was to which she replied "I don't know, we have lost it !!!" HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU LOSE A TRAIN (sorry for the caps) I mean, it goes from here to there, and can't take a wrong turn as its nailed to tracks !!!! That is why I would be lost without my car !!
  8. You are disabled, this is not a problem at all, but you say that without a car you are stuck because you are disabled. For years disabled people have been fighting for rights to be considered the same as able bodied people and they now have got them rights, most buses and trains and taxis now have wheelchair access. This would mean that you would be no more inconvenienced than an able bodied person in the same position as you. You are way off track with your statement above. I have been disabled since the age of 9 and I am now into my 60's so I have seen the changes. It is true that disabled people have fought for years to get rights but those rights we have go towards helping how we can get around but still fall a long way short to bring us up to anywhere near the ease of getting around you as an able bodied human enjoy. When you go out to anywhere you can go by anyway you chose without any thought as to what type transport you will go by and not have to worry about if you can get out the other end or how are you going to get out the other end as explained by Suman above. Perhaps ringing the train stations and bus stations are worth spending an hour or so to find out what is available in the way of help? Great news at the station I need to start my journey has a dedicated person that deals with wheelchair access, just find his office which is on platform 3 and away you go. Trouble is what they haven't told you is that this office is only accessed by climbing and descending half a dozen sets of stairs that link all the platforms together. I think you are getting the picture. So please don't run away with the idea that life is a bed of roses for disabled people because although there are many laws which cover disability there is no law that covers the pain that I and other disabled people suffer each day. Mike Fair doo's I do not want to get into a disabled row and I understand that without a car you would be put out a bit, but without a car I am also put out too. Maybe not as much as a disabled person but it is still a pain in the neck (excuse the pun) Basically putting all of this aside the insurance will still screw you over for as little as possible whether you are disabled or able bodied
  9. I plucked a number out of the air for my 'estimate' but as I have also said before, I am not looking for anything more than is fair. I have no intention of exaggerating the impact that the accident has had on me (I work for the Police and despite the pain I have continued to go into work every day, and am surrounded by senior Police officers who can see how I am affected throughout the day). I had no previous idea of what would be a reasonable amount - I will leave that to the courts to decide. As regards disabled access, whilst it is true that buses and trains have vastly better disabled accessibility than before, the truth is that unless you have tried to get around in a wheelchair yourself, you cannot properly understand just how hard it is. For example, just to get to work, I cannot take the tube from the 2 nearest stations to my home as they are not wheelchair accessible - there are 4 flights of stairs from the ticket hall to the platform. Nor can I easily get to the nearest wheelchair accessible station without a lift from my family - it would take 3 buses just to get there and then I'd have another tube journey and bus journey to get to work. Add to that, my electric wheelchair is not designed to work reliably in the rain so I can only use it in good weather, and I'm not strong enough to self-propel a manual wheelchair for more than maybe 30 metres, even before the accident. So my options are to rely on friends and family to get me to a wheelchair accessible station and hope that the station at my destination is also wheelchair accessible (luckily my workplace destination is), or take a taxi. In the end it doesn't matter - I've spoken to solicitors and will see what happens next. Hopefully this will be sorted sooner rather than later for you
  10. I knew this would get nasty !!! What you have got to look at is basics You are disabled, this is not a problem at all, but you say that without a car you are stuck because you are disabled. For years disabled people have been fighting for rights to be considered the same as able bodied people and they now have got them rights, most buses and trains and taxis now have wheelchair access. This would mean that you would be no more inconvenienced than an able bodied person in the same position as you. Your insurance will look upon this in the same view. £3000 for "whiplash" is ridiculous you would have to have a sore neck back pains and nightmares for at least 15 months to get that and the fact that you already have that figure in your mind from day one smells a bit fishy. You will get approx £30 per day from loss of use of your car if you are not supplied with another one. Please read this and be very careful about what your next steps are as if you are suspected of making a false claim (I am not accusing you) then you could be in serious trouble. I wish you the best of luck in getting back your car to pre-accident condition as there is no denying that you are, at the very least, owed this. But please do not take the p!ss as you run the risk of getting a jail sentence which I am guessing you do not want.
  11. At a toss up between LS460 and one of these I know what I am choosing and at roughly the same price I will definitely be having one when I can afford one !!
  12. I like the Crown Majesta and some even comes with fog lights too ready for UK market That will be my next car as its the newest car to date with the 3UZ-FE as I prefer it to the 1UR-FSE And I think it is really nice and a bit different
  13. Nope That was the Toyota Century This was the 1991 model Toyota Crown Do you recognise it ??? How about the 1999 model ??
  14. Anywhere between £8000 - £25000 depending on mileage and toys This model is 2009-2012 Some come with valor seats because in Japan the leather will just burn your bum off Then you have the latest version The Toyota Crown Athlete 2012 onwards
  15. P.S even though the immense size of this barge it uses the IS and GS running gear !!! I have a real soft spot for it, especially the 4.3 4WD version !!! wonder what its like in the snow